NEW YORK (AP) — Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is making his support for a proposed mosque near Ground Zero crystal clear through the windows of his apartment overlooking the World Trade Center site.

The nine windows on the top story of the Liberty Street building have been taken up by large signs. The first six windows use the symbols of world religions to spell out “coexist,” starting with an Islamic star and crescent for the “C” and finishing with a Christian cross for the “T.”

The other windows contain a Bible reference and other phrases. A representative for Simmons says it will be up until at least Sept. 11.

Supporters of the mosque say religious freedom should be protected. Opponents say the mosque should be moved farther away from Ground Zero.

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  1. SadNYER says:

    Kill the messenger!!! Why is this news???

  2. Fed UP says:

    So what is appropriate to build next to “Ground Zero”? What can we have at the future buildings that will be build there? For sure not a bank or any financial institution, since the mortgage crisis, credit card crisis, etc destroyed so many families and lives. For sure not an insurance company, that by denying health care to so many sacrificed lives of so many Americans. For sure not a church institution or church funded community center since our history tells us that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian and killed so many of our people, plus there are many schools around, and we want to protect our children. Temple? bad idea, the Jews killed Jesus (at least that’s what Catholics believe in). I can go on and on about this.
    We sacrificed thousands of our soldiers in the war in Iraq, for what? for freedom. We went there to protect them (at least this is what our former president told us). All of the people who supported the war please remember that majority of people living in Iraq are Muslims, and now you don’t want them to build a community center few block from the “Ground Zero” that if was rebuilt years ago would not be even called Ground Zero.
    I am tired of this nonsense. Let them build the community center and stop hating!

  3. Theo says:

    Unintelligent remarks about race and religion are not going to solve anything. The people who are putting the mosque there have nothing to do with the demise of the WTC. I have had several co-workers die in those towers and believe you me I have no animosity toward Muslims. Muslims are fighting in wars for America and some are more patriotic than those who are non-Muslims.
    Muslims make up the majority of the world. We are a small part of it. Peace would be wise, without offense because you never know when we will need a helping hand. Other countries are watching our behavior and are seeing this as just prejudice. I thought we were far removed from the days of Jim Crow.
    Apparently, there are some who want to keep it alive and well. Bring me your tired poor and huddle masses.” If anyone is tired and poor it is the Muslims in this country”. Tired of the discrimination, physical attacks and mis-trust of them.
    I can only hope that when this Mosque will be built and it will be because no one can stop it. People will conduct themselves with dignity and respect in front of the Mosque and respect those who come to worship and enjoy the Cultural Arts Center and Swimming Pool. This is a perfect place for all to come together and understand that and entire religion is not responsible for such a horrible attack on America. Punish the culprits not the Muslims. Henceforth, the war in Iraq and Aftganistan to wipe Al Queda out of existence.

  4. Al Sharpton says:

    Russel Simmons shoud STFU ! ! ! He is trying to influence the black vote. Loser ! !

    1. Reegs says:

      people like you make others lose hope in progession of a community

  5. KJ says:

    Is this the same guy who claimed Christians were behind the ’93 WTC attack? Just because someone has money, doesn’t make them smart. Simmons is a moron.

    1. Reegs says:

      we are open to religious freedom in this city, no one stops you from where you practice why should we stop another person from theres

  6. obamabinladen says:

    of course a black guy supports muslims.. 80% of africa is muslim.. blah

    1. Reegs says:

      your just need to not communicate in public

  7. Tom says:

    I think Islam should be outlawed in the U.S. It is a gutter religion of hate!

  8. bob says:

    Russell Simmons is an idiot. Why is this news?

    1. Reegs says:

      because someone is actually standing up for what they believe in and being tolerant as we should as american citizens

    1. Reegs says:

      what is so wrong about his act, you have the right to practice your religion why shouldn’t another

  9. tom says:

    What are the odds of a mosque being built in Marthas Vineyard or Cape Cod?
    This New York Mosque is just a smoke screen for a much more diabolical scheme the Muslims have for us. Do not be fooled!

  10. JJ Brown says:


  11. vzeo says:

    Simmons is a genius music mogul and artist, no doubt about that, but totally incoherent, inarticulate and (dare I say) ignorant when it comes to issues outside of music. I saw him on a national interview, stumble and bumble his way for making his case about the mosque. It wasn’t even the issue, really, that had me embarrassed for him. It was his utter nonsensical “reasoning;” he was going on pure emotion and zero persuasive rationale. That’s why it helps to be educated, actually know about that which we speak of, R, not just rant and rave ….

  12. bwhite says:

    further away, since there is already like 3 mosques there….

    tea bagger FAIL!

    1. Reegs says:

      how does having a mosque or in this case another mosque effect any of our day to day lives. its freedom of religion

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