My Best Of New York: Kevin Dillon from “How To Be A Gentleman”

September 14, 2011 2:20 PM

Kevin Dillon and David Hornsby, co-stars in the CBS show “How To Be A Gentleman,” share some tidbits on fun in New York.

Kevin Dillon was based in LA for the eight seasons. He played Johnny “Drama” Chase on HBO’s hit “Entourage,” but is a New York native. David Hornsby is the creator, executive director and co-star of “How To be A Gentleman.” He is also a co-executive producer for FX’s comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The duo form an unlikely pair in “How To Be A Gentleman” – Hornsby plays Alan, a refined gentleman, and Dillon plays Bert, a macho gym buff.
In the video above, the two drop their characters’ personas, but continue to banter as they discuss ways to have fun in the Big Apple. Dillon discusses Macao, the laid-back TriBeCa lounge he co-owns with Kevin Connolly of “Entourage.” Visitors can grab one of Macao’s signature drinks – Drunken Dragon’s Milk, a concoction of green tea vodka, coconut puree, Thai basil and five-spice bitters – and check out the nightlifers in one of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Afterwards, head to any of the nearby bars listed in our guide to bars in TriBeCa. Not in the mood for a relaxing spot to sip a cocktail? Find a good dive bar for a beer-filled, history-soaked night. Or go in the opposite direction with a “top shelf” bar.

Acoustic music in New York is easy to come by. In fact, any live music is easy to come by. From grungy nightclubs to classy jazz spots, you can find musicians jamming tunes any time of day. Check out some classic live music venues or jazz clubs.

What do you love most about New York City? Share your favorite haunts below.

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