Wounded Ahmed Sharif Tells Of Alleged Knife-Wielding Attack

Updated 08/26/10 8:53 a.m.
NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg has invited a taxi driver, who was allegedly attacked by a baby-faced college student this week, to meet at City Hall on Thursday.

Ahmed Sharif picked up the clean-cut 21-year-old on Tuesday night — and it nearly cost him his life. Police said Michael Enright flew into a rage after asking his driver if he was a Muslim.

CBS 2’s Lou Young reports that’s when a vicious slashing attack started.

Sharif, 43, displayed his wounds with sorrow on Wednesday night: a deep gash on his forearm, a defensive wound on his hand, and slashes to his neck and upper lip — the handiwork, police said, of a passenger who savaged the immigrant cabbie in what appears to have been an explosion of anti-Muslim violence in the close confines of his New York City taxi.

Michael Enright

Michael Enright, right. (Photo/Facebook)

“I’m driving. He asked me where I’m from. I said Bangladesh. Second question he ask me, are you Muslim? I said yes. Then he tells me ‘assalamu alaikum,’” Sharif said.

The attack happened around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday in a busy commercial area on 40th Street and Third Avenue. The passenger, police said, was 21-year-old Michael Enright, an honor student from Putnam County who has spent time overseas in Afghanistan working as a reporter.  Sharif said the young man began ridiculing the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and then started a bizarre, belligerent rant.

“This is checkpoint [expletive]. I have to put you down. You have to bring Abdullah to this checkpoint, I have to bring him down, too,” Sharif said.

He said Enright lunged through the cab partition with a knife, and the men struggled as the cab rolled for a block and a half.

“The knife came here and when he knife like this by his right hand then I back up like this, then it come here,” Sharif said, showing the wound on his arm.

Enright was arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder as a hate crime. His father had nothing to say as he rushed to his son’s arraignment on Wednesday afternoon.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane in Enright’s home town of Brewster

“This attack runs counter to everything that New Yorkers believe no matter what god we pray to,” Mayor Bloomberg said in a statement.

News of the attack has swept through the Muslim community like a shockwave. People were gathered outside Sharif’s Queens home on Wednesday night denouncing the incident as un-American.

“America is about freedom of religion and freedom of speech. You cannot hate, just hate me because I am Muslim. I didn’t do anything to you. What did I do?” a man named “Abdullah” said.

Inside, the victim, despite his injuries, continued to espouse his belief in the American dream.

“I work hard. I try to support my family and I believe in this country if you work hard and you’re honest, you’re good, you can have anything you want,” Sharif said.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports

Police said an intoxicated Enright slashed Sharif with a Leatherman knife. As the scuffle ensued, Sharif was able to keep Enright locked in the cab until he found a police officer to arrest him.

Sharif was quoted in a news release from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance as saying the attack left him shaken.
“I feel very sad,” he said, adding “all drivers should be more careful.”

Al Jones of 1010 WINS reports that Enright was arraigned Wednesday afternoon and was ordered to be held without bail.  He did not enter a plea during the brief court appearance. A grand jury will hear the case on Monday.

Defense attorney Jason Martin told the judge his client was an honors student at the School of Visual Arts, had volunteered in Afghanistan and lives with his parents.
To deny bail, given his background, “I don’t think is warranted,” Martin argued.

Enright also asked to be placed in protective custody due to the ground zero mosque debate, and his attorney said the native of Brewster, N.Y. is shocked by the charges against him.

“Right now he’s terrified. He shocked at the allegations. Right now we’re going to try to gather as much information as possible and to figure out where to go from here,” Martin said.

Javaid Tariq of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance said he has little doubt what the incident was.

“It is a hate crime. It’s is not any robbery or fare dispute or anything else. Talking to him, asking him if he’s a Muslim? Telling him it’s a checkpoint and stabbing him. Of course it’s a hate crime,” Tariq said.

Neighbors in Brewster were stunned to hear Enright was in trouble over an alleged hate crime.

“I find that hard to believe,” one woman said. “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

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  1. takecareofyourself says:

    Speaking of hate…I hate the whole idea of ‘hate crimes’. We should all be allowed to think whatever we want about whomever we want. The act of violence itself is the crime…in and of itself. If he had sliced this guy up to rob him, or to enact revenge on him, or because he was mad at him, or because he hates muslims….what difference does it make? Slicing a guy up should carry a heavy sentence, period. The act of doing that for any reason outside of self defense should be a harsh penalty regardless of motivation. Other than that, the guy is allowed to dislike Muslims….express it even….sorry, but that is the principle our country is built on…freedom of thought and expression. ‘Hate crimes’? It’s liberalism gone amuck…you generally don’t love people you are hurting and killing…so dumb. If someone kills my mom, they get say 30 years…but if they kill her for being white, they get an extra 20 years….and that’s supposed to make me happy!? How about we kill or jail for life anyone that takes another life outside of self defense? Period. Across the board. Then we can forget about upcharges for political, religious or racial opinions?

  2. MochaLite says:

    The attacker worked for the Cordoba Project. Looks like this is M-on-M violence, not the tea party racism you libs would like it to be!

  3. Eric says:

    Look at that Muslim jihadi beard. He got less than what he deserved.

  4. Eric says:

    So this Muslim was able to get out of the cab and get a cop. Doesn’t sound like he was hurt bad at all. I think this story is BS Islamic sympathizer dhimmi BS.

  5. jp says:

    Also alot of time if they take Lex going uptown instead of park or 3rd i want to stab someone too……

  6. JP says:

    Great, i have to take about 5 cabs in the next day with these unregulated maniacs !!

