Many Now Pointing Out JetBlue Attendant's Odd Behavior

BELLE HARBOR, N.Y. (CBS 2) — On Thursday afternoon flight attendant Steven Slater came out of his house and thanked his supporters.

But, as CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports, where he has told “one” story, passengers are saying there was a whole other side of him that’s quite different from the folk hero and victim he’s been made out to be.

After some brief words from his attorney, Slater stepped up to the microphones and said: “Thank you all so much. It’s been amazing, the support, the love and everything that’s been brought to me and given to me by the community and my friends and the industry at large. It has been absolutely wonderful.”

Many, if not most, of the passengers who are now being interviewed by Port Authority detectives about what happened on Monday on that bizarre JetBlue flight with Slater seem to be giving a very different version of his behavior during the flight, than the picture most people have of him — who were not there.

Howard Deneroff, for example, is a producer for CBS Radio’s Westwood One. Slater, he said, got pretty aggressive about Deneroff not having his seat in the upright position.

“He did hit the back of my seat and said, ‘Pull your seat up. It can’t be reclined.’ It was not reclining and I indicating it to him and then he says, ‘Pull your seat up.’ I said I didn’t recline the seat and he leaned over, hit the button to try to pull it up himself. He hit the back of the seat, but it didn’t move,” Deneroff said.

It didn’t move because it was already up, Deneroff said. Then there’s passenger Kati Doebler. She said that Slater’s story about getting the cut on his head when a passenger dropped a piece of luggage on him from the overhead compartment at the end of the flight — the incident that triggered the cursing on the PA system, and the escape on the chute — may not be true.

In fact, Slater’s legal aide attorney, Howard Turman, told the media on Thursday Slater actually suffered the injury in Pittsburgh, before Flight 1052 even took off.

“They were shoving the bags around attempting to get it in. Steven came over to assist and either the bag or the overhang hit him on the head,” Turman said.

Doebler said passengers saw the bleeding cut as soon as they boarded, and she said Slater never pu on a bandage. And, she said, there was that drink he always seemed to be carrying.

“One of the times he passed by me he was carrying what could either have been a drink for himself, and that was a little bit of the impression I got, as he was kind of waving it about like it was his own cocktail,” Doebler said.

Investigators are looking into claims by several passengers that Slater seemed to be irritable and unsteady, as if drinking, even throwing the mask and life jacket to the ground, some said, during the demonstration.

Detectives are continuing to hear a lot about Slater’s behavior during the flight, the types of things that could continue to erode his stories, like the one CBS 2’s Guzman heard from passenger Lauren Wood.

“He came up and he had a bunch of sodas in his hand and he looked at me and was like, ‘Would you like a soda?’ And I was like, ‘Can I have a water?’ And he just glares at me and walks away. And I was kind of like oh my gosh I really upset this guy,” Wood said.

Wood also said the notion that Slater is some kind of saint is ridiculous.

“It makes me so mad, because he’s not a hero. He was rude,” Wood said.

Slater said he wants to get back to work in the airline industry. His mother, after all, was a flight attendant and his father was a pilot, but with the dramatic exit he made Monday — that’s going to be tough.

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  1. JB says:

    Per M. Briskin,, Slater had a gash on his forehead during the flight. If the bag incident happened at the beginning of the flight, that would explain why no one saw the fight. The above article must be fox news reporting, because you can’t believe anything you read and the slant is unbelievable. 🙂

  2. SnarkyOuter says:


    Wait a second . . . so who are you? The former boyfriend?

    Ken is going to be very upset! It is one thing for the former wife and the mother to jump in and start grabbing attention! But now YOU are making your bid for recognition? Tsk tsk!!

    And, we caught your snarky little pun when you said . . .

    “You are also the people who are so domesticated that you can’t even see straight.”

  3. Pensieve says:

    Okay, all of you who thought he was such a hero.

    He’s just an emotionally immature jerk.

    Most of us have fantasies of behaving immaturely. We don’t act on ithoes impulses because we are ADULTS. His infantile behavior immediately should have given him away to everyone.

  4. Iloveya says:

    So this is how so many in our sick country define “hero”. A more accurate title would be selfish, perverted, insecure creep.

  5. Ron123 says:

    What he actually needs … is a good kicking!

  6. Ed says:

    “Slater’s boyfriend…” I stopped reading right there, and after throwing up in my mouth a little I now realize the root cause to all this guy’s instability and insanity.

  7. Fred says:

    The real issue isn’t whether this guy is “right” or “wrong”, but whether or not we need the Federal Government involved in trivial little issues like this. No one was hurt, no one was even endangered (despite what the charges say) — do we really need the Patriot Act to enforce corporate policy on how to exit an airplane?

