10/8 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesComfortable air is overhand and a little chill is being felt too. High pressure has allowed for quite a bit of radiational cooling up north.
10/7 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe will drop into the 50s again tonight and only a select few living well north and west will see the 40s.
10/7 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesAnother beautiful fall classic is on hand. Although we are starting off chilly again today for many, a nice mild finish is forecast.
10/6 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather HeadlinesA gorgeous and glorious fall day was is our hands. We hit 72° this afternoon and start off in the 50s. Many people woke up to the 40s in the 'burbs!
10/6 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesIt's a chilly start in some of the northern 'burbs today. We can expect some 40s and lots of 50s. (maybe the coldest spots and highest peaks see a reading in the upper 30s).
10/5 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesBeautiful night ahead, with clearing skies and winds turning to the northwest, finally giving into drier conditions. We did not rise above the 60s today topping off around 2 p.m. at 67°.
10/4 CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe'll have a nice, cool, quiet night ahead.
10/4 CBS2 Sunday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt's gonna be a pretty nice day overall with sun poking through the clouds late.
New Jersey, Long Island Coastal Communities Under Flood AlertsHigh winds and heavy rain battered the Jersey shore overnight -- and coastal areas in the region are not out of the woods yet.
10/3 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesExpect cloudy skies to remain through the night, along with some drizzle or spotty showers.
10/3 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesBig story is the continued threat of moderate to major coastal flooding due to the persistent onshore winds.
10/3 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesHope you have weekend plans to be indoors for at least this morning!