  7. nana says:

    where is nanas comment

  8. Eric says:

    In Pakistan, Muslims persecute and murder Christians.

    1. Cari says:

      Bull Eric…I have seen with my own eyes.
      In India and Pakistan the non -Muslims attack and kill Muslim men women and children for fun.

  9. nana says:

    he’s a muslim and you all try to hide it, his name says it all and so did reverend wright,the mosque has nothing to do with religion but respect, regard for family members you can pray anywhere but not a mosque at ground zero.no one should attack anyone that is not acceptable it is a hate crime just like the one committed at 9-11

  10. Eric says:

    In Indonesia, Muslims attack churches of the minority Christians and murder non-Muslims based on charges of “Koran desecration”.

  11. Youre Stupid says:

    You people are all stupid just like the media.

  12. BIG MONEY says:


    1. i says:

      The CAPS LOCK key. It’s on the left. Keep looking. I’m sure you can find it.

      Oh, and spellcheck is a wonderful thing. You really might try it some time. Mindcheck would be even more wonderful, and would have prevented your post entirely.

    2. joe says:

      here learn to spell !

    3. Don Estaban says:

      BIG MONEY, look at the Supreme Court building again, but first put a tarp down before your brain explodes, because MOHAMMED is also carved up there!

  13. Pete says:

    Look at this really look at what happened to this innocent man.
    Peace – or we’ll all going to look like this no matter what religion we are.
    I hope this dangerous stupid ignorant man does some serious time. We should be praying for peace. Every single one of us in every single religion.

  14. big money says:

    i would rather go back to 1957 never had you people idiots around because mostly all of you are under 50. democrats are the evil people hear.

    1. i says:

      Did you ever actually learn to speak English? Your reply is incoherent gibberish.

  15. brian mammon says:

    In Egypt they dont ask if you re christian; they shoot at churchs; the difference is the government dont go after the killers

    1. Eric says:

      That’s right.

    2. Michael Akkawi says:

      In Iran they execute gays. Should we execute gays in the USA?
      In Egypt, you can not criticize the president, should this happen here too?
      Why do we always compare ourselves with worse examples?

  16. brian mammon says:

    In Egypt they dont ask if you re christian; they shoot at churchs

    1. Max says:

      Exactly and the satanic marxists in the west do or say nothing about it because the Muslims serve their same agenda but for different reasons.

  17. JohnnyBravo says:

    It’s really nice to see some people here defending the man with the knife. Are you f’n kidding me? This is a sick hate crime and I hope that coward gets the maximum. And we have the GOP, Fox News (oops, that’s the same thing) and the teabaggers to thank for whipping up this frenzy. They all chose to use pretty lies and slogans instead of THE TRUTH.

    1. Mick says:

      What sort of idiot are you? You’ve already convicted a man without hearing anything but one side of the story. For my part, I think a 21-year old college honor student probably didn’t just start slashing away at this guy with a knife. I also doubt that, since he chose to go to Afghanistan as a journalism student, that he has some hatred of Muslims. Quite probably the cabbie is either misrepresenting the situation for sympathy, or possibly even concocted the whole thing entirely (Tawana Brawley, anyone?)

    2. logic says:

      Well, using the victory mosque imam’s logic, before we try the guy for felony assault, Islamists should recognize they have a lot more blood on their hands than the guy with the knife.

    3. FoolishLibs says:

      Hate Crime is an invention of Liberal Dolts like you…A crime is a Crime and until you treat everyone the same YOU are the PROBLEM!

  18. Eric says:

    I think Mr. Enright did what he had to do.

  19. Grace12_34 says:

    This type of thing has got to stop!

  20. Nayef says:

    Hi all,
    I don’t know if any one of you is muslim or knows anything about Islam.. it is not like you have to.
    starting from Sept. 11 to Iraq war is all a game of power.
    power that is based on planting fear in yourselves so that now one would ask the important Q (Where is all the money is going?)
    Plain and simple

  21. Georgia "Conservative" says:

    So, when did conservativism become synonymous with hate-mongering in this country? Most of us so-called conservatives are really more “middle-of-the-road,” which I suspect the majority of so-called liberals really are, too. We want to make a decent living, hold onto what we earn (not have it seized by the government as ever-rising taxes), and just live our lives in peace. There are “renegades” in every faction or walk of live who besmirch the good people who make up the majority. What’s happening here?

  22. Andy says:

    If you’re on the left, use a story to bash the right. If you’re on the right, bash the left. Grow up, don’t you people have something better to do with your time?

    It’s ridiculous. If you want to ring politics into it, the 21 yr old kid is a self-proclaimed liberal, you can fact check that.

    How about we just say, he’s a dumb 21 yr old that doesn’t know right from wrong regardless of political affiliation? Some of you people are hypocrites with your hate filled writing about how the other side is hate filled. Look at yourself, you’re the pot calling the kettle black based on your own words.

  23. frasier6670 says:

    yea, it’s the Tea Party and Republicans fault that some drunk guy went out and stabbed a Muslim. Let he has no sin cast the first stone. Democrats are just as racist.

  24. manny says:

    Enough with the Fox News already. Yes Fox News sucks. But so does MSNBC which I’m sure you idiots cling to. Just report the news and stop the slanted nonsense.

