5 Fun Ways To Work Off Winter Weight Gain

December 26, 2013 7:00 AM

Pants a little snug? Yeah, ours too. Now that the holiday season and all of its over indulgence is behind us, it’s time to lose that holiday weight. By Jessica Allen.

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Brooklyn Boulders
575 Degraw Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(347) 834-9066

“If you can climb a ladder, you can climb a rock wall,” says Lance Pinn, partner and CMO of Brooklyn Boulders. New York’s only fully dedicated rock climbing gym offers three types of climbing in a 22,000-square-foot facility: lead climbing, bouldering, and top roping. Of the three, bouldering requires the least amount of training, or praying. You climb up short walls, sans ropes, with about a foot of padding to cushion any falls. Other fitness classes are available too.

Yoga Soundscape

Kula Yoga Project
28 Warren Street, 4fl.
New York, NY
(212) 945-4460

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Yoga Soundscape puts the synthesizer in your sun salutation, the Tuvan throat-singing in your tree pose, the dulcimer beat in your downward-facing dog, the groove in your flow. Each week, a musician, DJ, or laptop maestro accompanies an all-level Vinyasa class taught by Aarona Pichinson. Her Twitter handle—SpicyYogini—gives you a sense of what you might be in for. We’d call it “yoga with a twist,” but, well, that’s what yoga is.

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

Stair Climbing

Empire State Building
350 Fifth Ave
New York, NY 10118
(212) 736-3100

Hop off the stair climber and into the stairwell! Next week is the 36th Annual Empire State Building Run-Up, sponsored by the New York Road Runners Club to benefit the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). But you don’t need to truck up the 1,576 steps (about a quarter-mile) to the Empire State Building’s 86th floor to get the benefits of stair climbing. Any long staircase will likely do, including the practically never-ending one at the Lexington Avenue / 53rd Street subway stop.

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)


STREB Lab for Action Mechanics
51 North 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-6491

Elizabeth Streb will teach you to fly. Emphasizing one’s “personal best,” the PopAction classes teach dancers how to navigate vertical and horizontal space, work their muscles, enhance their spatial awareness, and hone their sense of timing. Classes are open to all ages, skill levels, and body types. Other offerings include trampoline, tightrope, trapeze, and “Flip and Tuck” for tumblers. They are held at Williamsburg’s STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM), part community center, part fitness emporium.

(credit: Crazy Legs Skate Club)

(credit: Crazy Legs Skate Club)

Roller Skating

Crazy Legs Skate Club
110 Kosciuszko Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216
(212) 777-3232

If you think roller skating died with disco, you haven’t been to Central Park when the “weather is dry and the temperature is above 40.” That’s when the Central Park Dance Skaters get together and roll, generally starting in early April. Can’t wait? Crazy Legs Skate Club happens every Wednesday from 8 pm to midnight, on a huge hardwood floor in the Salvation Army Building in Bed-Stuy. Lessons begin at 6.45 pm, held by the club’s founder, who’s in his seventies and has trained more than 15,000 people over the years.

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