    1. Jim says:

      This had nothing to do with the Patriot Act–it had to do with violating FAA rules (while yes they are Federal, these rules have been around since advent of commercial flight–i.e. the old CAA which is why flight attendants are on planes in the first place, for passenger safety). As for ‘trivial’, the slides have a pretty good size counterweight on them and also use explosive charges. This little stunt will probably cost the the airline well over $150K and at least a down-day for the aircraft.

  8. CDS says:

    The story has always had several discrepancies.

    -Slater has claimed he worked in the industry for 20-28 years. In fact, he only worked for JetBlue since 2008. Prior to that he was a Burberry Accessories Shop Manager at Bloomingdale’s.

    -He claims he got the cut on the flight. He had the cut prior to the flight and in most recent pictures, it appears to be gone.

    -Passengers state he was fighting with them and swearing with them from the start with no provocation.

    -He says he is a recovering, sober alcoholic, yet he left the flight with two beers in his hands.

    It sounds like a very unstable man endangered the lives of crew and passengers because he couldn’t handle the stress of a normal job. He is no hero, he is someone in dire need of help.

  9. Redford says:

    Not a hero; he simiply lacks character. Under stress he didn’t do his job; that simple.

  10. Johann says:

    “Another typical gay who can’t control his emotions” and “Most gay men aren’t stable or sane enough for serious jobs…
    I own three successful businesses employing 100 people. I’m also an author, an engineer and classical musician. I am also gay, an asset, not a liability, so, so much for your ill-informed bloggers’ biggoted sophistry and stereotyping. Or is it just ignorance, Da Vinci?
    I have dealt with the general public in business. In general, they’re dense. “Fasten Seatbelts” means fasten your seatbelts, not get up and frolick just because the plane stopped. That is NOT a passenger’s decision. I might lose it too if I had to remind passengers 5000 times what “Fasten seatbelts” mean. Can you understand English?
    Fortunately, I have the druthers to just remove or redirect myself away from the source of torment, and I don’t drink beer.

    1. Hello Sailor says:

      No, but you sound like a drama queen.

    2. Vince says:

      I see Johann, so then you are defending Slater BECAUSE he is gay. Gee, that’s just as bad as those who condemn him because he is gay.

  11. JD Jones says:

    Dang! Best comment I have EVER read. Good job!

  12. Jocko says:

    Gee, another hoax the papers ran with before knowing the facts. You would think the editors wanted to be president of the United States.

  13. Roscoe says:

    Hissy fit.

  14. John says:

    This guy had better spend a couple of years in prison or we can expect more hissyfit quitting in the future. Seriously, this guy acted extremely irresponsible.

  15. Scott says:

    The executives at JetBlue surely all thanked the lord when this guy jumped ship. They probably wanted to fire him for years but feared a discrimination lawsuit.

    Someone at JetBlue must have put something extra in the basket on Sunday.

  16. Kevin Kim says:

    “When Slater finally returned to his Belle Harbor home Wednesday afternoon, he had to first navigate his way though a media gauntlet as hoards of reporters fired away questions as the overnight celebrity.”

    Hordes, not hoards. Alas for journalistic literacy.

    1. starbro says:

      “Meanwhile, a pair of Pittsburgh women aboard a JetBlue flight Slater was rude to passengers and instigated the confrontation that resulted in his spectacular exit.”

      the idiot literacy-free author left out the verb ‘said’. As is, this sentence implies that the women were aboard a flight named Slater and were rude.

    2. Eddem says:

      Maybe it was someone’s personal collection of reporters that no one else could have since they have them all.

    3. Vince says:

      And it should be, “…fired away questions TO the overnight celebrity.”- not AS.

  17. Duude says:

    How utterly embarrassing it must be for his friends, family, and supporters to now be finding out that his story was a ruse and that he’s so emotionally challenged as to have a meltdown due to his own personal life issues. And I thought gay men were happy gay. LOL

  18. Scott says:

    Ex-Wife? Gee, who knew? This man is a psychotic. He is the typical angry gay man you will see in SoHo. He hates everyone that is not as mentally and sexually deranged as he is.

    I hope this makes national news and his aspirations of fame are quickly dashed. Then he can smoke some pipe while he rots in prison. He’ll do just fine.

  19. thebarry says:

    it could have been worse: he could have been the pilot

  20. Brian says:

    You people are disgusting. Why does it matter if he is gay? Also who cares…if you don’t like the story don’t read it. The only people who need to have a psych evaluation are the people who can’t understand his behavior. You are also the people who are so domesticated that you can’t even see straight.