  25. really???? says:

    here is an idea letys blame the guy with the knife. he did it and chose to do it, it is not anyones fault but his own and your all just as bad as those you blame if you think it is the politics that have made this happen………………

  26. Sick Of A-Holes says:

    Who really cares? Violent crime happens in every city in America everyday. Shootings, stabbings, robberies, rapes. People get so bent over insignificant crap. Get a life all of you, and stop thinking you and your ideas are better than everyone elses

  27. bob says:

    Right, Obama’s a Christian because he sat in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years listening to black power marxist rhetoric. However, because Obama’s father was a muslim, technically his son is as well. Ask any muslim–they’ll tell you the same thing.

    1. SJT says:

      I’m Muslim and I’ll tell you something….Islam does not run through the family. You are mistaking that with Judaism which runs through the mother. If your mother is Jewish so are you. This is not the case in Islam. Obama is not a Muslim because his father was. He is a Christian because that is what be believes and professes.

      1. Had Ut Wiuth The Idiots says:

        No, he is not a Christian. What he is is anybody’s guess…but a Christian? No. Sorry buddy, but he is one of you.

        As for the far left brain dead robots. Go back to your drugs and acids and leave the rest of us alone.

      2. FoolishLibs says:

        So Obama or anyone for that matter could be a Christian in Saudi Arbia and be save? LOL….LOL

    2. Huck Pituey says:

      Since the house of worship the Obamas attend preaches hatred of the USA, people just ASSUME that it’s Muslim.

  28. bob says:

    Oh, shut up. I’ll bet you couldn’t muster up any righteous indignation when you read about the “get whitey” night out in Iowa the other day. You probably didn’t even read about it because it doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s idea of a real story. I feel bad for the cabbie, but the fact that the drunk used the word “muslim” is irrelevant.

    1. blackie says:

      Um, no , it is relevant. Keep your head down, whitey.

      1. scheit says:

        Don’t forget the blackies in Harlem that chased whitey into the street (he was killed by a car) while saying “Get Whitey.” No “hate crime” there. What a load of scheit.

  29. piccman says:

    There is so much hatred amongst americans now a days that a divorce is not too far of sight. There should be two americas, Republican hipocrites americans and democrats brutally honest americans.

  30. NYCBoy says:


    1. Biscuit says:

      felony dude was a liberal plant.

    2. JapesMcFarland says:

      Actually it is your fault. You have stressed the division that doesn’t really exist between race, gender, class etc. when really we are all Americans, all one, and this nutcase kid spent time in Afghanistan as a reporter you moron. He probably saw the Taliban throw acid into little girl’s faces for going to school or something similar. YOU will use this to further your Statist agenda which will hurt people more and more. You’ve destroyed millions of lives and you do not care. MLK’s dream is now on the right. A person should be judged by their character alone and not their color. You are the racists. You are happy that this poor man was stabbed and that makes me sick.

    3. 1776Federalist says:

      This fear can not be blamed on the Tea Party, Sarah, Newt, Rush, Glenn or any other conservative. They all support equality and tolerance. The attacker was a rabid liberal who supported the Ground Zero mosque. Get it right you hateful liberal.

  31. David says:

    Fox Noise and Tea Party idiots should be held accountable for whipping up this hateful froth.

    1. Blame game says:

      Who whipped up the gang of black teens who went on a “Beat Whitey Night” at the Iowa state fair last weekend? Must be Fox news, cause people aren’t evil – just cable news networks. And if this happened at 6:15pm, why wasn’t Enright watching O’Reiley (sp?)

    2. FoolishLibs says:

      Right, and the Liberal left and people like you who were calling everyone NAZIS for the 8 years of Bush don’t share any blame? Moron!

  32. Lanzamario says:

    You poor Americans you are com ing closer and closer to a Civil War

    1. Thom says:

      Lanzamario, I don’t think the USA is anywhere near a civil war. While racial tension and their resulting hate crimes are becoming a more frequent part of North American culture, their is not an overwhelming socioeconomic issue which is, probably, the only way a civil war would happen in a industrialized 1st world nation.

      1. anon says:

        Actually, I think he is pretty close to the truth.

        Liberals vs conservatives

      2. Cari says:

        Hey don’t be lumping us polite Canadians in your anti-hate cesspool.

  33. EEE says:

    Good job America. Good job conservative hate mongers.

  34. LaurAyn says:

    http://is.gd/eDn2i Alleged anti-Muslim attacker works at pro-Park51 group. Nice propaganda piece CBS, but it’s the loony left that did this.

    1. Sieg Heil says:

      It is the loony left that did it! Yeah! they’ve been preaching intolerance and hate for Muslims for weeks now! Yeah! They have, not human stains like yourself.

  35. skaizun says:

    We can’t stop terrorism abroad or at home.
    But, we can start by executing bigots like Enright.

    1. LaurAyn says:

      http://is.gd/eDn2i Alleged anti-Muslim attacker works at pro-Park51 group.

    2. Eric says:

      Nope. The Muslims who have murdered our countrymen have to be dealt with.

      1. theMartian says:

        you mean the terrorists that killed Americans. We don’t go say that the Christians killed our countrymen have to be dealt with (i.e. Nazis).

  36. Matt says:

    This is exactly the kind of thing the hate mongers democrats and liberals have spawned.

  37. fritz von says:

    If the stabber had not asked the driver if he were an islamist, it would be a love crime?

  38. Deke says:

    I bet anyone that this soon to be prison butt buddy listens to Fox news. I bet he hasn’t had a single thought that was his own in years.

    1. All Things Considered says:

      Deke, this attacker just returned from the Middle East. Do you think perhaps he had his own experiences that motivated him or do you prefer to assume that he was watching too much Fox News? I don’t suppose we should consider any of the atrocities suffered by humanity at the hands of humans in the name of many sect, religions, etc. Let’s just blame the talking heads. What original thoughts are you capable of?

