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Best Eats at Citi Field

March 30, 2011 10:30 AM

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The Shake Shack burger. (Image from

The Shake Shack burger. (Image from

UPDATE: For the 2012 guide to the best food & drink at Citi Field, click here.

At the Mets’ ballpark, what you eat from the concession stands lends another dimension to the spirit of the experience. But tacos at the game? Purists hold that the only appropriate foods are beer, peanuts, and hot dogs. We say “Pshaw”—why not enjoy marvelously various and tasty eats while you celebrate or mourn? By Anna Van Lenten.

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bluesmokebbq2 Best Eats at Citi Field

A closeup of the ribs at Blue Smoke. (Image from

Blue Smoke

Field level, behind center field
Promenade level, behind home plate

Reviews & more info

See our Best BBQ entry for details on Blue Smoke’s outstanding fare. Suffice it to say, you cannot go wrong with either the ribs (smoky, tender) or pulled pork (ditto). Mind—the ribs are the sauce variety, not dry rub.

boxfrites Best Eats at Citi Field

An image from the Box Frites website. (Image from

Box Frites

Field level, behind center field
Promenade level, behind home plate

Many a frite worshipper here: its perfectly crusted exterior houses a steamingly fluffy inside. The dipping sauces make it, along with a beer, a carb extravaganza of dreams, though they’re so good, naked is great too. For a classy change, try the garlic Parmesan frites.

cascarinospizza Best Eats at Citi Field

Some of the Cascarino’s pies. (Image from

Cascarino’s Pizza

Field level, behind center field
Excelsior level, behind section 335
Promenade level, behind home plate

Instinctively, we’d advise avoiding stadium pizza, but the Grandma’s slice with vodka sauce? Hello. Lush, sweet sauce, fresh cheese, and crunchy, rich crust.

Catch of the Day

catch of the day Best Eats at Citi Field
Field level, behind section 102

Two items to write home about: the Blue Point hot dog, which gets steamed in Blue Point lager, then nestled in a toasted, buttered bun. And a fantastic crab cake sandwich on a potato roll with tartar sauce. Crab meat is fresh and bountiful.

Mama’s of Corona

mamas of corona Best Eats at Citi Field


Field level, behind sections 105-6
Promenade level, behind home plate

Mama’s antipasti plates are always recommended, as well as any one of her three varieties of Italian subs, all made with fresh mozzarella from Corona stalwart Leo’s Latticini. The small sides of roasted peppers and marinated mushrooms give the sub pizzazz. Add a splash of oil and vinegar for the final touch.

elveranotaqueria Best Eats at Citi Field

The El Verano Taqueria website. (Image from

El Verano Taqueria

Field level, behind center field

The tacos and corn here merit new ballpark classics. Succulent chicken mole with pumpkin seeds, carnitas, and marinated steak tacos are all fantastically easy to devour. Here’s what to do with your ear of corn: douse it in mayo, cotija cheese and a dash of cayenne. Don’t forget to watch the game.

nathans Best Eats at Citi Field

The classic Nathan’s hot dog. We love their fries too. (Image from


Locations throughout the stadium

A Nathan’s corn dog and a side of crinkle cut fries with honey mustard on the side will stand you well.

premio Best Eats at Citi Field

The Premio sausage on a roll. (Image from

Premio Stand

Locations throughout the stadium

Premio sausages are great, but when they’re the spicy kind and cooked up with onions and green and sweet red peppers, they really make sense.

shakeshack2 Best Eats at Citi Field

The Shake Shack burger. (Image from

Shake Shack

Field level, behind center field

Reviews & more info

Three ridiculously good choices here: The ShackBurger with extra special sauce—the bomb. And see that hot dog, laden with mustard, pickles, relish, onion, cucumber, pepper, and celery salt? It fairly explodes with salty, pork-y, zingy fabulousness. To round things off, we recommend the creamy vanilla frozen custard with hot fudge sauce.

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  • KW

    Don’t forget to bring your bank book to pay for these over priced meals!

  • James

    The best Citifield eats are at the food cart across from McFaddens on the Bulpen Gate side of the stadium. The best Chicken over Rice and Gyros. Make sure you have plenty of their white and hot sauce, Sooo good and a fraction of the price of the stadium food. Hot Dogs are great too!!

  • Larr

    The lines are so long you would miss 1/2 the game to taste even a fraction of this stuff.

  • Peter Meatbeeter

    I would not eat that slop with the mayor’s tongue.

    • Mass Debate Her

      …but Pete dat beat meat, why not, it all sounds tasty? What don’t you like about it? And what are you sayin, you’d rather eat Bloomberg’s tongue? What up w/ dat?

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