QUEEN (1010 WINS) — Flushing has become the city’s largest hub of Asian commerce dwarfing Manhattan’s Chinatown leaving many of its longtime residents feeling a bit isolated.

For many, the last straw came with the recent closing of a Key Food supermarket on Main Street leaving only Asian markets available in the area.

AUDIO: Kathleen Maloney Reports

“I’m really devastated, it’s not a good thing,” one resident told 1010 WINS reporter Kathleen Maloney.

There are nearly a dozen Asian grocery stories in and around downtown Flushing, according to residents and officials.

Some longtime residents complained that the Asian markets carry all the items they need.

“Maybe they carry white bread and that’s all,” the resident said.

One store, New York Mart, is now in talks with local officials to begin stocking bagels, deli meats and pet food.

  1. Barre Flynn says:

    Flushing is not the only neighborhood. 8th Avenue in Brooklyn is beset by similiar issues. You have to walk a long way before you can find a grocery store that carries products other than Asian food. This is not to mention the conjestion by the building ot really high buildings and inadequate parking. That is also not to mention the numberous dollar vans that transport people to and from Manhattan. These vans are out of control.

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