DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Todd In Hell’s Kitchen

November 28, 2011 3:00 AM

dyr new york DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Todd In Hells Kitchen

“It’s always a pleasure driving this truck.”

The Ride
The Driver: Todd
Car in Question: 2010 Nissan Frontier Pro 4x
Spotted at: W 53rd Street, Hell’s Kitchen, New York, N.Y. 10036
Odometer: 4,500
Car’s Nickname: Todd’s Urban Assault Vehicle


Q: What’s your name, and where are we today?

A: My name is Todd and we are here chilling out in Hell’s Kitchen. Just wrapped a photo shoot. I’m going to go have lunch with friends before I head back to the homefront.

Q: Where do you live? What’s the zip code?

A: I live in New Jersey in West Orange, 07052.

Q: How old are you?

A: I’m 41.

Q: What’s the main use for the car? Business or Pleasure?

A: Mostly for business and every now and then pleasure. But it’s always a pleasure driving this car.

Q: How much time do you spend in the car?

A: I spend way too much time in this truck, so I’m lucky that it’s comfortable.

Q: Can you please tell me the specs of your car?

A: It’s a Nissan Frontier Pro 4x. 2010. It has about 4,500 miles on it.

Q: Do you remember the name of the dealership where you bought the car?

A: I bought it from Hilltop Nissan in Hanover, New Jersey. Nice people and I got a great deal.

Q: Did you buy the car new or used?

A: It was barely used. Feels like new to me though. Has that nice new smell to it.

Q: Are you happy with the car? 

A: I love it. I love being able to fit all of my photography gear in the back one day and then fitting stuff in it for working on my lake house the next day. It’s a four-door, so the two kids get to fit comfortably in the backseat. It’s a beast! I can’t wait to take it off-road one day.

Q: What’s your favorite feature of the car?

A: I think I love that it has such a roomy bed. I always need to carry a ton of photo equipment and I finally have a vehicle that makes it easy to haul. I also do a lot of my own renovations at home and on my lake house, so I love being able to haul all of that gear.

Q: Do you have any rules for people who get in your car?

A: Definitely no food, smoking, drinking, and no bad attitudes. Oh, and no crying. There’s no crying in my Nissan!

Q: Do you have a nickname for the car?

A: Todd’s Urban Assault Vehicle. Kind of the opposite of me, but I want everyone else on the road to think I’m a real tough guy. I want them to see me coming down the road and say, “Stand back and let the man go through!”

Q: That’s a crazy nickname. I’m ready to stand back and let the man go through. Let the man go through. If your car had an emotion, what would it be?

A: Fearless.

Q: I’m not about to mess with you or your truck. What do you think your next car will realistically be?

A: I would buy another one just like this.

Q: What would your dream car be?

A: My dream car would actually be a motorcycle, a nice vintage BMW. Maybe with a sidecar for my camera.

Q: How long have you owned this car?

A: Less than six months.

Q: If you could go anywhere on a day trip, where would you go?

A: If I could make it there in a day, I’d go to Las Vegas. I got married out in the desert there and that day is a memory that I would love to relive.

Q: Do you listen to the radio in your car? 

A: A little bit of the old and a little bit of the new. If I haven’t had my coffee on a particular day, I would probably listen to something loud and fast. Maybe The Misfits or old Chili Peppers.

Q: What else should we know about your car?

A: You should know to be careful with it. It’s not every day that I get to buy a car that’s almost new, so I plan on taking really good care of it. Don’t scratch it! Keep your scratching to your records.

Photos and interview by Jai Mitchell

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