    1. Scott says:

      It matters because he threw a typical gay hissy fit. The flambouyant ones are obnoxious. The private ones can do whatever they please. They don’t bother me.

    2. Duude says:

      Oh my, another angry gay man. Since Slater’s story is turning out to be a ruse perpetrated to shelter his emotional fragility, I think it best you wait for more details before you reveal to all your own emotional immaturity.

    3. JB says:

      Brian, sweetie, the fact that Slater is gay or bi or whatever makes him a living stereotype that gays and bis rail against. He didn’t help your cause one bit with his crazed hysterical drama queen outburst. “Domesticated” people have thoughts of doing such things, but their rational minds tell them it won’t work out well for them if they follow through. Rational minds are what adults think with.

    4. Jim says:

      “The only people who need to have a psych evaluation are the people who can’t understand his behavior.”—

      Please tell me you are not in public service, own any weapons or VOTE.

    5. Vince says:

      Brian, it sounds like you can’t see “straight” either, if you know what I mean.

  21. HTuttle says:

    Funny. Another passenger says there WAS an argument and that Slater started it. No straight stories it seems,

  22. Sadday says:

    A man throws a public hissy fit and he is treated as a noble person?
    It it sad and I hope he faces the scrutiny of the court system

    1. carolee says:

      a hissy fit is pitched, not thrown.

      1. keith says:

        true… I believe a regular fit is what is the one that is thrown!

      2. JBnID says:

        I prefer to fling my fits but they can be pitched, chunked, thrown or flung without penalty.

      3. Vince says:

        a hissy fit is had, not pitched or thrown.

  23. TexasLonghorn says:

    Why are there so many homophobic comments about this guy? If he was black or Hispanic, would you say it’s because of his race?

  24. Jim says:

    The man is a reactionary hysterical infant. The fact that he has not once apologized for his outrageous and immature behavior is sad. And all the “positive” media attention he is getting will just strengthen his delusion. The defense of him is probably highly indicative of the type of enabling that has been going on his whole life and robbed him of the opportunity to grow up and be a man.

    1. Kathy says:

      Where’d Laura Bush go? I can’t remember her traveling very much at all!!!!

  25. pmp says:

    This fruit-cake is repulsive! Throw him in jail!

  26. Eric says:

    mlb won’t show an on field streaker on camera so as not to encourage that activity. this should get that same treatment

  27. DM says:

    I couldn’t finish reading this story because it annoyed me so much. This is a completely manufactured story about a non-story. 70% of passengers have been interviewed, nothing has been determined yet, but here you are reporting on it like there’s something to say already, just to get a jump on other media outlets. I’m ashamed of myself for even reading half of this garbage.

    Please just send this guy to jail for 7 years. We don’t need flight attendants and other service employees thinking they can become celebrities by quitting their jobs in dramatic ways that endanger peoples’ lives.

  28. H.M. Phobe says:

    He’s got a boyfriend? That definitely makes him a drama queen.

  29. Jeb says:

    You know what….. I think this is a publicity stunt from Jet Blue. Nothing else makes sense. People have outbursts ……EVERY DAY and no one cares. this was national news minutes after it happened.

  30. Yikes says:

    Give it a Break – First he didn’t endanger anyone or anything as the aircraft was parked on the ground. Next how many of you have read the many stories about flights having to divert to throw people off the plane or have them arrested or people being subdued by passengers on the flight. How would you like to spend everyday confined in a sardine can with a handful of nuts everyday. How long do you think you would last. At least the pilots have a bolted door between them and the wackos. Why do you think that’s there? Flight attendants can’t get away…Yikes

    1. Frequent Flyer says:

      no.. that’s not right.

      1. he put a whole plane in danger..
      first of all I would be extremely anxious to see an emergency chute deployed.. it could have caused panic.

      2. The chutes use explosive charges to quickly fill.. that is why they say disarm the doors when you arrive at a terminal.. which is what is should have been doing

      3. The chutes fill with force and are heavy, any ground personnel in the way could have been seriously injured or even killed.

      His action was reckless both reckless and dangerous.. he will be charged in a federal court and his chances of jail time are pretty near 100%.. not so funny now..

  31. GC says:

    For 20 years he’s thought about it? Huh? I’m so glad I never got on a plane with this nut job on it. He obviously needs help. His behavior is more than just being fed up with one’s job.

  32. RazorsEdge says:


  33. fredbob says:

    This sad individual failed to DWI. Yes, he failed to man up and Deal With It.

