Some Foods You Think Are Helping Your Cause Really Aren't

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It happens all the time. You eat a big meal and a short time later you feel hungry again.

So what gives? According to new information you’re probably eating all the wrong foods.

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Now, how you can eat more and still lose weight? By choosing foods that make you feel fuller, longer.

A short stack of pancakes has about 600 calories. That’s around a third of your daily recommended allowance in just one meal.

Another plate of pancakes topped with any number of fruits and sauces looks even more decadent, but believe it or not it has a fraction of the calories and will keep you feeling much more satisfied.

“Research is showing that the body is responsive to a ‘weight’ of food in its stomach, not just a ‘volume’ of food,” nutritionist Nicolette Pace told CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

It’s the latest trend in weight-loss — bulking up on certain foods that have a higher satisfying effect. It’s called “volumetrics” and experts say the key is to eat more foods with a low energy density, meaning relatively few calories per ounce, and you’ll leave the table feeling fuller without breaking the calorie bank.

“The old dieting philosophy is based on will power, portion size but we’ve established over the years that this is only part of the picture,” Pace said.

Today, nutritionists recommend you add more foods proven to make you feel full to your daily meals. Foods like fruit, vegetables and the dishes that contain them like stews, pasta dishes, certain soups and low-calorie smoothies.

“Foods that are higher in water and fiber content,” Pace said.

So for example, if you’re making a sandwich use less deli meat and add more items like lettuce, tomato, and onion. For dinner, have a cup of soup or a salad with low-calorie dressing as a starter. And when it comes to bread and pasta eat whole grains because the fiber makes them more filling.

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Pop quiz: which food will make you feel more full — a piece of chicken or steak?

Steak is the wrong answer. Studies show chicken will actually fill you up more and keep you feeling that way longer.

How about raisins or grapes?

Grapes contain more water and fiber.

What about watermelon versus pizza?

Watermelon is the correct answer because of all the water. Several studies, including one at Penn State University, support this theory.

Researchers also found fatty meals can actually leave you feeling less satisfied and fuel cravings to snack sooner.

“And that appears to be really important with weight management,” Barbara Rolls said.

But by making a few substitutions — like with the pancake breakfast — if you use whole wheat flour instead of white flour, lose the butter and syrup, and add fruit toppings instead you can still enjoy your favorite breakfast guilt free

The sensation of fullness occurs when your stomach sends a signal to the brain.

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For more low-calorie foods that will help send this signal faster and make it last longer, please click here.