DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Victor And Becky At The Highline

February 21, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr new york DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Victor And Becky At The Highline

“Being a stunt man, I felt like it was a good idea to have some experience on a bike.”

The Ride
The Drivers: Victor and Becky
Car in Question: White 2010 Triumph Bonneville
Spotted at: The Highline, West 24th St, New York, N.Y. 10001
Odometer: 30,000


Q: Welcome to Defend Your Ride New York. Tell us, what are your names and what are you up to today in the city?

Becky: My name is Becky and I’m a designer for Ernest Alexander New York.
Victor: My name is Victor and I’m a stuntman in the TV and film industry. We were looking for caterers for our wedding.

Q: Congratulations! When is the big day?

V: April 14th.
B: We’re getting married in Chelsea. Our reception is in Greenwich.

Q: Sounds great. Can you tell us a bit about your bike? It looks really cool.

V: It’s a white 2010 Triumph Bonneville. I just did some things to it, changed the handlebars, took the fender off, changed out the turn signals and stuff.
B: So it looks like more of a cafe racer. A cafe racer is a style of motorcycle that was really popular in the ’60s and ’70s.
V: Oh man, it’s super easy to get around the city on the bike. You’re at the front of every stoplight.

Q: Nice. Did you always know you wanted a motorcycle or did something inspire the purchase?

V: Inspiration was from work. Being a stunt man, I felt like it was a good idea to have some experience on a bike and get used to riding in traffic and have a motorcycle license.

Q: Do you ever listen to music when you’re driving?

V: I did once and I probably won’t ever do it again. It’s really hard to get the helmet over the ear buds.

Q: Becky, what about you? Ever listen to music while riding on the back?

B: No, I don’t, but occasionally when we go on really long drives, I start to get a little bit sleepy. Since Vic is such a good driver and I feel safe, I actually sing inside my motorcycle helmet because no one else can hear me.

Q: What’s your favorite song to sing?

B: Probably “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears.

Q: Wow, so when you’re riding around on road trips, on the back of your fiance’s bike, singing in your helmet Britney Spears songs, where are you exactly? Outside the city?

V: A quick trip to the Catskills or Coldspring, Upstate New York.

Q: Any advice for first time bike riders?

B: I think it’s really really important to wear pants. You might get burned if you fall off, but since jeans can get really boring, I always try to wear a fun boot. Always closed toe shoes. I have some motorcycle boots from All Saints that are not only chunky and durable, but also very stylish.
V: Just relax and trust your driver!

Photos and interview by Chinae Alexander

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