    2. naz says:

      as this man has done what he thought was right ————some muslim did all evil of bombing and killing————–2 wrongs DO NOT make it right——–and dont blame and treat ALL muslims bad and make their life miserable,no one is mentioning the stabbers religion WHY????????????

    3. cet says:

      Do you call your words “thoughts”??? Moran

  39. nathan says:

    there are a few commenters here who would clearly do the same and do it sober at first opportunity

    1. Pasha says:

      Dont know about that, BUT considering that cabbiies are often easy prey late at night, they should have concealed carry permits. Once a few cabbies defended themselves, attacks on them would stop almost completely.

  40. flooby says:

    FACT: Librals shank and conservatives shoot to kill

  41. Mel says:

    Shut the helll up, your a jack ass. everybody is so quick to blame the President. Try blaming yourself!

  42. Dale says:

    Islam is not a religion, it is an agenda. Islam means submission and Sharia is a form of government which clearly violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment. The agenda to establish Sharia makes Islam illegal, according the U.S. Constitution. The fact that the Hussein Obama is flying this imam around at taxpayer expense is a clear violation of the Establishment clause. It is an act of treason and the Hussein Obama should be arrested for his crimes.

    Right From The Qur’an:

    “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191
    “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Qur’an 9:123
    “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Qur’an 9:5
    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Qur’an 3:85
    “The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.” Qur’an 9:30
    “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Qur’an 5:33
    “The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque.” Qur’an 9:28
    “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Qur’an 22:19
    “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.” Qur’an 47:4
    “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.” Qur’an 8:65
    “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Qur’an 3:28
    “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Qur’an 8:12
    “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Qur’an 8:60

    1. Bee says:


      You are a A__hole, with your non-relevant hate terrorist rhetoric. In addition,you are the very fiber that continues to infect our readers with ignorant and hateful dialogue..This President is a Christen..

      1. Michael says:

        The problem with the right, is that they are the ones interjecting religion into politics.
        I keep on hearing the phrase, “this country was built on christian principles.” Simply not true. Our founding father’s–(-a phrase often used by conservatives), we’re against religion being injected into government. More so than that, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and a few others were deists.
        Is Obama a christian? My answer is who cares. Now it is a fact that you can’t win a national election unless you are a christian. That seems to be a flaw of the American people. Maybe one day we’ll grow up and elect officials on their capability to govern, and not on their personal spiritual beliefs. So, I would suggest that all Americans condemn Fox News for trying to bring our thinking back to the stone age.

      2. bbub says:

        Sounds to me like the truth hurt. Why does the Quran bother you?

      3. joy says:

        No relevance huh, how about you educate yourself

      4. FoolishLibs says:

        Bee, What you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH? You are a SHEEP…BAAAAAA.. Boy are you ignorant..

      5. Nicole says:

        @ Micheal, Go back and read some of the founders original works. If those men were deists, they must have been the worst deists in history, what with the direct quotes and references to biblical scripture that peppered their writings.

      6. Anon says:


        Wrong about the Prez…. If celebrates that Rama whatever at
        the White House and skips the national day of prayer.

        I say that’s not very Christian, but more Islamic

    2. Anti-Dale says:

      In that case, arrest Bush and try him for treason as his admin started sending this imam overseas.

    3. Sam says:

      I challenge you on your Quran Quotes….I checked all of them and except 3 of them which are not what you are implying all are your Fabrications. I did not know that you are ALLAH and trying to write Quran 2……..You are Simply a HATER, BIGOT and might be an Agent in disguise…………

    4. Sam says:

      challenge you on your Quran Quotes….I checked all of them and except 3 of them which are not what you are implying all are your Fabrications. I did not know that you are ALLAH and trying to write Quran 2……..You are Simply a HATER, BIGOT and might be an Agent in disguise…………

      1. H-Town says:

        As a Muslim it is your duty to mislead, decieve and lie. Your response is in step with your agenda.

    5. Riz says:

      Please don’t misquote the Koran OR the Bible, we’ve seen this “list” of mistranslations many times.

      Anyone with an internet connection or 2 dollars in their pocket can see that this is firstly a mistranslation, and secondly is taking verses out of context.

      For instance Fight the infidels… continues in the NEXT verse -which you leave out- “till they desist fighting you and stop persecuting you and driving you out of your homes.”

      1. Bueller says:

        Right, it’s all about context.

    6. john says:

      u r just spreading the misunderstanding about islam,is it fair to take only certain part of quran without consider the context or the story behind it?

    7. aminr says:


      You not only took verses out of context, but also “paraphrased” (rather distorted) them in such a way to justify YOUR agenda. Here are a few examples of what you say and what the quran says:

      *“Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191

      190. And fight in the Way of Allah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allah likes not the transgressors. [This Verse is the first one that was revealed in connection with Jihad, but it was supplemented by another (V.9:36)].

      191. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing. And fight not with them at Al-Masjid-al-Haram (the sanctuary at Makkah), unless they (first) fight you there. But if they attack you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.

      192. But if they cease, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

      *“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Qur’an 9:5

      4. Except those of the Mushrikun with whom you have a treaty, and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor have supported anyone against you. So fulfill their treaty to them to the end of their term. Surely Allah loves Al- Mattaqun (the pious – see V.2:2).

      5. Then when the Sacred Months (the Ist, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikun (see V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

      6. And if anyone of the Mushrikun (polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) seeks your protection then grant him protection, so that he may hear the Word of Allah (the Qur’an), and then escort him to where he can be secure, that is because they are men who know not.

