NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Commuters who ride the subways are likely to suffer sticker shock when they hear the latest proposed fare hikes for MetroCards.

According to the Daily News, the MTA is considering hiking the cost of the monthly MetroCard from its current $89 to a whopping $130.

That’s a lot steeper than the preliminary hike to $104 for the monthly card the agency proposed last month.

The weekly MetroCard could also soar to $38 from $27 and the base fare could go up a quarter to $2.50.

The paper said the MTA unveiled the higher figure to give it wiggle room ahead of upcoming public hearings on the matter.

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  1. MTA Sucks says:

    Those suits in Albany refuse to take pay cuts. If they were to cut anymore staff or service then people might as well walk to their destinations. None of them actually commute using Mass Transit because they don’t actually live in the city. This is ridiculous and honestly I don’t see why I can’t just purchase a car with the amount of money I dish out to the MTA.

  2. christoff says:

    the mta is a joke, this has been a raise a year for the past 9 years, what happened to the review that was generated when they doubled the fair form one dollar to two, and then again to 2.25 not to mention the cost of unlimited cards going up.

    The mta needs to cut its staff rather than cutting service and raising prices if it needs to save or make more money

  3. Karmina Chin says:

    This really sucks! Where is our gov/mayor in all of this. Why does the MTA continue to get away with this year in and out! I’m leaving NY…That’s it, I’ve had it with this place!!!!!!

  4. kayinem says:

    who audits their books? mr magoo?

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