  34. AN says:

    Why would it surprise anyone that 70% of the passengers didnt see it? If I was in the back or middle of the plane, I would have no idea what happened in front, and vice-versa. Who cares about passengers far away, what do the passengers sitting close to the scene say?

  35. Tovarishch says:

    How on Earth do you know he has never had a wreck?
    Skipped those English classes in High School, eh?

  36. bluebear says:

    Actually, the losers are the Media who pick such a story to push and the people who take the time to read it (that would be all of us). I should stick to the Wall Street Journal.

  37. Ned Schnittt says:

    1 Cor 6:9-11

    1. Zaire67 says:


    2. John RK says:


  38. RobbieK says:

    The death of a former railroaded U.S. Senator happened this weekend; our economy is crumbling; Michelle Obama just spent nearly 1/2 million taxpayer dollars on a trip to France; and this garbage get news time??? Wake up people!!!! Turn off Hollywood and turn on FOX News and take this country back, or you won’t have a country soon!

    1. RobbieK says:

      It was actually a trip to Spain, so wanted to correct.

      1. Jean says:

        In 2007 what country did Laura Bush take her two daughters?

      2. Carl Z. says:

        The trip in 2007 was to various parts of Africa, and it was a working trip to help people.

        Darn Facts!

    2. Jean says:

      “Take this country back” Who took it away? Those who voted in Nov. 2008.

      1. michellehellgeth says:

        were we in a depression in 2007?

      2. Barney Phrankenphag says:

        Yeah…we made the mistake of thinking you were just leftists Americans. Come to find out you are all progressive anti-Americans. No worries though. All will be fixed come Nov 2012.

    3. michelle hellgeth says:

      sthat’s ok, they’re neighbors! Yes, TURN ON FOX

      1. Jean says:

        Laura Bush still spent tax dollars on her trip!

      2. JBar595 says:

        Get a life

      3. roger says:

        america was not in a depression in 2007 but we are now under obama huessan

    4. Kathy says:

      Amen, brother!!!

  39. Doug says:

    Maybe the witnesses “don’t want to get involved” or have lied to protect themselves or a friend. Or just maybe, the other 30 percent of the passengers know something. Why the rush? Let the police finish their work.

  40. Nunz says:

    what a L O S E R !!!!

  41. Oh Please says:

    First, I have had enough of this story. This guy is not a hero or a loser, just a guy who needed to handle things differently. Stop paying so much attention to him, offering him reality shows and making him the face of honest, hard working Americans. He did something STUPID and now will have to pay for it. People make STUPID decisions, even it if sounds cool at the time. Leave him alone and the newcasters should start reporting on the real news that affects all of us.

    1. RobbieK says:

      I totally agree. Law enforcement should verify this man isn’t mentally disturbed by ordering a psychiatric evaluation before they incarcerated him. Because if they don’t now and they just keep questioning passengers, Jet Blue could face a very big lawsuit that could actually put them out of business. Now move on to taking your country that is on fire back!

      1. keith says:

        the guy was drinking. Are people unstable when they have too much to drink?

    2. JD Jones says:

      Best comment I have EVER read. Good job!

      1. keith says:

        Thank you!

    3. michellehellgeth says:

      how do you know he is hiv positive

      1. Hello Sailor says:

        It was widely reported that he told the police he was HIV+. Read the papers.

      2. Jean says:

        FOX NEWS implied it. Must be true.

        1. roger says:

          thats correct unlike if it was on msnbc or cnn

    4. evb says:

      Totally agree that he should be accountable for his actions. I’m ready to be done with this story as well. I have flown Jet Blue many times and they are better than most. This man may need some help, but the people who jump to conclusions so soon before hearing all the facts, are likely to have egg on their face as the real details come to light. I think flight attendants have a very tough job and people who are rude on flights suck. They should be videotaped and publicly humiliated from it. That would cure much of the problem.

  42. Nunz says:

    your in the line of customer service ,deal with it jerk

    1. Jack Reacher says:

      You’re an illiterate idiot

      1. Justin says:

        And you’re an alliterate idiot.

        Good luck figuring that one out.

  43. NYC says:

    How could they all see what is going on when everyone is scattered over the plane and most were not paying attention being that they all just want to get off the plane as soon as it landed??

    1. keith says:

      apparently this was even going on before takeoff and all during the flight.

  44. Ravan says:

    If Slater is unstable, then everybody that drives a car in New York needs a Psychotic Endorsement on their driver’s license.

    1. BackToBasics says:

      If he’s unstable?? I guess everyone pulls the emergency shute and exits the plane that way. The equivalent in driving would be do drive around with your driver’s side door open. Everyone does that too!

