NEW YORK (CBS 2) — From the inside-out, there may be a new “no-go” when it comes to smoking.

Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-smoking crusade could be coming to a city park or public beach near you, a plan plenty of people say crosses the line, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

CBS 2 has learned that Mayor Bloomberg is looking at a possible smoking ban for all city parks and public beaches.

“Now you’re gonna stop me from smoking in the park? Where am I gonna smoke at?” West Side resident Anthony Cintron said.

“What’s next? It will be something else in six months,” said another New Yorker.

The new measure would widen the current smoking ban – in bars, subways, buildings, playgrounds and other public places – to include some 29,000 acres of park land and 14 miles of beaches.

“Non-smokers can smell smoke from miles and miles away, so ban it!” Cynthia Keller-Bee, of the Upper East Side, said.

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley proposed the park and beach ban almost a full year ago, and a statement from the mayor’s office Saturday night indicates the issue could soon come off the backburner.

“The mayor is seriously considering it. A final decision has not yet been make,” the statement said.

City Councilman Vincent Ignizio said his vote would likely be “no.”

“My concern is this overreach on behalf of city government,” he said.

Ignizio said this is another in a string of what he calls “nanny state” moves by a lame duck mayor.

In 2002, smoking in bars and restaurants was banned. Then came a battle against trans fats, requirements that restaurants post calorie counts on menus, and recently the campaign to cut back on salt.

While some smokers in Central Park called Mayor Bloomberg a bully on the issue, others praised him as a pioneering public health advocate.

“He is thinking positively. If people don’t want to do it on their own, the mayor takes the lead a little bit,” Upper West Side resident Michelle Fabre said.

In the end, no matter what the mayor wants, it is up to the city council to ignite the ban – or to snuff it out.

A similar ban of smoking on the beach for the state of California was vetoed this past May by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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  1. JR says:

    Stop smoking as it does your body bad.

    No more excuses.
    No more lung cancer.

  2. Geo says:

    I know someone who was a chain smoker. He had a massive heart attack about 5 years ago and this was a rude wake up call for him. He has not touched a cigarette since then, but he now asked himself why he waited so long to stop smoking. He still has a left-sided weakness, need a wheelchair to move around, and require basic help with his personal hygiene.

  3. Marc says:

    Smokers should visit the hospital and talk to patients who were ex-smokers to learn from their experiences with lung cancer, throat cancer, etc, and the painful treatment they have to endure.

    1. Rob P says:

      Funny! In the last few years I have had friends and co-workers diagnosed with and or die from cancer in one form or another and the funny thing is none were smokers. I’m not talking about 2 or 3 people. I’m talking about 8-10 people.

  4. Lenny Waller says:

    It seems to me that New York is trying to become the anti-smoking leader in the USA. I received yesterday and email from the New York Tobacconist Association New York Tobacconist Association about a meeting the New York State Senate Health Committee holding a public hearing on September 23 at 10 AM taking place 250 Broadway, 19th Fl., New York City. The Committee will meet to learn how the state’s regulation of smoking and tobacco products works to improve the health of all New Yorkers and any actions needed for continued benefits.

    On the table are the following items:

    1. Smoking on playgrounds during the day when children under 12 present but prevents fineable/jail enforcement

    2. Smoking on train platforms

    3. Smoking near playgrounds

    4. Smoking in cars with someone under 14

    5. Raises age 18 to 19 for tobacco statewide

    6. Sale of e-cigarettes to minors

    7. Definition of e-cigarettes

    8. Prohibition of tobacco sales in pharmacies

    9. Prohibition of tobacco vending machines 350 feet from schools/places of worship

    10.Statewide flavor ban bills with the fines and complaint system in place (Paulin bill)

    11.Manufacturer reports to DoH

    We need every retailer to attend this meeting as well as customers and manufactures We must overwhelm them and show the legislators that enough is enough and we are not going to put up with the endless harassment, persecution, and discrimination. This prohibition by increments stops now. Failure is not an option!

    Please Note items 8, & 9 use the wording “PROHIBITION”.

    Prohibition didn’t stop people from drinking. It only made Boot Legging, & Speak Easy operators Rich.

