The Market NYC, is one of those New York City treasures that I am always amazed that not everyone knows about. This weekend fashion bonanza happens every weekend at a St. Patrick Youth Center (268 Mulberry Street, Nolita), and is a place for up and coming designers to sell their designs to the masses.

Inside you will find designers from all walks of life with one thing in common, they’re all really good. Some of the designers are still in school, some own boutiques, and others are just struggling to make ends meat, but there are fantastic finds to be had here in regard to clothing, jewelry, leather, and accessories.

Much of the stuff inside is handmade, which means you’re pretty darn safe in knowing you’ve got a one of a kind belt, blouse, or bodice. One of the best parts of this little haven of New York shopping is the relationships you can build with the designers. Most weeks there are steadfast repeat vendors, and if you frequent them enough, bat some eyelashes and compliment their handy work they will keep you in mind for future sales, or give you on the spot discounting.

Bonus: you could be getting to know the next Christian Siriano.

Downside: Things can get pricey, so if you’re in love with an item you better know how to haggle. At the end of the day these designers want to make a sale, but hey don’t want to undersell their talents either.