Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Wild Turkey Takes Up Residence At Closter, NJ Supermarket Parking Lot

According to state Fish and Wildlife Division, the turkey dubbed Tom-Tom is a young male, known as a jake.


Wild Turkey (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Scientists: Tumor-Causing Virus Widespread In Wild Turkeys

Wildlife biologists tracking a tumor-causing virus first diagnosed in eastern wild turkeys five years ago have found the virus is far more widespread — but less deadly — than expected.


Zelda, Battery Park's beloved resident turkey, spends Thanksgiving 2013 under a picnic table (Credit: Irene Plagianos/DNAInfo)

Zelda, Resident Wild Turkey Of Battery Park, Dies After Being Hit By Car

Zelda, the famous wild turkey who called Battery Park her home for 11 years, has died, according to a published report.


A wild turkey, described as being extraordinary in size, caused $6,000 worth of damage after flying into a N.J. home recently. (Photo: CBS 2)

‘Monster’ Wild Turkey Trashes N.J. Home, Causes $6,000 In Damage

Having your house trashed by friends or family is no fun, but it’s especially bad when done by an intruder. But imagine if the intruder has wings.


Wild turkey

Southern NJ Police Shoot Wild Turkey ‘Wreaking Havoc’ On Traffic

Stafford Township animal control officer Michael Melchionne said in a published report that the bird has been in the township for months.


Wild turkey

NJ Judge Orders Turkey Killing Trial Moved

The state Fish and Wildlife Division charged Hovannesian with possession of a nocked arrow within 450 feet of a building, killing a wild turkey out of season and hunting without a license.


Wild turkey

Residents Weigh In On Staten Island Turkey Trouble

State officials have sent out questionnaires, asking residents which action they prefer.