NEW YORK (1010 WINS/CBS 2) — It happened so fast.

A bus stop in the Bronx became the scene of a deadly accident Tuesday, when a livery cab collided with another vehicle before slamming into unsuspecting bystanders.

PHOTO GALLERY: Bronx Bus Stop Crash

The bone-chilling crash occurred just before noon and was caught on nearby surveillance camera. One person was killed and six others was injured.

Those who witnessed the crash in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx said a Town Car shattered the bus stop, leaving glass and twisted metal littering the pavement and roadway.

“It was like an explosion, and then glass,” said witness Peter Jaquez. “It rained glass, looked like it was raining glass.”

And those who saw the terrible injuries to the victims said it was gut wrenching.

“What I witnessed, it was unbelievable,” said Nelly Bloise. “I’d never seen something so horrifying.”

All said they will never forget the scene in front of 109 West Kingsbridge Road.

“It’s terrible,” said one resident. “You’re not even safe on the sidewalk no more.”

Surveillance video captured the moment as a livery cab shot across Kingsbridge and smashed into the bus shelter.

Marcelino Adraneda, 76, was pinned under the car and killed. Six others were injured, including the cab driver, Pedro Marte, 57.

“The cab driver behind him tried to stop couldn’t stop,” said Jaquez. “Hit him in the left front, and careened off into the bus stop.”

Among the injured is Dulce Contreras, whose leg was severed by the impact. On Tuesday night she was in intensive care, with her family keeping vigil by her side, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

Marte suffered cuts and bruises, but was released from the hospital.

“He is shaken up and he is very sorry about the whole situation,” said Fernando Mateo of the taxi federation.

Police said the driver of a minivan made an illegal U-turn in front of the livery cab.  Witnesses tell 1010 WINS reporter Steve Sandberg that the livery cab swerved to avoid the mini-van, struck the corner of the van, lost control and plowed into the bus shelter.

The mini-van driver was questioned by police and has been issued a summons for making the illegal U-turn.  However, there were no criminal charges in connection with the accident, police told 1010 WINS.

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  1. turbinepro says:

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  2. Frank says:

    No indication that anyone was drug or alcohol tested after this horrific accident, I wonder why not? It seems like every other week there is a terrible accident that makes the news in which victims are mowed down by careless, distracted, speeding (seems everyone is in a hurry) or IMPAIRED drivers. Maybe the NYPD could set up more check points to monitor those on our roads. My sympathies to those families who were involved.

  3. unknown says:

    i saw the incident and what they dont mention is that stupid dommincian cabby was doing at least 35-40 mph. for tha cab to end up on the other side of the street and crush that bus stop, you would have to be going fast. if he was doing at least 15-20mph it would have been only a fender bender. all they get is a summons?!! i too see these cabs fly up and down this street everyday. they hit these guys with manslaughter and wreckless endangerment.

  4. Annoyed in The Bronx says:

    The livery cab drivers in the Bronx are out of control and NYPD seemingly does little to enforce the Vehicle and Traffic Law when it comes to livery cab drivers. I live and work in The Bronx and witness, on an hourly basis, livery cabs speeding through residential neighborhoods, failing to stop at atop signs and red lights, make illegal u-turns across four lanes of traffic and travel dow one way streets in the wrong direction and talking on hand-held cellular telephones while driving.

    I came to the conclusion that livery cab companies, and Yellow Cab companies, either pay enough to the city coffers or, has lobbied the Bloomberg Administration so successfully, that the Administration is willing to allow its various enforcement agencies to turn a blind eye to traffic infractions committed by the drivers for these companies.

  5. screminmimi says:

    The name and age of the cab driver is mentioned, the name and age of some of the victims, but not the name and age of the driver of the van, whom a witness said “appeared bored with the whole thing.”

    Why is the driver of the van being protected?

  6. KEC says:

    Rest in peace Marc. You were a very nice guy. From everybody at KEC

  7. JasonS says:

    I don’t know what distresses me most about this story – the fact that one man died and two lost their legs, or the fact that the NYPD has announced that no charges will be filed, just simple traffic tickets. For as long as I can remember, the NYPD’s pathological refusal to construct cases against death drivers has infuriated me beyond belief. When someone makes a reckless driving manoever like this, without any regard for human life, and peoples lives are wrecked, I’m sorry but that is a crime. If not manslaughter then causing death by dangerous driving. If anyone can explain to me why this van driver does not deserve to be jailed for at least 5 years for what he did today, I’d be very grateful.

