Ysemny Ramos

Van Driver Convicted In Deadly NYC Sidewalk Crash

Prosecutors said the grocery-store repairman was drunk and distracted by a passenger’s antics when his work van veered onto a sidewalk in March 2009, killing Ysemny Ramos and her unborn child. A friend walking with her was hurt.


Gavel (credit: CBS 2)

Driver: Van Failed Before Deadly NY Sidewalk Wreck

Prosecutors said Brown’s blood-alcohol level topped the legal limit, and he was distracted by a passenger’s wolf-whistling at passing women.


Gavel (credit: CBS 2)

Driver Goes On Trial In Deadly N.Y. Sidewalk Wreck

A driver knocked back several happy-hour drinks before getting behind the wheel of a dilapidated van and plowing onto a sidewalk near the Empire State Building, pinning a pregnant woman underneath and killing her, prosecutors said.