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White truffles (credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images)

White Truffles The Star Of Specialty Menus Across NYC This Fall

For foodies, the dropping fall temperatures means it’s white truffle season again. If you have a taste for the “diamond of the kitchen,” several NYC venues are offering to gild the lily with white truffles for your dining pleasure.


(credit: Dig Inn)

Pump Energy Changes Name, Not Mission, In Bringing Locally Grown Food To New Yorkers

Exploring the idea that health food shouldn’t be about what it lacks (fat-free, sodium-free, taste-free), but instead about what real food tastes like, Dig Inn Seasonal Market offers dishes like braised beef with fresh oregano and red wine vinegar and shaved red cabbage with mustard.


(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: Dumplings And Dan Dan Noodles

Fantastic dumplings, Filipino food for the senses, or decadent BBQ is what you’ll find in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/19/2011

(credit: Yvo Sin/feistyfoodie.com)

Chocolate Company Kicks Off Contest With Celebrity Chef Dessert Showcase

Talk about your just desserts. While Scharffen Berger’s Upper West Side location as closed, the chocolate makers are maintaining their relevance on the sweets scene.

CBS New York–10/19/2011

(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: Mexican, Burgers Or Italian

Try some wonderful neighborhood Mexican food, a fantastic burger from a famed steakhouse, or authentic Italian in small cafe in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/18/2011

(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: Sandwiches, Filipino Food, Or Burgers!

Soup and sandwiches to fill you up, Filipino food for starters, or burgers around the city – it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/17/2011

(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: Perfect Porridge For A Dreary Day

Perfect porridge for the chilly weather, twists on classics, or a cheap lunch menu… it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/14/2011

(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: Upper East Side Eats, New Jersey Food Court

Vietnamese and burgers on the Upper East Side, or a NJ food court that focuses on Japan: it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/13/2011

(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: A Michelin Star, Great Diner, Or Good Sushi

A wonderful treat for lunch, a great diner or a go-to sushi joint all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/12/2011

(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: BBQ, Indian Burritos Or Steak Sandwiches

Indian summer means more BBQ, or perhaps some Indian burritos or a steak sandwich. Whatever you’re craving, it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/11/2011

(credit: feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: Food Courts, Pasta And Coffee

A food court without the mall, a pasta-centric diner, and a cute coffee cafe – it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/10/2011

(credit: fingerclickinggood.com)

Lunch Break: SnoPo, Burgers And Korean Food

A unique cold treat for fall weather, good burgers with free toppings, or an introduction to Korean food – it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/07/2011

(credit: Yvo Sin/Feistyfoodie.com)

Lunch Break: A Trip to Hawaii Without Leaving NYC

Authentic Hawaiian food in the Financial District, a great Midtown diner, and a quiet place to have a beer and a bite… it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/06/2011

Rain Thai

Lunch Break: Grown-Up Fish Sandwiches

A classic sandwich updated to grownup tastes, an inexpensive Thai lunch menu, or BBQ to make you drool – it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/05/2011

(credit: Yvo Sin)

Lunch Break: Bouchon, Danji & Bill’s

An excellent bakery makes an ideal autumn lunch choice, along with Korean lunch menus, or a great burger- it’s all in today’s Lunch Break.

CBS New York–10/04/2011