      7. How can there be a covenant with Allah and with His Messenger for the Mushrikun (polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) except those with whom you made a covenant near Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makkah)? So long, as they are true to you, stand you true to them. Verily, Allah loves Al-Muttaqun (the pious – see V.2:2).

      *“Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Qur’an 3:85

      84. Say (O Muhammad ): “We believe in Allah and in what has been sent down to us, and what was sent down to Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Ishaque (Isaac), Ya’qub (Jacob) and Al-Asbat [the twelve sons of Ya’qub (Jacob)] and what was given to Musa (Moses), ‘Iesa (Jesus) and the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between one another among them and to Him (Allah) we have submitted (in Islam).”

      85. And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.

      *“Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Qur’an 22:19

      19. These two opponents (believers and disbelievers) dispute with each other about their Lord; then as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them, boiling water will be poured down over their heads. [talking about punishment of hell, not instructing punishment on earth]

      *“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Qur’an 8:60

      60. And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery, etc.) to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not know but whom Allah does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly.

      61. But if they incline to peace, you also incline to it, and (put your) trust in Allah. Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.

      As for the rest, people will have to read more of the chapters than I can post here and read the background under which the verses were revealed, in order to understand them. But I just wanted to illustrate your deceitfulness.

      1. FoolishLibs says:

        Let me ask you this? If the United States and the West in general support Israel does that not make us an enemny of Islam? According to the quote you pulled from the Quran I would think so. “nor have supported anyone against you”

        4. Except those of the Mushrikun with whom you have a treaty, and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor have supported anyone against you. So fulfill their treaty to them to the end of their term. Surely Allah loves Al- Mattaqun (the pious – see V.2:2).

    8. Ajmal Khan says:

      You just made all these fake verses up. I have read the Quran There’s no such thing like that. You are just an Islamophobe and a hate mongerer. Prove to me I will leave Islam. Ajmal

    9. Cari says:

      My copy of the Qur’an must be defective as I don’t have those parts in mine.

    10. Had It With The Idiots says:

      Not only that…the Muslim-In-Chief is spending our tax dollars to repair and/or build Mosques around the world. If anyone had any doubt that he is a Muslim, this should put it to rest immediately. I don’t see him spending our money to repair churches and synagogues that the Muslims have destroyed around the world do you?

      1. Anon says:

        I agree….. and Obama Bin Laden refused to participate in
        the national day of prayer….very christian like huh??

  43. Frank says:

    Holocaust part 2, Great job fox news, your propoganda is yielding results.

    1. steve says:

      Fox doesn’t cloud the issue. Like all your state run obama media does.

      1. Deke says:

        No Fox just lies and makes up the issue. Fox realizes that a lot of Americans are too stupid and lazy to find the facts for themselves. They spoon fed you lies and half-truths and you fear loving scared little sheeple eat it up like the good trained farm animals you are. But you can’t help it. You’ve been programmed to think that way.

        1. Nancy says:

          You think you are so smart Deke? Well, Fox news is the ONLY outlet giving Americans the truth. That’s why FNC has the HIGHEST ratings in t.v. So YOU can go check your facts.

          Also, we do check out what we hear on FNC, that’s how WE know what is really going on.

          1. Dank says:

            Funny “That’s why FNC has the HIGHEST ratings in t.v.” Hitler was EXTREMELY popular with the folks in Germany, does that make him right too?

            1. Vince says:

              And Obama was EXTREMELY popular with the American people before he got elected. Does that make HIM right too?

        2. Osamas Pajamas says:

          The Democrats have this “enemies list” — denominated in epithets aimed at the people whose wallets they wish to hijack and take up residence inside. You can be a “Racist!” and you can be a “Homophobe!” and you can be a “Teabagger!” — a homosexual man taking his partner’s scrotum into his mouth. You can be “Selfish!” and you can be a “Hick!” and you can be a “Rube!” You can be a “Right-wing-nut!” and you can be “Unenlightened!” and you can be a “Fascist!” — although no one more closely approaches the precise description of “Fascist!” than the usual Demo propagandist — either official, or self-appointed.

          So all you have to do to occupy multiple epithets on the Demos” enemies list is to insist that they take their hands off yourself, off your wallet, off your property, off your kids, off your diet, off your healthcare, off your household appliances, off your car, off your bank account, off your weapons of self-defense, off your liberty, and off your freedom of speech. Insist on all these good things – and that qualifies you to be spat upon by nasty, mean-spirited scum — by The Friends of All Mankind — by a gang of lying, thieving, sticky-fingered, bloodsxcking, predatory humanitarian thugs — by the Democrat party, in other words. No political party in the history of America more profoundly deserves absolute and outright destruction.

      2. i says:

        Fox doesn’t cloud the issue – with facts, or critical analysis.

        Fixed that for you.

        1. Nancy says:

          You people who attack Fox news clearly don’t watch it. Well good! Keep yourselves in the dark as far as we are concerned. Just follow your dear leader right off that cliff.

        2. Real American says:

          Fox doesn’t cloud the issue – just facts and critical analysis.

          Fixed that for you.

    2. Eric says:

      With your same inane leftist logic we have to blame the the NAACP, the democratic party and CBS for the shootings that left 13 dead and dozens injured on the Texas Army post by a Muslim extremist. It’s really shallow and pathetic to not even try to hide your hatred.

    3. FoolishLibs says:

      OH whats the matter… You unhappy that you don’t control ALL the media sources like you Liberal Dolts had enjoyed for the last 30 years?

  44. FP says:

    Bill O’Reilly is loving every minute of this event !!!!

    1. Nancy says:

      FP: making comments like that just proves that YOU never listend to O’Reilly.

