Some Tri-State Travelers Call Scanners Privacy Invasion

NEWARK, N.J. (WCBS 880) — Some are calling the latest in airport security an invasion of privacy Friday, as full body scanners are set to be installed at the three tri-state area airports.

The controversial technology displays virtually naked images of airline passengers. Susan Baer, the Port Authority’s Director of Aviation, said Thursday the scanners would be installed at John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International Airports in September.

AUDIO: Levon Putney reports

WCBS Reporter Levon Putney spoke with travelers at Newark Airport, where many didn’t mind the idea of the new security checkpoints.

“If it keeps us safe and moves things along quicker, who cares?” said one passenger.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” added another.

One nurse commented that it’s “the same as getting an X-ray at the doctor’s office” and that she didn’t think anything of it.

Some disagreed.

“I think it’s a violation of privacy,” one woman said.

“It’s gonna make my life worse when I go to the airport,” another passenger said.

But one man said it didn’t bother him when he stepped through the scanners down in Richmond, Va. “Truthful, it took about 1o seconds,” he said.

Making light of the situation, he joked that the invasion of privacy wouldn’t affect someone like himself.

“I’m married, I got three kids,” he said. “No one’s looking at me.”

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  1. vic says:

    Also, they have lied about these machines being able to store images. The story broke yesterday how the marshalls saved 35,000 images at some courthouse

    Bottom line, I do not trust the minimum wage security people to not abuse it and these pics end up on the internet someday. It is a panacea, and will not do anything to stop terrorists, just make people think they are safer. I refuse them every time.

  2. Nick says:

    I love the twits that always pull a “Nuff said”. Yes, Is Lam (word censored) is a religion of peace. And you should just restrict your liberties if you feel your liberties are being infringed upon. “Nuff said” indeed – says you’re a twit.

    As to the “science”. Yes, DO read the science. Than figure out how high energy particles bouncing off of your DNA/RNA while producing an image is “safe”.

    And than there’s the ones that say SAFETY trumps privacy concerns. Yes, that’s the same argument every fascist had used.


  3. dodinyc says:

    A “pat down” would not have stopped the Christmas bomber. You think they are going to pat down someone’s privates? If you don’t like it take the train or a ship. My families life is more imported than your so called privacy. Read the science…They are NOT dangerous.

  4. valerie says:

    Terrorists are not just Muslims. And anyone who feels “violated” should stay home. Nuff said.

  5. CommonSenseAintCommon says:

    This is truly a crock of caca if I’ve ever seen it. These “scanners” are not only an invasion on one’s privacy; it also can have some (potentially) harmful effects to “breaking down one’s DNA” as I read somewhere earlier. You’re playing with fire, people, and this is typical BIG CORPORATIONS doing what BIG CORPORATIONS do — dumb you down; prey on your “security” insecurities; and continue to allow your beloved government to spend more of your tax dollars on their unproven technological thing-a-ma-bobs. I wouldn’t trust going thru one of those things if my life depended on it. And hey, maybe it DOES! Wake up people…read and research before exposing you and/or your family to these very haste-driven technologies. There’s a good reason for everything; but this is NOT going to stop terrorism. Scare tactics like the “full body scanner” is terrorism at its best!

  6. eemiii says:

    The answer is simple. If you don’t want to use the scanner, then you can get in the line for the old check. However if they make the scanner process faster, then let’s see how many folks will forgo their privacy issues to get through a line faster. 😉

  7. Sick of MuSlimes says:

    All these expensive gadgets just to be “safe”. All you need are cheap inlays to the floor and toilet. Inlay them with “Allah”. No muslime will step or defecate on it. The facilities should than be 100% safe at minimal cost.

    Everyone should just bring some Allah stickers with them (search Google Images for “allah”) and stick them in the toilets whenever and wherever they travel. It’ll cut down on the pestilence greatly.

  8. MJD says:

    I wouldn’t go through the scanner. Not only is it an invation of my privacy they DO NOT know what the long term effects are. And don’t hand me the party line of “anything to feel safe” ! This isn’t safety, this is pandering to the panicky. Congratulations JFK, Laguardia and Newark. The terrorist have just won.

  9. Melinda says:

    If terrorism wasn’t as much of a threat as it is, this wouln’t be necessary. Unfortunately it is a major issue. SCAN AWAY !!!

  10. Pat says:

    I would not go in to one of them because of the health risks. I’ll take a pat down anyday.

  11. Kazoo says:

    Too bad people don’t like it. If you want to fly go thru the scanners and shutup. Enough already with the invasion of rights BS. Flying is not a right it is a privledge!

  12. sharmaine says:


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