    But no, he gets a ticket and he’s back on the road tomorrow. And most likely, the cab driver was speeding or not paying due care and attention. It does not matter what the cops say in the article, their official version of events is at direct odds with witness statements in 90% of these cases. They’ll say whatever lands them with the least effort to tie things up. They have no interest whatsoever in protecting the public by making the roads safer. Because there is no deterrent, savage drivers feel like they have carte blanche to drive like ignorant animals. Not once have I heard Ray Kelly, Bloomberg or even the NY press speak out against the epidemic of drink driving, hit and runs and criminal recklessness on our roads. Oh, but there’s a big problem with people drinking too much soda, gotta do something about that.

    I’m sick and as mad as hell. I hope those who lost their legs today bring a civil case against these maniacs and get the justice the useless NYPD has denied them.

  8. CR says:

    As Bronxite and Doug pointed out. BOTH drivers are at fault.

  9. CR says:

    Since English is a second language to you Neville let me help you with your reading disability. There is a difference between the police saying a person causing an accident and the person being involved in the accident not being at fault. Happy I’m driving behind you. You don’t understand how your actions can contribute to the occurrence or avoidance of an accident. Maybe you need a defensive driving course. And Sally you went into this whole diatribe about people not reading the story and “THE LIVERY DRIVER WAS NOT AT FAULT!!!!!” once again I ask you, where in the story does it say the cab driver was not at fault?

  10. Bronxite says:

    Both drivers are at fault! The one who made the illegal U-Turn for obvious reasons. But if in fact the car behind had to swerve to avoid him that means he was much too close in the first place. If you are driving behind someone making a U-Turn you see them and you slow down, If you are driving in the opposite direction you have his motion in front of you as well. He had to have been driving at an accelerated speed if he had to swerve to avoid him.

    1. Jtorres says:

      I lived in that area for over 20 years and to this day, I hate driving on Kingsbridge Road. No one seems to follow the traffic laws. If the van had slowed down, stopped and turned on a signal, even to make an illegal u-turn, I’m sure the people driving behind him, whoever they may be, could have avoided getting into an accident. He probably never even slowed down –just tried to turn on a dime careening into and against traffic. When something that irresponsible and unexpected happens with the driver in front of you, you might overreact too. Maybe the livery cab was going too fast but I can’t see how an accident could have been avoided, but no one should have died.

  11. NYC LIVERY says:

    I drive a Lincoln Town Car for a corporate company. Not quite a livery, but people cannot seem to tell us apart.. I see the gypsies everyday and I know how they drive. BUT by far, the worst, most aggressive, dangeroous drivers in NYC are the private cars.. Hands down. They are the ones riding my tail in the right lane on the Deegan. They are the ones blowing through stop signs and lights. The taxis and liveries have their moments, I know. But aggressive, idiotic private drivers should be stopped also.

  12. Jaime H says:

    no exusce it is cab or taxi.. please take it traffic reform laws!! i tired of it this happen too many accident anywhere and even terrible where is mta booth sta stand waiting on the bus stop .. i total shock killed one and 6 peoples get hurt.

  13. We'veGot2DoBetter! says:

    What is the difference between a cab driver & a livery driver? Sorry, I’m from Alaska. LOL Either way, this is a tragedy, no matter what the logistics are. My deepest sympathies to this man’s family, the wounded & their families, & the witnesses that will probably be haunted w/ this horrific scene for years to come.

  14. CR says:

    It seems like Sally Rogers is the one with the reading disability. Where in the entire story did it say the livery driver was not at fault? Because he swerved to avoid a van making an illegal turn? As many have pointed out, speed, attentiveness, age or even medication could have played a part in why this driver “lost control”. If he was driving like he was suppose to then he should’ve been able to avoid losing control of his vehicle. I

    1. Neville says:

      Second paragraph from the bottom – “Police point to a different driver as the cause of the accident, as he made an illegal U-turn in front of the livery cab.” – there it is in the story…Reading disability???

    2. Sally Rogers says:

      I said,”the people commenting here.” Not the story. Brush up on “your” reading comprehension CR.

