Yonkers City Council

Homes are seen in Yonkers, NY - File Photo

18-Year-Old Mounts Campaign For Yonkers City Council

Brandon Needer is 18 years old and just graduated from high school last year, but he has decided to make a run for a seat on the Yonkers City Council.


Leon Albe Halley III (credit: Handout via CBS 2)

Police: NC Man Arrested In Shooting Death Of Yonkers Boy

Relatives of 9-year-old Leon Albe Halley III said they were all sitting in the living room of a family friend Saturday afternoon when two bullets went through the house.


A Yonkers Police Department vehicle - File / Photo: Rob Casasanta / EMTBravo.net

Yonkers Caps Overtime For Municipal Workers

The Yonkers City Council has adopted a resolution putting a $20,000 overtime cap on municipal workers.