4/30 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesTomorrow looks like a washout, and a chilly one at that. Temps will be stuck in the 40s, maybe a few low 50s around NYC.
4/30 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesToday will be the better half of the weekend, despite limited sunshine. Temps will get into the low 60s but it'll stay dry, so use this afternoon for any outdoor activities.
4/30 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesIf you can get outdoors, do it today, and enjoy it... because it'll be the pick of the weekend.
4/29 CBS2 Friday Evening Weather HeadlinesClouds and showers will be around this evening, so if you're heading out for Friday night fun, just be sure to grab the umbrella.
4/29 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesClouds will rule this afternoon, but we could see breaks here and there, especially north and east of the city.
4/29 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesContinue to grab the umbrella as you head out the door again today.
4/28 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt will be mainly cloudy this afternoon with rain pushing in from southwest to northeast.
4/28 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesSkies are partly sunny to start today, but expect clouds to work their way back into our area. By this afternoon, we should prepare for some showers.
4/27 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesHighs today will be ever-so-slightly warmer than yesterday, in the low 60s.
4/27 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe have a beautiful day ahead of us.
4/26 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesOur final line of showers will pass through this afternoon with perhaps a thunderstorm here or there.
4/26 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesIt's another umbrella day out there.

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