    Prohibition of tobacco sales, & venues will only increase the smuggling in of out of state Cigarettes & Cigars from other countries & states, & tobacco products.

    I strongly urge you to be present at the September 23, 2010 hearing. Be Visible before, after, & during the hearing. Smoking outside the building is still legal. Exercise your Rights & help protect them.

    Please feel free to re-post this, Send it to your smoking friends, relatives & tobacco retailers.

    To get a copy of the petition please contact, New York State Tobacconist Association.

    Cigar Rights of America.

    CLASH for more info on planed events.

  5. Paul says:

    Hope you enjoy your smoke-free utopia. Just wait until they ban something you like to do next and they will!

  6. Dr. T Sanchez says:

    I am a vegan and am sickened every summer by the smell of burning animal carcasses from outdoor barbecues. I hope that Bloomberg will ban these too. Especially when you consider the environmental and health impacts of meat consumption.

  7. xparte says:

    This crazy tirade makes me happy this person does not and god willing will NOT hold a public office – EVER!

  8. Audrey Silk says:

    I will no longer politely debate the hysteria and hypochondria of the anti-smokers who defend a ban based on claims of harm and that smoke lingers and then drifts in the air and “forcing” you to breathe it in. If humanity was that fragile we would have become extinct at the advent of fire. What with all that close-quartered cave dwelling where fires were lit. It’s your position that is utterly indefensible and selfish. The only reason you grasp onto the garbage spewed by the lead anti-smokers is because it satisfies your bias. Harm from catching the smell of smoke? That if you can smell it you’re breathing it? Anyone with an honest ounce of common sense cannot possibly believe you’re being harmed in any way. The DOSE MAKES THE POISON. Neither does society have to mold itself around YOUR problems — such as asthma. In a civil society it’s your responsibility to manage it, not force others to curtail themselves to fit you. Not to mention the blatant selectiveness. People are allergic to dogs, flowers, grass. Epileptics can suffer seizures from flashing lights. I’m truly curious… Where are the people screaming about their allergies to animals and the need to ban dog walking???? So let’s take evvvvveryone’s personal issues and just ban ’em all until there’s no one allowed to do anything anymore. We can fold our hands in the government (by the selfish people) issued clothes and sit and do NOTHING. You smokER haters have lost any edge you might have had now that bans have moved to the outdoors. You’ve exposed yourselves for what you really are and I’m not having it anymore.

  9. JBiz says:

    Cologne is more offensive than smoking outside! Enough wining! Just wait until they claim your kids are to noisy or your dog is offending people with allergies in the park!

  10. Agat says:

    Hahaha more POLICE STATE Garbage from NYC.. so glad I Left that dump for a FREE STATE years ago.

    New yorkers are SHEEP and because of that, you will get Mosques, sharina law, and more idiocy from this joke of a mayor.

  11. Dave Matthew says:

    I think its time that every smoker made the switch to those new Crown7 electric cigarettes I keep seeing all over the place! Apparently these things allow you to smoke wherever because their is no 2nd hand smoke or odor or even tobacco but yet only water vapor is emitted!!! I love the idea and have purchased mine 2 weeks ago!

    1. Nevermoving2NY says:

      They suck and taste nothing like true tobacco. You’ll see when you get yours in the mail

  12. Audrey Silk says:

    Jeffrey, thank you so much for your vote. Running for office or not, as long as I have people like you standing behind and with me on these things it’s enough. Also, did you hear about our campaign for this year’s election? It’s a write-in campaign of “I Smoke, I Vote.” Since NO office holder stands up for smokers and others in the path of this slippery slope we need to show WHOever’s in office that we are a significant number of people. Smoker or not it’s the message that matters.

  13. Xparte says:

    It’s funny, how lifestyle smokers being just a tiny minority of the population become the noisiest and most obnoxious bunch the moment their habit detects even the slightest threat from the outside world. I’ve got news for you: you ain’t no freedom fighters. All your outcries are nothing more than a cynical ploy to protect your “god given right” to indulge your habit with complete and utter disregard for other people well-being. If you were capable of behaving as decent and considerate human beings, no bans would be necessary in the first place!

