NYC’s 5 Best ‘Beer and Shot’ Bars: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

February 1, 2012 2:14 PM

credit: Facebook/Bar Matchless

For this week’s ‘beer and shot’ bars picks, we’re taking it to Brooklyn. Lying just south of Queens, Greenpoint is a mecca for great down-home bars. At any of these joints you can enjoy good deals on beers, shots, and fun. By Jonathan Pogash.

the diamond brooklyn NYCs 5 Best Beer and Shot Bars: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

credit: The Diamond

The beer at The Diamond Brooklyn is categorized into “Session,” “Mid-Weight”, and “Strong,” ranging from under 4.5 percent ABV to over 7 percent ABV. You can enjoy tap beer, bottles, and large format. With these many options, it’s hard to choose just one brew. So have a couple, and include a shot of Kurashizuku sake while you’re at it. And the chili? Yes, you must have that, too.

red star NYCs 5 Best Beer and Shot Bars: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

(credit: Red Star)

A pint of Red Star Amber or Light lager is in store for the bar with the same name, Red Star. You can add a shot of bourbon and the bar is well-known chicken fingers, wings and fries. With regular comedy, sporting events, taco nights, 50 cent wings, and barbecue, you really can’t go wrong any night of the week at this local joint.

bar matchless NYCs 5 Best Beer and Shot Bars: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

credit: Facebook/Bar Matchless

No beer and shot bar is complete without a pool table – and Bar Matchless has got one. They occasionally have DJs and live bands in their small back room, and food is also an option. For happy hour, between 5 and 8 p.m., you and your friends can enjoy 2-for-1 well drinks. A round of shots, anyone?

black rabbit NYCs 5 Best Beer and Shot Bars: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

(credit: Black Rabbit/Facebook)

The beautiful 19th century bar at Black Rabbit is the highlight of the entire room. If you consider yourself a trivia expert, then you can enjoy trivia night at the bar where you can win shots of liquor as prizes. Of course, there’s tap and bottled beer on offer. They also serve a mean bratwurst and frito pie.

shotglasses NYCs 5 Best Beer and Shot Bars: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

(file photo/Clipart)

Cheap beers and a fine selection of spirits rule at the Pencil Factory Bar on Franklin St. You’ll be reminded of an old ‘wild West’ saloon upon entering this establishment. Open until 4 a.m. daily, you can begin and end your evening with the friendly bar staff at PFB. They don’t serve food, but that’s not a problem. Stop into any one of the neighborhood grubberies for a snack to bring back to your table.

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Jonathan Pogash, aka The Cocktail Guru, is a beverage consultant, writer, and educator.

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