      1. Nancy says:

        I meant to write ‘listened’, just in case you want to attack me for my spelling.

  45. ray o'hare says:

    This is how it all starts. When people provoke fear in others violence is the next step. We only have ourselves to blame as we allow the fear mongers to do this to us. Thank you Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Newt and the rest of you insane racists.

    1. Dianne says:

      You made an intelligent comment until you pointed blame on others making you as ignorant as the stabber of the cabbie –

      1. Deke says:

        I fail to see the ignorance of Ray’s statement. He mentioned the very people who should be tried for Hate crimes against Americans.

    2. cdd says:

      That fear can be blamed on more than just the tea party, newt, sarah, etc., how about the 911 attacks, numerous overseas bombings and attacks, oh yeah, the young muslims being taught as children how to murder in vicious ways, such as slow decapitation, you need to wake up, we are under attack, warranted or not,
      it started thousands of years ago, and will always be around. time to wake up and understand that this will not go away, we need resolutions, not people calling others racists. Really Ray, this is not america vs. islam, this is how the world has always been, and always will be. this world is full of love, hate, good, evil, there always has been, and always will be fights to fight, just to keep our own families safe. quit hating and try to do right, but never think that your safe from any government or religions path. the blame belong to much more than just” insane racists”, and that label is being thrown around way to much, its about alot more than race.

      1. Justin says:


      2. Peace from Chicago says:

        Last I checked, “the 911 attacks, numerous overseas bombings and attacks, oh yeah, the young muslims being taught as children how to murder in vicious ways, such as slow decapitation” are all from extremist Muslims who have declared “jihad” on western civilization–and everyone knows that (well, everyone that is not ignorant enough to believe that all Muslims are like that)

        But the tea party, newt, palin, etc. claim to be “fair” and only telling “the truth” and don’t consider themselves extreme in their views at all when they continuously shine the spotlight of terrorism on moderate American Muslims and question their American ideals. That is where the real danger lies, because then people think it’s truth.

        Let’s be honest: if the cab driver said he was jewish, christian or atheist this wouldn’t have happened.

    3. Rocky says:

      You are painting this with a ridiculously broad brush. Not all tea party people are like this. Rocky

    4. free` says:

      Nice try, but this guy is a liberal.

    5. Sam Houston says:

      The Tea Party,Newt, Palin, had nothing to do with this attack but YOU are spreading hate by making a comment like this

    6. eula mae says:

      You just verbally stabbed a few people in a non-violent display of anger. Stop called the kettle black and break the cycle.

    7. Steve Carlisi says:

      I agree Ray, damn that Fox News and Tea Party! I was a victim of a hate crime when I tried to entice a 9 year old boy into my Prius after a NAMBLA meeting. Hateful, bigoted right wingers tried to beat me before I escaped.

      1. Justin says:

        NAMBLA. Prius. Funny. I was just thinking the same thing. I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

      2. RAMONE says:


    8. vincent says:

      Ray…Enright is a left wing liberal who works for a group that SUPPORTS the Mosque at Ground Zero. As is usually the case with the left, they cause an incident, or fake one, in the hopes of making Conservatives look bad. Thank you Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama!

      1. patriot1776 says:

        EXACTLY, that’s the progressive agenda! There’s always a pawn, and he was picked to stick his neck out in the name of forwarding the cause of dirtying the opposition to pit one group against the other. Just like the crazy lib who intentionally threw bricks through the Denver DNC headquarters. There’s always a fall guy.

      2. littleleers says:

        Vincent…I agree. This whole incident smells to high heaven. How seriously injured was the cabbie? The motive makes NO sense. There are few facts. It is a tactic to gin up support for the GZ mosque.

    9. ricardo maxwell says:

      Ray you are a moron. Obama and the Dems with their lying and pitting us one against the other like you are doing is the cause of this. We need to stop Islam as they have declared war on us. People feel helpless because Obama is kissing the feet of our enemies.

      1. sklai says:

        Please note what we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? defending Muslim governments with American blood and dollars?

    10. anvil says:

      Yeah Ray ohareless- it is the tea parties’, Palins, and insane racists faults – how about it is the fault of the person committing the felony. You’re an idiot!!

    11. Rowwdy says:

      Put a sock in it ray. This is NOT racism. Its about a corrupt, fanatical cult that has been declared a religion.

    12. mc says:

      Don’t forget about the great racial divider Obama

      1. Ritz says:

        Obama is the best president in US history ever..

      2. ERICKA says:


    13. Porky says:

      Ray, this sick kid should & will rot in prison for his crime, but a sad aspect of the story is that idiots like you seem overjoyed by his sick actions as you try to pin them on people you hate that are completely unconnected. You are a hate-mongering buffoon and truly do have yourself to blame for that.

    14. Yanni says:

      Isn’t funny how the dumbest of people are the ones who call others, “racist?” The word has lost all meaning today. It’s like crying wolf. When someone calls another person a “racist”, i don’t look at the person being called the name in a bad way. I now only look at the person calling the name. They are the real hate monger and idiot. Keep calling people racists…you only look dumb.

    15. FACT CHECK. The stabber was part of a Pro 51 Park group and left-leaning Intersections International. Maybe you should blame the Democrats who came out in support of the Mosque being built in another location. Harry Reid and Howard Dean are to blame in my opinion. I’m using your training of though to make this assumption.

    16. H-Town says:

      What makes you think the attacker isn’t a liberal?

    17. Pasha says:

      Wrong Ray. Enwrong is a LIBERAL and supported the moseque. He juus happens to be nuts. You are the racist bigot, making false accusations and ignoring the facts.