    It is not just about annoyance. Second-hand smoke DOES harm and even kill people. Only tobacco companies and their well-paid puppets have the audacity to say otherwise.

  14. Z says:

    I don’t care where smokers smoke their crab as long as I am not forced to breathe their second hand smoke. Ban smoking in all public areas where non-smokers may get exposed to the noxious poisons of so call tobacco. It is disgusting to go the beach to relax and enjoy nature only to have a chain smoker sitting upwind from you that sits there smoke one ciggarrette after another all day long making you breathe their second hand smoke. Smokers have the right to smoke but not when doing so forces non-smokers to breathe their crab.

  15. Ken Lee says:

    It’s a public health issue: a public health hazard. If you can smell smoke, it’s a hazard to your health. Secondhand cigarette smoke doesn’t smell any better in a park than it does elsewhere. Sewers are now covered — no longer is sewage in the streets. But, there’s still cigarette smoke. WHY?

    1. asd says:

      If you can smell it? Are you nuts? Do you drive a car? Can you smell the fumes from buses? You must be crazy.. because smoke can NOT harm you merely from the smell. Grow up.

  16. D. Ronstad says:

    I’m sitting at a stoplight. I smell cigarett smoke. I have all my windows rolled up. The driver in the car next to me is smoking. Keep it in your vehicle. Poison yourself, your kids, your pets — not me. If you can smell secondhand smoke, it’s unpleasant and also hazardous to your health. Smoke at home, but not in the apartment next to mine!

    1. asd says:

      Tough, if you are so neurotic that you can smell it from miles away.. go live in a bubble. I will NOT listen to your garbage about smoking and the more you cry the more I will smoke

  17. Bob says:

    Does the mayor have the power to just “make a law”? like the kings of historical times?

  18. jeffrey encarnacion says:

    Ms. Audrey Silk, I think the right to be left alone is true only if no other person is adversely affected.
    Smokers loose the right to be left alone smoking in public because other people become involved and
    only endanger other people’s lives through the inhalation of the numerous toxic substances released in
    lighted cigarretes. Even in open space, cigarrete smoke does not dissipate quickly enough and they are easily carried by the wind, sometimes to distances of more than ten feet, far enough still to be inhaled by other people. If smokers don’t accept the fact that cigarretes are poison and they want nonsmokers to respect their ideas about smoking, then they should also respect the rights of nonsmokers to breath cigarrete-smoke-free-air and stop smoking in public and smoke only in the privacy of their homes. Living in a democracy comes at a price of losing some individual rights for the sake of the well being of the majority.

    1. Enough Already says:

      What the hell is wrong with you people? Now lets ban smoking outside. Let’s just say I don’t own a car and I walk. Are we going to ban cars because I don’t own one. I have that right to ban cars. Don’t I? Cars, trucks, buses, pollute the environment. Are we going to start fining school buses for idling in front of a school for 30 minutes in the Winter while the bus driver waits to pick up children? Fine people who leave there cars running for a quick run into 7 Eleven?

      What about the smell from a Fireplace or Fire pit? Now I’m a vegetarian and I smell meat cooking on the barbeque. I have the right to ban barbeques and restaurants that cook meat Don’t I. I DON”T LIKE THE SMELL. BAN IT!

      Remove sit down toilets from public restrooms. I shouldn’t have to walk into the Men’s room and smell someone using the toilet facilities while I’m in a restroom for 2 minutes peeing. Ban It. I don’t like the smell and too toxic for me to breathe.

  19. Binky says:

    If you guys didn’t toss your used butts wherever you please this law would have no legs. Most smokers are rude, slobs when it comes to properly disposing of their garbage as most civilized people do.

  20. Binky says:

    If the used butt litter wasn’t so bad I bet this law would have no legs. Most smokers a rude, slobs.

  21. Binky says:

    if smokers didn’t throw their butts all over the place this law would have no legs. The beaches and parks have used, slimy butts wherever one looks. It’s gross. The streets are a mess too.