      Get real!

  45. Steve M. says:

    “Both his mother and his ex-wife have been speaking up in his defense” Wow; what exactly is the defense of an unstable individual? It’s everyone else’s fault?

    1. Jimmy13 says:

      It’s Bush’s fault.

      1. GT says:

        What a stupid comment. If you referring to the mess the country is in now then yes it is, but not what happened to slater idiot

      2. Cromwell says:

        LOL … the guy below you and his reaction … what a bone head. He just replied by basically doing exactly what you’re making fun of.

        Some people just don’t get why they are THEY are the brunt of this kind of joke.

        This guy was obviously a child left behind. (zzzing)

      3. Beads says:

        NO really- it is all Bush’s fault. Really. All of it. Seriously.

        ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!

      4. IO says:

        GT, nice try. 2 years and NOTHING from the current administration, only the audacity to blame the previous Pres…

      5. DK says:

        don’t worry about it jimmy13, gt’s comment is Bush’s fault too

      6. keith says:

        no doubt!

      7. Jason says:

        You do mean Bush the elder, or does that take the joke too far?

      8. Bob says:

        Actually, it’s Obama’s fault. Everything is Obama’s fault.

      9. Weak Democrat says:

        Let’s blame Barney the dog too and see if it sticks. Anything to divert attention from Obama, that immature child afraid to man up and take responsibility for the mess he’s given us.

      10. voteNoForObama says:

        GT, you haven’t heard??? It’s always Bush’s fault, everything is!! you need to listen to CNN more!

    2. emeryboard says:

      And you look like a sick homophobe to me

      1. jimbolini says:

        oh oh someone needs a nap!


        1. Allsane says:

          Will you all please settle down, return your seats to the upright position and fasten your seat belts.

  46. elkin patino says:

    good for him, i simpathize with him

    1. Sammy says:

      I said it the way news broke; all flight attendants suck. They are almost always rude. Actually only thing I dread about flying is having to deal with these ungrateful people, god forbid I ask for a second glass of water!

      1. keith says:

        if this is true, you fly thye wrong airline…

      2. Greg Rath says:

        my wife is a flight attendant and i get to hear storys almost daily about the rudeness of people today. it is hard for them to keep smiling and be nice when people today are so rude. and as for your second glass of water…come on…its a 2 hour flight. people always want several beverages each while on a short flight because its free…no way could i ever do her job

      3. Bruce says:

        I have seen plenty of rude passengers on flights.
        Flying used to be something people dressed up for as a special occasion – but now most domestic flights are just Greyhound in the sky!

      4. gromico says:

        this is making me lose interest in flying because customer care is what drives me to go public and easily blend with people….wonder what my 1st flight will be like…

    2. Ed says:

      Does he have a rainbow flag sticker on his Prius?

      1. kevin benoit says:

        it’s not a Prius…it’s a pious

    3. stop2think says:

      Why do you sympathize with this drama queen (and no, I am not referring to his sexual orientation)? What if your surgeon had a “bad” day and decided throw his dirty gloves in your incision before storming out of the OR? What if he was a pilot and decided to park the plane into the side of the terminal? Would you sympathize with him then? You’re an idiot. Get a life and learn to think for yourself

      1. JA says:

        I think “drama queen”– and his orientation has a lot to do with it– is right.

    4. elph says:

      He’s dangerous not cute. Fire him.

      1. BackToBasics says:

        Right on! Right on!

    5. Mike says:

      What is wrong with people. Do they no longer teach spelling and grammar in school or all you all just so lazy you simply do not care that you look like illiterate losers.

      1. afton says:

        all you all just so lazy…..

        I guess you already know you look like an illterate loser. lol Loosen up. You made a mistake but I still got your point. I know your not an illiterate loser. Let’s not call names.

      2. GabrielK says:

        Kettle meet pot.

      3. JC says:

        I count four grammatical errors in your comment.

      4. John says:

        Apparently, they don’t teach punctuation, either.

      5. grmofasheville says:

        What is wrong with people?

        Grammar, you have no room to talk.

    6. Walter says:

      I was on a flight with this guy last year and he and I had words. As soon as I saw his picture, I knew it was him (as I am not the type to fight with people, ever).He insisted on gate checking my carry-on because of limited overhead bin space. I had Rx drugs and a lot of jewelery I wasn’t willing to part with. It escalated quickly and was very upsetting to me. The other flight attendant expressed his extreme displeasure with his colleague’s attitude and diffused the situation. More will come out…just wait and see.

      1. lenapequaker says:

        Funny how this creep gets all the attention.

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