    18. John S. says:

      This kid was a hardcore leftist, not someone driven by any of the non-violent groups or people you mentioned.

    19. john says:

      Sounds like you have a lot of hate in you . A tactic of radicals and militants is to attack the opposition and to blame it on them. when a religion tell their followers to kill the infidel that too is a hate crime as well

    20. john says:

      dont like the truth eh?

    21. John says:

      Why did Bosnain musims fight wiht SS German troops in WW I I

    22. Stephon Smith says:

      Categorizing an entire group as racist and the reason that violence exists is perfectly analogous to anti-semites blaming Jews for Germany’s economic and political woes before Hitler’s rise, or any other prejudicial bias. Ironic. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself

    23. seth says:

      what a stupid comment. Thanks democratic spokesman you did your job today. And this hate was inspired by the insane murderous intolerant islamic extremists, and the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. This moron just can’t tell the difference between regular muslims and crazy islamic extremists. You are feeding the fire by calling everyone YOU disagree with as racist. You are setting race relations back generations with your ignorance thanks you libtard

    24. M San says:

      “When people provoke fear in others violence is the next step.” Ray the hypocrite, provoking fear of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party while completely ignoring the Taliban, al Qaida and every other independent whack job.

      So great to kick those who think like Ray out of office.

      1. Matt says:

        Actually, you are both an IDIOT and a HYPOCRITE. Your analogies don’t even work either. Timothy McVeigh didn’t represent Christians or any organized group. He, in fact, represented a disorganized group of clandestine militia people, the larger part of which was a bad as the individual himself. He was not some invidious, bad part of some larger benign whole. Here, we have Al Quaeda, 19 people in all involved in 9/11, who you claim represent EVERY FREAKIN’ MUSLIM of the millions on this planet. Don’t you get it or are you that stupid. So, are you saying that Jim Jones and his cult represented EVERY FREAKIN’ CHRISTIAN???? HUH??? If we use your gross generalizations, that is exactly what you are saying, but I guess it would go against your small-minded beliefs to actually apply that reasoning to CHRISTIANS. Just as a new CHRISTIAN church built across the street from WTC would NOT represent the JIM JONES’ CHRISTIAN CULT, a new MUSLIM COMMUNITY CENTER would NOT represent Al Quaeda. Seriously, you bigot, your stupidity is revealed for exactly what it is unless you can explain yourself, which you obviously can’t.

    25. Mo says:

      you forgot FOX NEWS

    26. Vince says:

      Boy, you are a royal idiot aren’t you. One incident from a deranged guy off his meds and you blame the whole Tea Party movement. Get a life.

    27. AEKDB says:

      What preceisely has Palin or Gingrich said that would lead anyone to call them “racists”?

    28. Darren says:

      lol you are ridiculous

    29. Vern says:

      If by “ourselves” you mean liberals then yes, you have only yourselves to blame. Well, yourselves and the millions of insane Muslim fanatics around the world. This is a story about one mentally ill guy. You can’t compare that to organized, government funded terrorism sponsored by a major religion. And still we in America tolerate them and let them build their hate centers at ground zero.

    30. ATCChris says:

      Unless you are a Muslim, Ray O’hare, then they think you should die. How do you feel about that? Is that racist?

    31. Had it with the Idiots says:

      You really are an idiot. Blaming the tea party and other patriots for this incident instead of Bloomberg and others like him who are bowing down to the Muslims because they are afraid of what the Muslims will do to them. Go back and hide under the rock where you belong! Idiiot!!!!

    32. stevebeagle says:

      get yourself straight & get off MSNBC… he was a lefty

    33. FoolishLibs says:

      Its not Racist. Its just that some people can see through the lies of ISLAM and some of you are just SHEEP which is what Muslims count on.

    34. rose D says:

      guess what? This man has NOTHING to do with the Tea Party and the others. This article should have said that, that he is with a liberal group and was for the mosque. It is really funny how everyone talks about those who are against the mosque are all raciest, and yet moslim themselves are very raciest. They want to turn the whole world into muslims because those who are not muslim are inferior and they teach their children that Jews are from apes and pigs. So who are the raciest?

    35. Atom&Yves says:

      You’re welcome you sniveling, libelous, low class, low intellect, liberal lunatic. Hey, that perfectly describes the assailant too! Hmmm.?.?.?.?.?

  46. curly howard says:

    for this hate crime he needs to burn a long time in state prison….

    1. FoolishLibs says:

      I think he should be let go with just a warning just like they do under Islamic law when a Muslim kills a non-muslim. I mean he didn’t even cut of the cabbies head or anything.

  47. Futureboy says:

    FOX News has a job for him as a political commentator.

    1. !776Federalist says:

      Your hatred for Fox news is only surpassed by your ignorance. The attacker was a liberal who worked for an interfaith group that supports the Ground Zero Mosque. Fox news would have no use for a rabid, dangerous liberal. Maybe MSNBC is looking for someone…

  48. si says:

    What a world we live in. Can you just feel the hate in the air? Dirk?

  49. Ralph from Hoboken says:

    Throw the book at this piece of trash!!

    1. no 911 monument mosque says:

      See the NY Mosque is bringing New Yorkers closer together just like the builders and supporters of the mosque said it would.

      1. Robert says:

        Amazing that you blame this on the pro-mosque (pro 1st ammendment) crowd instead of the obvious racism that it is. I’m only amazed because I gave human intelligence the benefit of the doubt. Sad… truly sad. In other words, you are a freaking idiot.