  22. Binky says:

    If smokers put a little thought as to where and when they smoked around people and more importantly disposed of their used butts responsibly, this law wouldn’t even have been brought up. Sorry guys, throwing used butts wherever you please is not acceptable. The streets and parks are a mess because of you all

    The fact is that most smokers would light up in the public library and put their butts out on the floor if there were no laws to stop them.

    Good riddance!

  23. harleyrider1978 says:

    Non-smokers can smell smoke from miles and miles away, so ban it!” Cynthia Keller-Bee, of the Upper East Side, said.

    Audrey ya beat me to it………….And your right on the money,its never been about health,shs/ets is a non-existent threat to anyone including children and weve got the facts to back that up!

  24. jeff says:

    Soon they’ll lift the ban off Marijuana and Cocaine, but Cigarettes will remain a big no no. Bloomy is insane. The only remedy to this totalitarian govt is “Massive civil disobedience.” Some sane NY’er (if there’s still one left in that city) needs to start a facebook page and gather hundreds (or thousands, the more the merrier) of people to go smoke in every bar, subway, city building, playground and other public place! Different location every day!
    C’mon guys, what are you waiting for? Soon Bloomy will have every overweight person and every smoker in NYC ticketed and/or sent to a Stalin style “re-education camp.” What? You think that’s far-fetched? Who would’ve imagined Bloomy’s new rules and regulations a decade ago? No one would’ve thought it possible. This is a dictatorship! This is not America! This is NOT freedom!

    Fu** Bloomberg!
    Mass civil disobedience today!

  25. msalta says:

    The madcap mayor should be paying more attention to the humongous deficit and the impending demise of the MTA instead of arbitrarily denying the rights of it’s citizens. But, then again that’s what Bloomberg is known for, dancing around the real issues, and tackling those pesky “quality of life issues”. Get a clue Bloomberg!

  26. jo says:

    if there is going to be a ban on smoking outside then the city should make cigarettes illegal- which will never happen because of the financial strain it would create on the city itself-

  27. Adam Landers says:

    I never voted for Bloomberg nor will I ever in the future. However, I support the idea of banning smoking in parks and beaches. I have seen far too many people die from smoking-related diseases, even some who never smoked but lived with people who did. I’ve lost several members of my family as well to this vile habit. I was a heavy smoker myself for years but quite 35 years ago. Whenever I am in a park or at a beach, it seems I always end up near enough a smoker to get the smoke directly in my face. It wafts towards me like a moth to a flame. The hazards of second-hand smoke have been well documented. These morons have the right to commit suicide but they do not have the right to take me along for t he ride.

  28. Jay says:

    Hope Bloomberg gets this through, smokers push their smoke and fumes on EVERYONE around them, we are ALL forced to breathe and smell the stinking things. So over seeing the filthy butts all over the sand at beaches and on sidewalks, in the parks. Filthy and disgusting.

  29. Jan says:

    SMOKERS, PLEASE die from diseases from cigarettes sooner rather than later, so there will be less of you around, stinking up every place you go. Bloomberg, PLEASE pass this law, hate having to walk through cigarette butts in the sand on beaches as the idiot smokers use the sand as ash trays.

  30. Jeffrey Monheit says:

    Audrey I voted for you in 2005, not 1995.

    We need to rid New York City of all these CCTV cameras too. We need to eliminate 1984 and all these restrictive laws our local government is forcing upon us. They are out of touch with the people. We are living now in tyranny, not freedom! This must end!

  31. Jeffrey Monheit says:

    Audrey Silk, I voted for you in 1995 when you ran for Mayor in New York City as a Libertarian. I will vote for you again if you decide to run. We need to get rid of this Bloomberg nanny state, Communist dictator! NYC needs our 2nd Amendment rights restored. America needs its 1st and 4th Amendment rights restored too. Vote Libertarian!

    1. Binky says:

      Right on Libertarian! Cigarette litter all over the place is the best! We shouldn’t have any laws.
      People should be allowed to light up on buses, planes and any public indoor facility.
      And definitely they should throw their used butts wherever when there done.

      There shouldn’t even be a mayor or police force. If there were no rules people wouldn’t break them and we would live in the Garden of Eden (well, with used butts all over the place, but who cares!)

