NEW YORK (AP / WCBS 880) — Long Island’s Nassau County will conduct aerial spraying for the first time since 2008 in an effort to control West Nile-carrying mosquitoes.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports from Long Island
LINK: Details from the Nassau County Health Department

The county’s health department says the two-day spraying will begin on Wednesday.

It says it has seen more viral activity in mosquitoes this year. Positive samples have been found in 49 traps this year. The spraying will cover about 78,000 acres.

In 2008, aerial spraying covered 55,000 acres.

Residents can get more information about the aerial spraying by calling: 888-844-8657.

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  1. nonoyportus says:

    words of caution:

    1. insecticides used in aerial spraying against mosquitoes may induce immunity among mosquitoes, which means that the next generation of mosquitoes will possess the ability to withstand such insecticides;

    2. people, animals and insects (many of which are beneficial ones) may absorb portions of the insecticides and thereby suffer from the poison or the resulting allergies;

    3. hence: the aerial spraying operation is (will be) next to useless as far as the intended target mosquitoes are concerned; harmful to people, animals and other insects as far as unintended victims are concerned, and futile and expensive to the county’s coffers.

    4. it would be better to look for natural remedies or alternatives to control or eliminate the pesky and sometimes deadly disease-carrying mosquitoes.

    (from a concerned human being of our global community)

    1. Jay Kadiyala, M.D. says:

      West Nile Virus kills kids regularly, and often around the world. So rather than to worry about the remote possibility of a mosquito that might develop resistance long term, let’s really get our thinking caps on, and save lives today.
      And when this writer finds a natural remedy that’s proven to work, we could always switch to that great natural remedy. Until then, let’s spray Nassau. I live in Nassau and there are tons of mosquitoes everywhere, and there have been many many cases of encephalitis and too many deaths.
      Absorption of minute amounts of an insecticide, and the possibility of developing an allergy, are very very rare, and even then, is probably better than dying….NO??
      Aerial spraying is extremely effective, and has been used for decades around the world, so to say that it’s useless is absoluteley untrue, and questions the sources of this previous author…

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