CBS 2 Takes Part In Day Of Motivation In Crotona Park

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — With so many kids glued to video games and anything high-tech many parents are looking for new ways to get their kids off the couch and moving.

CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu reports from Crotona Park, where fitness comes first.

Remember those groans when you really push your body? Well, thousands of kids from all 5 boroughs recently put themselves to the test at Emblem Health Kids Fitness Day.

They were tested on everything from sprinting to the shuttle run, and learned all about good nutrition and exercise from registered dietician Helen Butleroff, who designed a musical program that travels to schools citywide.

“First of all, portion size. This is what the plate’s really supposed to be. This is not what children are eating. Also lack of exercise today it’s unbelievable. Children go home. They’re on their iPods, they’re not out,” Butleroff said.

Butleroff said now’s the time to get your kids moving — with 1 in 5 kindgarteners considered obese and nearly half of all elementary school kids in New York City at an unhealthy weight.

She said kids need a minimum of one hour of vigorous exercise everyday. And as any parent knows motivation can be tough, so Hsu decided to go straight to the kids for advice.

Some young tennis players told Hsu, instead of pressure go for passion.

“They should find something that their kids are really interested in, and just work with that,” 16-year-old Katie Derienzo said. “If they like soccer than angle them to a soccer team or a local game or the parents play with them like tennis or soccer or basketball, anything they’re interested in.”

“My parents, overall, they care about their health also so I guess when the whole family does it together, then it’s more likely that the kids will follow also,” 16-year-old Marylen Santos said.

Seven-year-old Naysa Harraway said her favorites are jumping jacks and jogging. You just have to find what sticks.

Naquon Dawson, 10, said he flip dances for his exercise.

In case you missed that, check this out. It’s proof there’s plenty of activities to get your kids off that couch.


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