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NYC’s 5 Best Dishes for Two

February 3, 2014 6:00 AM

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Everything’s better when you’re together, as the saying goes, but the dishes below truly hue to that maxim: indeed, they’re designed to be split. These are some of the best dishes in New York, and the fact that they’re meant to be shared means you won’t have to begrudge your dining companion a single bite. There’s enough for you both. By Jessica Allen.

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(credit: Lucy Yan)

(credit: Lucy Yan)

Côte de Boeuf

Minetta Tavern
113 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 475-3850

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Named for a stream that once flowed across Washington Square Park and into the West Village, Minetta Tavern is itself a reincarnation of the eponymous restaurant that served Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, and other early 20th century luminaries. Restauranteur Keith McNally recaptures some of that magic in this buzzy bistro, which serves an extraordinary Côte de Boeuf for two, dry aged in a special room at the headquarters of Pat LaFrieda, and served with a gem salad and roasted marrow bones.

Harlem Chowder

Red Rooster Harlem
310 Lenox Avenue
New York, NY 10027
(212) 792-9001

Like Minetta Tavern, Red Rooster Harlem seeks to reinvent some of the joie de vivre of earlier days, in this case, golden era Harlem. It’s a fun place, with a lively mix of people, offering hip-hop fusion on Mondays and salsa on Tuesdays, among other entertainment. The food’s great too. The Harlem Chowder for two includes salt cod, arugula, clams, potatoes, shrimp, scallops, corn, and a whole roasted lobster in a spicy mussel-and-tomato broth, a melange of flavors and colors and textures.

(credit: Rubirosa)

(credit: Rubirosa)

Lasagna Napoletana for Two

235 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 965-0500

Rubirosa, in Nolita, uses a crust recipe that’s been in the family for more than 50 years to make its special thin-crust pies. But we’re here to talk about the other dishes on the Italian-American restaurant’s menu, specifically the luscious, melty, heart-warming, rib-sticking Lasagna Napoletana for Two. It includes pasta made fresh every day, sausage, meatballs, tomatoes, and mozzarella, so much mozzarella, making for ooey, gooey, creamy layers and rich, indulgent bites. Just look at it!

(credit: Peter Luger Steakhouse)

(credit: Peter Luger Steakhouse)

Steak for Two

Peter Luger
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-7400

When it comes to steak, Peter Luger is the place. This Brooklyn institution has been around since 1887, serving select cuts of USDA prime meat (picked out each day by the family of owners). You can get the Steak for Two, Three, or Four, a huge hunk of buttered meat dry aged on site. Complement your porterhouse with the fresh broccoli for two, onion rings for two, creamed spinach for two, or the Luger’s special German fried potatoes, crisscrossed carbs perfectly browned.

Whole Roasted Chicken for Two

Commerce Restaurant
50 Commerce Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 524-2301

The Whole Roasted Chicken for Two at Commerce takes 40 minutes to prepare, and the wait is worth it. The legendary dish brings French technique and ingredients to a staple of the American dinner table. It’s so beloved that people call ahead to request it (and to ensure that Chef Harold Moore is in the kitchen). One of his secrets? Squeezing herbed butter between the meat and the skin. The stuffing contains pan-seared foie gras, croutons, and chicken jus, and the plate has a bottom layer of truffle potato puree.

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