Wind Chills

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12/14 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather Headlines

Good morning, all! If you’re stepping out early on this Sunday, you’ll want to layer up.


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11/18 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather Headlines

Tonight will continue the cold plummet. Waking up tomorrow will be a little taste of Siberia with temps from 10-20 degrees waking up.


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11/18 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

We’re waking up this morning to the coldest air since last February — from Sullivan County with a real feel of a whopping 6 to our “milder” coastal cities waking up close to 30 degrees.


Wind Chills

Bitter Cold Set To Slam Tri-State Area; Threat Of Slick Roads For AM Rush

Bitter cold will shock the system as Tri-State Area residents wake up on Monday, and slippery roads could mean problems for the morning rush.


Dangerous Cold

Dangerous Cold To Persist Into Morning Hours

Bone-chilling, whipping winds and bitterly cold air made for a dangerous situation in the Tri-State Area as Monday morning approached.


Another Cold Day And Night

Another Night Of Cold Temperatures, Brutal Wind Chills In Order

Get ready for another night of bitter cold in the Tri-State Area, with some areas once again hitting the single-digits overnight.