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Drink NYC: 3 Best Boozy Desserts

July 21, 2011 2:22 PM

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From vodka-soaked watermelons to spiced rum cake, the combination of liquor and dessert seems to go over well with a crowd. So it’s no surprise that NYC chefs and bartenders would put the two together to create the ultimate indulgence. You can have your dessert and get more than just a sugar buzz with these booze-soaked desserts. By Selena Ricks-Good.
zengo Drink NYC: 3 Best Boozy Desserts

(credit: Gail PR for Zengo)

Tequila Snow Cones at Zengo and La Biblioteca

622 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 808-8110

Available in Zengo’s dining room or the sultry lower-level library, La Biblioteca, these tequila-spiked frozen treats are a perfect antidote to the summer heat. Flavors include tamarind, hibiscus and strawberry. The fruits are pureed into a syrup and poured over shaved ice before an ounce of tequila is added.

flex donuts1 Drink NYC: 3 Best Boozy Desserts


Drunken Donuts at Flex Mussels

154 W. 13th St.
New York, NY
(212) 229-0222

The pillowy donuts here are already a hit, but ask your server about the off-menu booze-filled donut of the day, and you are in for a real treat. Past flavors have included White Russian, maple bourbon and blueberry daiquiri. The booze-injected confections are so potent, the restaurant doesn’t permit customers to take them to go.

janes Drink NYC: 3 Best Boozy Desserts

(credit: Sara Landeau via Jane's Sweet Buns Facebook page)

The Old Fashioned Bun at Jane’s Sweet Buns

102 St. Mark’s Pl.
New York, NY
(212) 777-6707

New this week, this colorful bakery opened by Cienfuegos bartender-turned-baker Jane Danger features pastries inspired by cocktails. The Old Fashioned bun includes bourbon-infused pecans, sugar, vanilla and Angostura Bitters. The savory Southern Special includes bacon, bourbon, brown sugar, nectarine and white cheddar. Look for booze-soaked cakes, tarts and pies to fill out the menu.

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  • NYSmike

    Everyday there seems to be more and more info on where to find the best liquor related things. Are you trying to turn New Yorkers into alcoholics?

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