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Study: Sleep May Be Just As Important As Diet, Exercise When It Comes To Fat Cells

Just like your body needs sleep to function, your fat cells need sleep too. Turns out, sleepy fat cells are bad for health, TV 10-55’s Katie McGee reports.


Valerie Bertinelli on The Couch

Valerie Bertinelli Shares New Cookbook On The Couch

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cookbook with a more personal touch than television star Valerie Bertinelli’s One Dish At A Time. It’s a collection of recipes featuring items near and dear to her heart.


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N.J.’s 5 Best Gym And Fitness Centers

Bathing suit season sneak up on you? With Memorial Day – and those poolside plans – right around the corner, we rounded up the 5 best gyms in the Garden State.

CBS New York–09/17/2012

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Food Math: What Are You Really Eating?

For most of us, losing weight isn’t easy. If you’re losing the battle of the bulge – it could have something to do with your food choices.


7.31 Eat to Cheat

Eat To Cheat: Indulge The Right Way To Keep The Pounds Off

Temptation to cheat on a diet lurks everywhere, and many of us have trouble keeping our cravings at bay. But if you’re going to “cheat” and stray from the healthiest of eating habits, there are ways to do it right.


Chuck Carroll Before & After (credit: Chuck Carroll)

Web Producer Chuck Carroll Details How He Lost 250 Pounds Without Going To The Gym

What if I told you I lost 250 pounds without ever setting foot in the gym? Would you believe me?


Hot peppers

Seen At 11: Proven Ways To Curb Your Hunger

We’ve all been there, feeling uncontrollably hungry. Forget about taking supplements for now there’s a way you can eat and suppress your cravings. But which foods really work to curb your hunger?


Rex Ryan at minicamp on May 4, 2012 (L- credit: Getty Images) | Rex Ryan at Jets Practice Facility on August 7, 2011 (R - credit: Getty Images)

Now You See Him, Soon You Won’t? Jets’ Rex Drops 90 Pounds

Two years ago, Jets head coach Rex Ryan admitted to having had Lap-Band weight-loss surgery. He shed pounds then, but gained it back. Now, he looks so good even his players are teasing him.


Calorie cycling

Seen At 11: The Deliberate Technique Of Calorie Cycling

Anyone who’s ever tried to diet knows how tough it can be. Now there’s a different way to your count calories. It’s called “calorie cycling” and it might help you stay on track.


Jets head coach Rex Ryan (left) showcases his slimmed-down frame. (Credit: New York Jets)

A New Man: Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Displays Noticeably Slimmed-Down Physique

After a terribly disappointing 2011 season, Jets head coach Rex Ryan has exclaimed that he will be more hands-on this season, both with his defense and with the pulse of the overall football team. Well he should certainly have some fresh energy for the upcoming campaign.


DNA (credit: clipart.com)

Seen At 11: The DNA Diet

Finding out which foods are best suited to your body chemistry could be answered in a simple test, making the ultimate weight-loss solution tailoring your diet to your DNA.


Dr Max Gomez advises patients to weight their options when considering weight loss procedures. (Credit:CBS2)

Weighing The Options, Which Weight Loss Procedure Is Best?

An estimated 220,000 Americans have weight loss surgery every year. That’s double the number of a decade ago. There are two common types of procedures, and a new study has found that one may be more effective.


Facebook diet page

Seen At 11: ‘Facebook Diet’ Offers Weight-Loss Support System

Dieting can be a long, boring and lonely process for many people. But now, a New Jersey mom wants to help motivate you. She lost 75 pounds and promises you can lose weight, too, on the “Facebook diet.”


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Study: Bronx Is The Least Healthy County In New York State

Out of all 62 counties in the Empire State, New York City is home to the one ranked the least healthy in a new study.



The Best Weight Loss Technology Equipment & Accessories

For the cost of a New York City gym membership (or less) you could be on your way to weight loss with one of these gadgets. Check out our list of favorites, and where you can purchase them in the Big Apple.