DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Church And Walker Streets

October 31, 2011 3:00 AM

dyr new york DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Church And Walker Streets

“If you bring food in, please bring a napkin. Can’t have crumbs getting all over the place.”

The Ride
The Driver: Chris
Car in Question: Black Suburban
Spotted at: Church St and Walker St, New York, N.Y. 10013


Q: What’s your name and where are we today?

A: My name is Chris and we are right off of Church and Walker in…Soho?

Q: I believe this is Tribeca with a slight possibility of Chinatown. Can anyone tell us where we are? No one?! Fine. Next question: What brings you out here today?

A: I’m actually working on a film.

Q: Really? Is Tom Cruise here? Tell me Tom Cruise is here. Is he climbing a building somewhere? Can you tell me the specs?

A: This is a 2011 Suburban. How many miles are on this bad boy? I probably should know that so I can see when my next oil change is. I love this car. You got wood grain and leather in-T. Seat warmers. It’s been getting a little chilly out here, so I definitely love that. Nice to sit down and get a little toasty.

Q: Do you listen to music a lot when you drive? What kind?

A: Pretty good sound system. A lot of hip hop and oldies. Oldies but goodies. When the day’s winding down, I like to throw on some nice jazz just to mellow out the day.

Q: Are their any rules for people who ride in your car?

A: I’m not that big on rules. If you bring food in, please bring a napkin. Can’t have crumbs getting all over the place. All containers, please put the tops back on. I don’t need you spilling anything while I’m weaving through traffic! I’m on duty, so I gotta roll! Hello New York!!!

Photos and interview by Jai Mitchell

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