NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A tractor-trailer carrying lumber overturned on an on-ramp to the Cross Bronx Expressway Tuesday evening and caused a commuter nightmare at the peak of rush hour.

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The Washington Bridge ramp to the eastbound Cross Bronx Expressway was closed and traffic was backed up for miles as crews worked to clean up the lumber that spilled all over the ramp.

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  1. marina says:

    i am sorry, and i respect most of the people who are earning their living by being professional drivers-my husband is one of them- BUT there are SOME of them who should not have a license, they are literally public dangers for the rest of us

  2. ED says:

    I would have a sore back to if i had to pick up all that lumber did you see how much there was

  3. TIM says:

    Does he still have a driving job? Maybe he’ll still be allowed to drive but the sick pathetic trucking companies don’t hire people if they had BACK SURGERY!!! So much for putting safety first. IDIOTS!!!!

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