weight loss

8.15 Karim Ramos

Fit Minute: Core & Cardio Fitness With Partners

Celebrity fitness trainer Karim Ramos showed us for a Fit Minute. He showed us partner squats, partner push-ups and the “half burpee.”


8.13 Bianca Jade

Fit Minute: Weighted Jump Rope Workout

Bianca Jade is a fitness trend expert and the founder of MizzFit.com. She joined us on The Couch to show us how to get a super calorie burn with a weighted jump rope.


7.18 Lisa Lynn

Sexy Superfoods To Help You Slim Down

Summer is a great time to add delicious seasonal fruits to your diet. But did you know some are loaded with nutrients that can help you slim down?


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (file / credit: Governor's Office)

Gov. Christie Discusses Weight Loss Surgery, Says Decision Not Career-Based

“In terms of keeping it secret, it’s nobody else’s business,” Christie said. “If asked about it, I wouldn’t have lied about it. But it’s nobody else’s business but mine.”


Rex Ryan (Credit: WLNY)

Rex Ryan Talks Health, Tebow And Coaching Jets For ‘Another 20 Years’

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has dealt with great adversity on the field with his team the past year. But through it all, he kept his eye on the ball in regards to something more important than football: his health.


3.5.13 10 Weeks 2 Pounds

How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Weight loss specialist and fitness expert Lisa Lynn says it doens’t take months of training to drop ten pounds – it just takes a little know-how.


3.1.13 Denise Austin

Fitness Legend Releases New Book On Getting Older, Staying Fit

Denise Austin has been helping America stay healthy for more than 25 years. But the fitness legend admits it’s tough to keep the weight off as you get older — even for her.


2.25.13 Fit Min Challenge

Fit Minute: Results Of The Two Week Challenge

Is it possible to look and feel better in two weeks? That was the challenge we gave to two of our viewers before we teamed them up with two of our fitness experts.


1.28.13 Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa Lampanelli Cuts Up The Couch

Lisa Lampenelli, comedy’s lovable Queen of Mean, is performing at the legendary venue on Wednesday. She visited The Couch to fill us in on everything from her career, to her dramatic weight loss — and her thoughts on Lance Armstrong.


Carolina Primal Workout

New ‘Primal Workout’ Series On UWS Is Intense

Alligator, panther, gorilla and ostrich — no, we’re not talking about a trip to the Bronx Zoo. The fiesty creatures are a part of a new workout series at the Reebok Sports Club on the Upper West Side.


1.21.13 Weight Advice

Weight Traps? ‘Healthy’ Foods That May Stop You From Losing Weight

Some of the supposedly “healthy” foods we eat may not be so good for us, after all.


1.18.13 Weighty Issues

Teenage Waistland: Tips To Help Your Teen Stay Healthy, Fight Fat

Abby Ellin, editor-at-large for fitsmi.com and author of the book Teenage Waistland, joined us to discuss the issue of teenage obesity and offered eight tips for families to fight the battle together.


Corn Dogs from the Iowa State Fair (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Seen At 11: New Diet Tells You ‘When To Eat’, Not ‘What To Eat’

Getting to the gym regularly is only part of the battle. A new diet trend says that time plays a major role in shedding unwanted weight.


Alex Denis - Battle of the Bulge

Mobile Couch: Battle Of The Bulge

New Jersey residents are being offered an incentive to lose weight.



Nina In New York: Compulsive Overeater With No Intention Of Mending Your Ways? No Problem!

Are you tired of eating tons of food and having to live with your choices? Had enough with dangerous calorie absorption and that boring old digestive system?