BROOKYLN, N.Y. (CBS 2) — It’s a store like no other on a main street in Sheepshead Bay – a Brooklyn adult boutique that opened last week is raising eyebrows and some ire.

Kamasutra is a proud provider or such things as barely-there lingerie, sex toys and all sorts of other erotica.

The store is leaving some residents and business owners hot and bothered – and not in a good way, reports CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

Gina Ferranti owns a clothing store right across the street.

“I just think that it really doesn’t belong in this area,” she said.

A local jewelry store owner agreed.

“It’s not proper,” said Lana Pritsker of Golden Door.

The chief complaint from those in the area are complaining that the window display itself is inappropriate, as it features a load of risqué items on a street where lots of kids are walking by.

“If I see kids walking around here they are obviously going to be looking into the windows,” said Yelena Norkina, a worker at a local salon. “I wouldn’t likes of our generation looking into stores like that.”

Back at the shop, employees didn’t feel like talking and said the owner was on vacation. But authorities say not much can be done to keep the store from operating, since it doesn’t sell pornography and sex toys are considered marital aids.

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz tells CBS 2 that he’s planning to work with the store owner and the landlord to make sure the window display is not offensive to the community.