      I want my freedom!!!!

  32. djalex says:

    If the public can “smell”it it means they are breathing it stupid. How can one smell smoke without breathing. tell me. If they are smelling it they are getting the wonderful benefits of this carcinogin that smokers love to die by. Smoking should be banned in anyway that affects another non smoker. If you want to continue to choke in public try inventing a smokless cigarette. chew tabacoo, take pills get the poatch but stop forcing the public to share in your disgsting habit. To make the law balanced they can perhaps include building smoking gazeebos in parks that are sealed shut. then smokers can enjoy each others smoke together without bothering non smokers. your habit is intrusive and THAT is the problem. make cigarettes that are smokless and don’t ever exhale and nobody will complain. they should ban exhaust from diesel trucks as well. its 2010 we can take pictures on mars with robots we can make vehicles with no emissions.

  33. Searlas says:

    All the smokers need to do is relabel their cigarettes “Islamic peace pipes,” and then His Honor will no doubt declare the ban a gross misunderstanding of his intentions.

    1. asdkjasd says:

      So true!

  34. Sami David says:

    Smoking is not to be banned. Sale of tobacco should be banned and anyone who ever paid for a pack should have the right to free health coverage for life from the tobacco companies. If any person was found to be fraudulent in their action they would meet such a fate. Why spare the tobacco companies from such a fate.

  35. Flyhigher says:

    I think that Bloomberg deserves a medal for his anit-smoking crusade…
    Smoking kills millions Americans every year, and the sad fact about this figure is the non-smokers that die because of second hand smoke… There is no safe place to “light up” when it comes to smoking, and it should be banned Nation wide…

  36. jake says:

    It’s not always about protecting the health of non smokers. Have you been to a beach lately? If my son digs up one more cigarette butt… I swear. It’s disgusting. I have friends who smoke and am pretty tolerant to others’ habits, but I have a problem when the beaches and streets are littered with cigarettes. Let’s start enforcing these $1000 fines for littering and we won’t need a ban.

    How about this: When I can drink my beer on the beach in peace, then you can smoke to your hearts content. This society is everything but free, so let’s stop claiming we live in a free society; in comparison to Saudi Arabia, maybe, but we’ve got a long, long way to go before we reach free.

  37. peter marton says:

    Only a dumb ass smokes himself into an early grave.

    If you smoke you should pay extra for your health care instead of freeloading on others peoples health care costs.

  38. stephanie says:

    Maybe she didn’t word it as you would have liked, but I believe what the woman meant is that she can smell the smoke outside, which means she is being exposed to it.and harmed by it. I think many non-smokers, including myself who has asthma and allergies, that they are being made sick even with smoke outside. I personally have to try to dodge smokers as I am walking outside just to keep breathing free and my lungs in order. So, I agree with Mayor Bloomberg, and I hope he goes further…keep smoking off the public streets as well. If you want to smoke, do it at home.

  39. FED UP says:

    No, the VAST MAJORITY of people in this city have had enough with “in your face” smokers who don’t give a damn about anyone or anything every time they feel the need to feed their habit. If most smokers were decent and considerate people and didn’t force their filthy habit on the rest of us, no ban wouid be neccessary in the first place.

    Just because you chose to inhale poison doesn’t mean you have the right to make me and my kids smoking with you. And no, it’s not just the smell. Every serious research here and abroad confirms the dangers of second-hand smoking. The only ones who deny the obvious are the junkies and tobacco puppets.

  40. Sammak says:

    I would agree with the mayor if it would just be a warning sign at the beaches, parks, about the ills of smoking…… Another thought – how about making it mandatory that they should discard their butts in their own kitchens, living rooms……?

  41. Jay says:

    Go Bloomberg! Smokers need to have the words, STUPID IDIOT across their foreheads! When they can stop their smoke and fumes from spreading and stop forcing others to breathe the poisonous fumes, then they can continue smoking. I DO NOT want to smell it or be FORCED to breathe it ANYWHERE. Smokers are too dumb to realize these non-smoking laws are trying to save their lives. Idiots,

  42. MRD says:

    Are we to have a city like in Demolition Man….where people just think happy happy thoughts?

