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Suzanne Hart was killed in an elevator accident. (Credit: Facebook)

City Finds ‘Safety Protocols Ignored’ In Deadly Elevator Accident At Y&R Building

According to a report released Monday, an important elevator safety mechanism was apparently turned off when Suzanne Hart was crushed to death trying to take the lift to her office.


Suzanne Hart (credit: Facebook)

After Fatal Elevator Accident, NYC Building To Reopen Next Month

Y&R, the advertising agency formerly known as Young & Rubicam, says many of its companies at the 26-story office tower near Grand Central Terminal will return to the building Jan. 3.


Elevator (credit:

Elevator Company Involved In Deadly Accident Sued Over Previous Incident

As investigators look into the company that worked on the elevator that killed Suzanne Hart last week in Midtown, it’s now known there is a lawsuit against the same firm over an incident in which another woman says she was seriously hurt.


Suzanne Hart (credit: Facebook)

Midtown Building Remains Closed Following Fatal Elevator Accident

Authorities said Suzanne Hart, 41, was stepping inside the elevator when it suddenly shot upward with its doors still open.


Suzanne Hart (credit: Facebook)

Officials To Probe Transel Elevator Inc. In Deadly Midtown Accident

The Department of Buildings said technicians from the company were doing electrical maintenance on the elevator hours before 41-year-old Suzanne Hart was crushed and killed.


Elevator Accident (credit: CBS 2)

Young & Rubicam Exec Suzanne Hart Killed In Freak Elevator Accident

Officials said a 41-year-old woman, identified by police as Suzanne Hart, was trying to get on the elevator on the first floor when it suddenly jerked upward. She was crushed between the elevator and the shaft.