by Kimberly Rae Miller

Mr. Joe Iconis

Borough/Neighborhood: Manhattan. Herald Square.  (Ya know.  Where Santa lives.)
Profession: Writer.  Performer.

Joe Iconis is a Long Island native and a rabble-rousing musical theater writing punk.  His latest show, Bloodsong of Love: The Rock’n’Roll Spaghetti Western, was nominated for a bunch of spanky theater awards, and his debut album will be out this fallon Sh-K-Boom Records Joe is hugely influenced by The Muppets, Robert Altman, and Dolly Parton.  He is a proud regular at Sardi’s Upstairs Bar and is a huge fan of whiskey drinks and redheads.

How would you define your personal style?

If the cover of Blondie’s Parallel lines had a style-baby with the Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I like to think that I look like a little boy’s idea of what a grown-up wears.

Favorite item in your closet?

I’ve got a red corduroy jacket with some sweet brown elbow patches that I bought at the City Opera Thrift Shop a couple years ago.  It’s the most autumnal article of clothing ever created- it reeks of pumpkins and kids getting run over by cars while hiding in piles of leaves.  I get so bummed every year when spring rolls around I have to stop wearing it.

Are there any trends that you wish would just go away already?

Eh.  Trends, in general, creep me out.  I think that people should wear what feels right to them, not what happens to be “hot” at any given moment.  Having said that, I’m sick of looking at people in skinny jeans.

Favorite Five in the Five Bouroughs:

Vintage Thrift Shop: Great shop with an fantastic selection of (well-organized) clothes.  Also, the joint feels totally clean but it still has that great thrift store smell.

My Grandpa’s Closet: I have an imposing collection of neck ties, all of which hang proudly on the wall of my studio apartment.  A good majority of those neckties came from the closet of my late grandpa, Mr. Joseph Bonanno.  The man had style and I am happy to reap the benefit of that style around my neck.  I’m the world’s hugest neck tie enthusiast- they are a great way to add some character to an outfit and when I’m not wearing one, I feel naked.

Since Joe’s Grandpa’s closet isn’t open to the buying public just yet, check out some of New York’s amazing Flea Markets for stuff from other people’s Grandpas’s closets.

St. Marks Place: I only bought one nice pair of sunglasses in my life and I lost them in a swamp in Lousiana.  I now exclusively shop for shades at the tables at St. Marks Place.  I always like to have a couple pairs in rotation at any given time.  They’re not the greatest quality, but if an alligator steals them from you you’ll only be out a couple greenbacks.  I recommend wearing them inside because it makes me people angry.

Michelle Humphrey:  Michelle Humphrey is my favorite costume designer and I’ve been lucky enough to have her design many of my shows.  Most of the cool stuff I own has been stolen from Michelle Humphrey-designed productions.  One of my favorite items is a sick pair of imitation high top Converse that have skulls on them.  Michelle rigged them for a quick change, so they are super comfortable and easy to get on in a hurry… like when I’m running away from theater owners who are accusing me of stealing shit from the costume room.  I love the idea of being able to wear the clothes of a character I’ve created.  Ah, if only I created Rupert Pupkin.  If only.

Daffy’s:  If I have to set foot in a real-person store, I’m going to Daffy’s, baby.  Everything’s cheap and if you hunt you can always find some sweet threads buried amongst the XXXXL sweatshirts and the European shiny stuff.  All the clothes there have personality, which is really most important thing.

For more info on Mr. Joe Iconis, check out is website:

Or see him perform at:

The Joe Iconis Rock and Roll Jamboree
Mondays in August at 9:30pm
The Laurie Beechman Theater
407 West 42nd Street