NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Former Boston University medical student Philip Markoff was found dead in jail Sunday.

According to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, Markoff died from an “apparent suicide.” He was pronounced dead by EMS at 10:17 a.m.

Markoff was accused of fatally shooting Julissa Brisman, a New York masseuse he met online through Craigslist, in April 2009. His trial was expected to take place in March 2011.

Authorities were investigating his death.

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  1. GreenEyes says:

    First of all, we are only told what the police are willing to tell us. We cannot forget that much of the evidence for and against Markoff is not known to us. Was he the killer? Possibly. His suicide certainly points to that, but he also lost his future and fiancee over this. Both reasons I can understand for committing suicide. He was not proven guilty in a court of law. Now all we have to do is wait. IF he wasn’t the killer, the real killer will strike again and then we will know.

  2. Jimmie says:

    Tradegy all around. First maythe Good Lord give strength to the victins families. Second to the killers family as they had no control over a loved ones horrendous actions. To think that this young man ruined so many lives, including his own. He was smart enough, and had enough financial backing to get accepted and attend one of the top medical schools. Had he not fallen to his sick mind he may have someday found the cure for cancer.

  3. meeting notice says:


    The guy is dead. You Cannot put him on trial. The case is closed.

  4. Old Codger says:

    Attaboy Eddie…..give’em all a pill. I think Markoff set the example…now for the rest of the murderers to follow!

  5. dmmd says:

    Markoff first, Madoff next.

  6. Lex says:

    Cmon what’s wrong with some ppl why is it that yall need to to be shot in the head to know that a bullet will kill,,,sheesh he did it no need to waste tax payers money and he was a coward and a B A thats just how he went out

  7. Eddie says:

    Clear the backlog. Give them all a pill

  8. nyphonejacks says:

    suspected – not proven guilty – so i fail to see how this is saving tax payers money, as the trial should continue as to confirm if this was in fact the killer, and if he is, if he had any accomplice(s) who might still be at large… at most this would save money in jailing him had he been proven guilty, however there is also the potential for a wrongful death lawsuit against the state, because he was in their custody, and they should have been able to prevent something like this from occurring.

    people seem to always forget innocent until proven guilty unless they are the one being accused…

  9. K-Dub says:

    Yeah, what about the girl’s family nimwit?

  10. Skip says:

    Sadness for his family???? Are you on drugs?

    1. KMarsh says:

      It is sadness for his family. He wasn’t trial nor sentenced, he got the easy way out by killing himself with his own hands…

  11. polly says:

    very good. save the taxpayers tons and tons of money. wish all killers would find a way to do this. I hate to sound so mean but the truth hurts.

  12. Practical says:

    I hope the investigation into his death doesn’t require any more time than to say,yup,it’s Markoff and yup,he’s dead.

  13. stevie68a says:

    This is just more sadness for his family.

  14. Franky Nodots says:

    Nice! Justice served and taxpayer money saved. This is a win-win.

  15. Len says:

    No trial, saves money, they should all do that !!

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