NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A major subway disruption was causing chaos and inconvenience for hundreds of weekend commuters.

The MTA was suspending service on the 2 line between Manhattan and the Bronx and the entire 3 line every weekend through September 13.

For alternate service, riders can take free express and local shuttle buses.

Officials said the changes were necessary because transit workers needed to repair a switch at the 142nd Street junction.

  1. L. Ross says:

    I guess that the only the disruptions in MANHATTAN count towards news.
    The residents of Bay Ridge, BROOKLYN are also without train service this weekend from 95th St to 36th St,
    Shuttle Bus service is being provided – as long as you get on at the first stop – after that – you are lucky if you can get a space on the steps of the bus.
    It would be nice if you at CBS recognize that the outer boroughs are also part of NYC

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