  43. vYTO says:

    A step toward reducing cancer & other pollutants. YESSS!!!!

  44. mr8 says:

    I will agree with you and not smoke in parks and beaches after you outlaw trucks in the streets spewing noxious diesel fuel gases. You have gotten your way far enough already. Take your health initiatives and stuff them where the sun don’t shine. The people of this city have had enough of you already.

    1. Joseph says:

      I would work better better if instead of the health people stuffing anything where the sun don’t shine that you do the same with the lit end of your cigarette. Use your cigs to harm yourself to your heart’s content but leave us out of it and that include your vile, second-hand smoke. Cretin.

    2. Binky says:

      you’re an idiot MR8. It’s not just health reason you fool. You guys make a mess wherever you smoke.

      1. asd says:

        DEAL WITH IT AND SHUT UP. your whining and crying makes me happy lol, I think I will go smoke in a bathroom in a random NYC restaurant JUST to tick you off.

  45. Nick says:

    BAN SMOKING, it’s sick, it’s disgusting, it stinks like sh….. and I have to breathe that in because some selfish d-bag 20 ft away is lighting up?

    1. Donger says:

      You are crazy, and its paranoids like you that are ruining this country.

  46. XYZ says:

    Tobacco is in the same food group as potato, tomato, cauliflower, green pepper, chili’s, egg-plant and other foods. They ALL contain nicotine. You can buy it at any grocery, eat it in restaurants and school cafeterias.

    State smoking bans, built in the public view on a like or dislike, are brought to us by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with grants to the American Cancer Society (the middle man that profits). Grants are also given for research to FIT their agenda, that being nice for money hungry research centers and people who have found their way to ‘free’ money in exchange for ‘a service for the agenda’. The foundation was a start up by a past owner of Johnson and Johnson. J&J currently owns at 250 OTHER pharmaceutical companies while the foundation OWNS multi truckloads of J&J stock. Guess who makes the no-smoke products.

    Never mind that independent (non-agenda) research shows that smokers have less Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other health issues. Never mind that smokers actually are not sickly as widely promoted and that smokers numbers are low at 3% for lung cancer. Never mind that tobacco is in research as a cure for cancer and looking very hopeful. Never mind that they could make a fortune owning nicotine for a variety of health issues it helps and currently are with their sales of nicotine (no-smoke products). A giant corporation has an agenda and we are the victims of the scam.

    NO business was ever forced to allow smoking. It was ALWAYS the business owner choice and the choice of the customer to enter or not. Now there is no choice and many businesses have and are closing due to the smoking bans. The no-smoke groups say ‘level playing field’ – so should we force Italian cuisine in Chinese Restaurants for a ‘level playing field’ or sell pizza in a shoe store? Ask yourself this: If businesses were losing money allowing smoking, do you think they would have allowed it? It is not a coincidence that when the bans swept the USA, jobs were lost. You can’t blame all economic woes on the mortgage mess but you CAN blame smoking bans for people not able to pay their mortgage!

    Oh, and if you have wondered who might make weight loss products and OWN bariatric surgery centers (Ethicon Endo), you might want to take a look at J&J who is behind the obese issue.

    Follow the money and learn a lot, including who is behind the national health insurance where at 660,000 organizations and foundations can have access (their eyes and noses) INTO your medical records without your permission or financial compensation!

    Further, the RWJF also pays “fellows” (8 per year) to place with members of Congress, Congressional Committees (even Michelle Obama) and they write POLICIES. The RWJF pays them up to $165,000 a year and give them to Congress to use for FREE (nothing like internal spies and mouth pieces). Isn’t that ILLEGAL? They write POLICIES! Is this the United States Government, or is it J&J’s government? I’m beginning to wonder.

    Beware if they ever get into the razor blade and wig businesses!

  47. jack fisher says:

    yeah!!!! screw the smokers!!! ban it everywhere

    1. swi says:

      Carry the ban to all public places where people are conjested, especially concerts outdoors. I was burned on the arm a week ago by a careless smoker.
      I go home barely able to stand the steanch on me from secondhand smoke.
      At the minimum, require smoke free areas for non smokers!

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