Washington Township

Washington Townhip (Warren County) Mayor Samir Elbassiouny - File / Photo: Washington Township

New Jersey Mayor Sounds Off On Egypt Crisis

When Samir Elbassiouny sees Egyptians fighting for democracy, he fills with pride.


Gov. Chris Christie addresses a town hall meeting in Washington Township (Gloucester County), NJ - Nov 15, 2010 - Photo: Tim Larsen / Governor's Office

Some Legislation Is Punch Line To NJ Governor

When Gov. Chris Christie speaks at town hall meetings, he lampoons lawmakers for not quickly passing a series of bills designed to make it easier for local governments and school boards to comply with a coming 2 percent cap on property tax increases.


Gov. Chris Christie (Credit: Tim Larsen / Governor's Office)

Gov. Christie Urges Fast Action On Reform Plans

Gov. Chris Christie says New Jersey lawmakers have only 36 days to enact his reform agenda before town governments start suffering.