NYC Style: Erica Duncan of ModelsLoveModels

August 4, 2010 3:09 PM

By Kimberly Rae Miller

Erica Imani Duncan

ediephoto1 NYC Style: Erica Duncan of ModelsLoveModels

Photo Credit: Photographer Noam Harary (

Borough/Neighborhood: Bushwick
Profession: Writer/ aspiring actress and author

Erica Duncan moved from Miami, FL to Manhattan in February of 2009, and now lives in Bushwick where she spends a lot of time writing in a café. Erica started a blog called Models Love Models which is a fashion based blog focusing on emerging and established talent in the fashion industry. Currently an intern at Impossible Casting a casting agency based in Manhattan, she also has what photographer, Noam Harary, describes as, “the best non-offensive hipster style i’ve ever seen.”

She hopes to move to France and continue writing children’s books

How would you define your personal style?

I’ve started moving toward more browns which totally shifted my style toward an earthy, flower child sort of style. I’m wearing more reds and yellows lately, feathers and Aztec inspired patterns and jewelry. There are times though, when I will sport all black, lots of hardware, and some combat boots. I like to dress like a punky NY model when I’m feeling more rebellious.

Favorite item in your closet?

(That seriously has to be a trick question)
I don’t know! I have a few. Right now I’m in love with this dress I got at a thrift store near my house. It’s red with multicolored stripes at the bottom. There is also my brown cropped leather jacket that I inherited from my mother. There’s also a little boy’s suit vest that I got for 50 cents in Miami, and black sequins skirts made by a family friend.

Are there any trends that you wish would just go away already?

There’s this one trend, the messy crap bun, a lot of girls are wearing now, and I don’t really like it. I’ve seen very few people actually pull it off, but then there are a lot of people I see with their hair up BECAUSE it’s a style, and it doesn’t look nice. It looks like you just don’t care about your hair. As far as clothes, I wish guys would pull their pants up and girls would pull down their skirts. (Or at least wear shorts under.)

Favorite Five: What are your favorite stores in any of the five boroughs?

New York shopping is expensive. My mother taught me how to shop when I was really young. I’ll usually thumb through magazines and then go thrifting for similar styles. That really teaches you how to embrace fashion as your own, and not just what is hot this season. The thrift shops in Brooklyn are amazing! I find the best treasures and often for more the reasonable prices. There’s also Beacons Closet and Buffalo Exchange. I frequent these shops because they allow you to exchange and donate clothes. IF I shop I might be tempted to buy a dress from Urban Outfitters now and then. My main concerns with shopping are: “Will I see someone wearing this later? How will this go along with everything else in my closet? How many occasions/ways can I wear this?”

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