4/30 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesToday will be the better half of the weekend, despite limited sunshine. Temps will get into the low 60s but it'll stay dry, so use this afternoon for any outdoor activities.
4/29 CBS2 Friday Evening Weather HeadlinesClouds and showers will be around this evening, so if you're heading out for Friday night fun, just be sure to grab the umbrella.
4/27 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesHighs today will be ever-so-slightly warmer than yesterday, in the low 60s.
4/23 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe'll see some sunshine with temps topping out around 70 degrees.
4/22 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather ForecastIt will be even warmer than yesterday, with a high of about 80° -- that's normal for mid-June!
4/20 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesAs for temperatures, they'll be just a touch cooler than yesterday in the mid to upper 60s.
4/16 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe'll stay clear and dry tonight and temps will fall into the 30s and 40s overnight, so keep that in mind if you're hitting the town.
4/13 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesSunshine will be the story the rest of the afternoon. As for temperatures, they'll approach normal once again in the mid to upper 50s.
4/9 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe'll have clearing and drying overnight, but the winds will pick up and temperatures will drop below freezing for all.
4/9 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesThe calendar may say April, but it's feeling more like February out there.
4/7 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWidespread showers will push through this afternoon and become more scattered as we head into this evening.
3/30 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesSunshine will dominate once again this afternoon. As for temperatures, we'll climb well into the 50s -- coastal communities will be a little cooler because of the onshore breeze.

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