  15. Sally Rogers says:

    I don’t understand why so many people commenting here don’t read the story first. THE LIVERY DRIVER WAS NOT AT FAULT!!!!! Hello? Maybe you all need a refresher course in reading comprehension. The Livery Driver was not at fault. The livery driver was not at afault. Maybe if I sum up the story you’ll uderstand it better.

    1. Annoyed in The Bronx says:

      Maybe you should come up to the Bronx and see for yourself how dangerous livery cab drivers are up here! Watch the video and observe how fast the livery cab was driving. Both these guys were at fault.

  16. Priscilla says:

    For years they have been a safty concern to stand under plowed snow was pushed up blocking them and for the same reason that just happend vehicals going out of control.

  17. Doug says:

    I’ve passed this area thousands of times. The most recent being 2 days ago. Drivers are always making illegal U-Turns there. The gypsy cab drivers being the most notorious. Though another seemed to have made the illegal turn, if the cab had been traveling at a reasonable speed there is no way there would have been this much damage. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. Now, the question is will they be proactive and enforce the traffic regulations already on the books. I guarantee you that if you stood on that corner, you would spot at least 30 cars with drivers on cellphones in 1 hour. I feel for the victims. But we are all potential victims if something isn’t done about this.

    1. Witness says:

      Right on target, Doug.

  18. JasonS says:

    People had their limbs ripped off in this “accident,” which was the direct result of criminally reckless driving. Most likely the livery cab was speeding too, given that almost all cases of cars “losing control” in this city are taxicabs. However, you can rest assured that the NYPD will completely and utterly fail to press serious charges against these drivers, despite that their criminal recklessness today has wrecked lives. Drivers like this should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car, yet all they’re likely to get in this case is a simple traffic ticket because hey, “accidents happen and it’s nobody’s fault.” At the very least, the van driver should receive jail time and be banned from driving for 10 years. It’s time the criminal justice system in this city put its foot down and realized that they have a social duty to protect innocent people from the ignorant nut jobs who tear around our roads without a second thought for anyone. Everyone is sick of hearing about the NYPD doing nothing in these cases.

  19. Bill says:

    Jezuz NY is out of control. At least all we have to worry about in San Francisco is tourists getting killed in gang shootouts. You all have it EASY!

  20. Pamela Verzonilla says:

    I live here in the Bronx. I know that and this guy I know was at the bus stop, and the car crashed into him! Me and my family call him Tatang. He is filipino just like us. He is very nice to me, my family, and friends… But we dont know if he died or not. I live on University Avenue. Please bless Tatang.

  21. JXJ says:

    The problem is people making u-turns as if they’re the only ones on the road. I live there and see it all the time. They just make a u-turn whether there’s traffic or not.

  22. Lance Lace says:

    If you READ the report. You may take note that the CAB driver was not @ fault here! The CAB driver was trying to avoid a VAN that was making an illegal U-turn ya big dummies. The bus shelters can be 50 feet from the curb and an idiot can still drive (his or her) car up on the sidewalk and injure someone. Don’t be so quick to judge.

    1. Annoyed in The Bronx says:

      Both drivers are at fault. How fast was the livery cab was going? Looked pretty fast in the video! Do have any idea how busy West Kingsbridge Rd. is at that time of the morning? There is no reason for a livery cab to be going so fast that the driver can’t control the car in that neighborhood.

    2. Derreck says:

      well Lance I beg to differ had the cab driver not been driving so fast he would have been able to stop instead of swirving and killing that poor old man at the most it might have been just a vehicular collision!

  23. Matt Decker says:

    Hey Una aytch:
    Does it really matter where the bus stop was? Look at the picture! The cab apparently crossed the double yellow line & crashed the bus shelter on the opposite side of the street!!!

    1. YTK says:

      Even so, that shelter type is still a trap.

  24. una aytch says:

    Bus shelters are a safety concern because they too close to the curb and people are trapped if a car jumps the curb! I never stand in them. Bad logistics!

    1. Save me says:

      I’ll tell you whats more of a safety concern are the livery drivers that are too preoccupied with honking their horn for every person they see walking down the street, hoping to catch a fare. Or when they cross over three lanes of traffic without signalling or checking their mirrors. This city has too many cabs and livery cars…

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