NEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2) — The search is on for a canine from California believed to be roaming the streets of New Jersey.

Four-year-old Daisy is thousands of miles from home, but has become a familiar face in a Newark neighborhood where many people have spotted her.

Continental Airlines was transporting Daisy, a Golden Lab/Shepherd mix, from Syracuse to San Diego, when she broke free from her leash during a layover at Newark Liberty International Airport.

That was 14 days ago, and since then the crew from Rescue Ink has been combing the streets of Newark, posting and handing out signs with Daisy’s picture.

The airline is offering a $1000 reward.

“This is a house dog, now she’s in the street,” said Joe Panz of Rescue Ink. “She’s dealing with street dogs now. This dog has to survive where others thrive.”

Salsa, a sniffer dog, detected Daisy’s scent in several areas near South Orange Ave and South 10th Ave Monday night.

Daisy’s family in San Diego said she is a friendly dog who loves people, and that they are praying she’ll be found.

Dawn Wilson said she’s seen Daisy twice.

“If I see her again I’ll call that number,” Wilson said. “I know she’s like a child to them.”

And after two weeks on the streets with no food or water on these hot summer nights, searchers hope Daisy will be able to survive long enough to be found and go home.

Continental Airlines said they are diligently looking for Daisy as well. They have twice flown the missing dog’s family to Newark from San Diego to help with the search.