NYC’s 5 Best ‘Beer And Shot’ Bars: Carroll Gardens

March 7, 2012 1:00 PM

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Carroll Gardens is full of great wine, cocktail, and beer establishments. In this week’s roundup of the top spots for beers & shots, we’re focusing on our favorite spots for sipping (or shooting) your favorite spirit, and savoring a pint of tasty beer. Cheers! By Jonathan Pogash.

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You’re sure to find pints of Stella Artois at Abilene on Court Street (the big sign at the entrance should be a dead ringer). In addition, you can order any number of fine bourbons to go along with your pint. Bonus: During their happy hour, for only $5, you can get a pint of Genesee Cream Ale and a shot. And food-wise? Why not a half-pound black Angus ground sirloin burger? With the weather is on the up and up, you might be luck enough to enjoy your evening at one of their outdoor tables.

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The Wing Bar boasts some of the best wings in New York City. The prices are reasonable, the beer is flowing, and the spirits are out in full force. You’ll need a good deal of liquid to extinguish the fire from their spicy sauce. Order some fried pickles to round out your hot wing, beer, and shot experience.

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P.J. Hanley’s, in operation since the late 19th century, is one of the top spots in Carroll Gardens to get a beer and a shot. This is truly a neighborhood hang out, with vintage photos dotting the walls, and a quirky, yet relaxed vibe. Trivia and theme parties abound here – so saddle on up to the bar and order a Guinness and a shot of Irish Whiskey. A happy lad or lass you will be.

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This old fashioned bar on Smith St. serves good cocktails, beer, spirits, and pressed sandwiches. Although they do officially qualify to be one of our picks for best ‘beer and shot’ joints in Carroll Gardens, they are unique in that they focus on craft cocktails, too. Order up a nip of rye whiskey or aged rum, and a craft beer by the bottle. After walking down Smith St. exploring the many drinking establishment options, you’ll be glad you stopped in here for a quick one.

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Bar Great Harry is one of the most recognizable bars on Smith St. Tagging themselves as a “beer bar,” BGH (as the locals call it) has a revolving list of draft beers. Some of the options at press included Evil Twin Yang Imperial (from Scotland), Barrier Cairn (from NY), and McNeil’s Deadhorse IPA (from VT). Their monthly “Brewery Nights” are not to miss. If you hang out here for long enough, you’ll be a beer connoisseur in no time.

Jonathan Pogash, aka The Cocktail Guru, is a beverage consultant, writer, and educator.

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