      2. freddy says:


        Perhaps you were here in Manhattan when the muslim dogs rammed airplanes into the Towers; perhaps you weren’t….there are 3000+ souls whose graves the muslim dogs want to piss on and you are outraged by a single assaul?!?!?!?Y

        You are the idiot.

      3. teddie says:

        If the mosque is built, reward those who burn it down WITH TALAWEED in it!

      4. Ace says:

        LOL – Robert, you can’t on one hand call everyone a “freaking idiot” and then say this is an issue of racism. I’m pretty sure this had nothing to do with race.

        If you can’t tell the difference between an ideology and race… now THAT’S sad.

    2. ed says:

      well it seems like up there in the schools of Brewster they need to teach civic respect for difference in religion and in other people not considered part of the American culture. But truly they are the back bone of this new society we now live in. they are the ones who are driving people safely to their destination why do such a horrible thing to them. to the rest think about this action a little bit , turn it around, would you like this happen to you or a family? Have we thought about what constitute to be an American now a days? How much has it changed over the years? Why not use our heads a bit more ? It has become very sad.

      1. seth says:

        oh stick it ed, this country is the most tolerant nation in the world, every country has morons, most other countries have more than this one. And cabbies are not the backbone of our society what a joke, please.

      2. ed says:

        still it constitute a hate crime and a crime out of ignorance and disrespect for others

      3. Rodolfo Mendoza says:

        It is what illegal drugs do to one’s mind.

      4. John Simmons says:

        Oh ed, you foolis little twit. This is a war buddy, pick a side.

      5. Cousin Eddie says:

        I don’t care about the motive. The fact of the matter is that it is a crime. Why must we attach special significance to motive to the horrible things people do?

        Punish this clown to the fullest extent of the law.

      6. Hadi says:

        I agree Ed, and to those claiming that this is war and all that BS, here’s a question: Islam is a religion, what if you are and American born into a Muslim family, does this make you anti-American? I am choosing sides, I choose to be a non-violent Muslim, who is an American by birth and blood. Who’s going to take that away from me?

        By the way, I think the Islamic center near Ground Zero is uncalled for. There is freedom of expression, but this is just a politically motivated slap in the face. Un-mulslim like. What we hear in the news and from Radical Muslims is not what the religion is all about.

    3. Ken says:

      I did not see the passengers account of what happened. everyone is taking what the cab drvier said as truth. how do we know he is saying the truth about what the passenger said? For all we know, the cab driver could have taunted the passenger. people are so easy to jump to conclusions.including the person who wrote this article.

      1. morris says:

        Right Ken, and if the passenger had been drinking and poor Ahmed started lipping off, because good Muslims don’t tolerate drinking, good chance the alleged assailant snapped. Murder my ass! get real folks.

    4. chad says:

      Well let’s see: yesterday muslims killed 84 people, christians tried to kill one. I guess non muslims are the evil ones, right?

      1. Shameez says:

        No muslims are not evil,,,only those who do things in the name of Islam they are the sick and evil one’s speaking from a muslim’s point of view

      2. nico says:

        you misunderstood. the fare was muslim too. probably Pakistani and continued the Bangladeshi genocide; he was successfull in hiding his muslim identity a method called “kitman” in Arabic

      3. Gizen says:

        You think the guy in this story is the only Christian who was out killing people that day? Everyday, people of every religion you can think of are out killing each other. No matter how much you try and argue it, in the end, all religions are the same.

      4. Billy says:

        Christians have killed over a million muslims in the last 10 years.

      5. Swammy says:

        Who said he was Christian? I don’t see that anywhere. I see he was a reporter. Most reporters are Democrats, so Democrats hate Muslims. See how connect the dots works in media?

      6. Terry says:

        WELL SAID!!!!

    5. frank says:

      Let see. There is a well-funded and established group of people out there “clinging to their Qurans and AK-47’s” who ten years ago killed about 3,000 of us, not to mention the attacks before and after that. Since and throughout this time, can anyone point out any Muslims, Mosques, or any other Muslim interest that has been attacked in the USA?

      So, according to liberals, we have millions of hate-filled, heavily armed, Fox News-watching Americans, but in all this time these hatemongers have only attacked a cab driver? This is your proof that Americans are seriously lacking in the religious tolerance department?

      1. CitizenOfTheWorld says:

        Remember the assault on Iraq. There are thousands of Muslims dead at the hands of America. Don’t try to act like you are so innocent.

      2. mercutio says:

        the white guy was a liberal. they forgot to add that. he was also for the mosque at ground zero. check out his facebook

    6. Doctor says:

      This attacker was clearly traumatized by his experience in Afganistan. As a non-combatant, constantly threatened with roadside execution. PTSD.

    7. T. Searreigh says:

      HAHAHA! He should have cut his head off.

    8. Tom says:

      People, this is America and we should all act as Americans. You can have difference of opinions on everything including religion. But that does not give you the right to beat someone up. For over 200 years our brave men and women have sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom we enjoy. Portray that freedom everyday in your life by exhibiting a little class.

    9. Pablo says:

      This is sad, of course, and I am sorry for the taxi driver. But I’d like to comment on the Islamic community outrage – were they outraged when their brothers in Allah killed 3000 New Yorkers in 2001? No, they were celebrating it – what do they expect now? Now i am sorry for the student.

    10. Atom&Yves says:

      Q: What did Sharif do to earn such a violent defensive response from the liberal lunatic?

    11. Huck Pituey says:

      Yes, definitely throw the book at him but make sure you don’t actually hit him with it– he’s a liberal and can’t seriously be expected to pay for his crimes (or really anything else, for that matter).

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