NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Bloomberg says there are only two ways he will leave office before his third term ends in 2013.

Death or “total incapacitation,” as he puts it.

The billionaire mayor has long been rumored to have his eye on other opportunities.

He tested the waters for an independent presidential campaign in 2008 but decided to change term-limits law and seek a third term as mayor instead.

That year Bloomberg was also mentioned as a vice-presidential pick for both parties. Bloomberg aides and boosters have also enjoyed floating his name as a possibility for various other national jobs.

But the 68-year-old Republican-turned-independent told reporters Wednesday he is pledging to stay put.

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  1. Ed kerlig says:

    Hes considering other positions in goverment. How about Garbageman because he is trash and Im a Florida native. God I feel for you New Yorkers with a BUM like you guys have.

  2. ED Newek says:

    Maybe New Yorkers should give this guy his wish on the only way he would leave office. Arrogant Crook is what this POS is.

  3. HRH Michael Bloomberg says:

    Hey suckers! I’m just now drafting a new law that will let me continue my reign after my death! Mwu-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

  4. Toy says:

    The literal translation of Monty Burns… errr.. Michael Bloomberg’s words is: ” This city will be free of me when they pry the keys to the mayors office from my cold dead hands”…. What-a guy…. IF he’s anything like that OTHER undead character Cheney, he has multiple hearts, lungs and kidneys sitting in a closet waiting for use.

  5. Thursday says:

    Regardless of your opinion of Bloomberg, New Yorkers voted him in three times. So that means they either like the job he’s doing, or New Yorkers are fools. I haven’t quite decided which.

    1. Lana says:

      I do not think any true New Yorker did. He bought his sit Everyone knows that Corruption!!!!!!!

  6. greg says:

    bloomberg dont make us wish for it.

  7. mike d says:

    16 Billion+ he has fun with NYC its his real life sim city

  8. mike d says:

    some of u are smoking crack the guy is a f-in Muti-BILLIONARE he really cares/understands us working class reg people

  9. CinemaPete says:

    How “unselfish” was he when he raised property tax not once but twice so far and has raised sales tax. People are leaving the city and state in droves thanks to “unselfish” politicians like Bloomberg.

  10. nicki says:

    get a life………we need to create jobs……enough with the carbon emissions already!!!! go live in the rain forest and eat bananas the rest of your life, then i’m sure you’ll be happy…..

  11. No Th3rd T3rm says:

    He could also leave office, if he was recalled for, among other things, campaign finance irregularities or using tax payer money to pay for private employees such as Foundation executives, private security, or campaign officials.

  12. Janet Klien says:

    The Palestinians were dancing in the streets when the towers were brought down on 9/11. Don’t tell me this was just Al-Quida. The Palestinians are Muslims and not Al Quida and were dancing in the streets when we were hit on 9/11, or did you forget. Muslims are the terrorists. Most Muslim radical groups are terrorist groups who hate America.

    1. BC says:

      Let me ask you this…why have we not captured Osama bin Laden yet? If they really wanted to catch him, they would have done it already. Dubya was too busy settling his dad’s score with Saddam Hussein. Where are the WMDs? Hmmm? Who’s the terrorist now?

  13. Janet Klien says:

    Bloomberg supports terrorists. Most terrorist groups overseas who hate Americans are Muslims, and he has not investingated where the Money is coming from for the Mosque 2 blocks away from Ground Zero

  14. Janet Klien says:

    Bloomberg sucks, he is a Global Warming contributer. Look at his businesses overseas. He is a lyer who wants to trade carbon emissions on the New York Stock exchange and violated the people’s voting rights when he ran for a third term. If this was the case Guiliani should have been able to run again.

  15. david karron says:

    WE need more poliitcians like Bloomberg. As a Californian I wish he ran our State. Unselfish, caring and no agenda but to help the people.
    So few in Congress can say the same.
    I wish him well.

    1. EWagner635 says:

      How unselfish was it when he had term limits changed so he could have a third term?

      1. BC says:

        Bloomberg’s term limits change was not without the City Council having voted theirs to be changed as well.

    2. tony guerra says:

      Are we talking about the same Bloomberg here. If we are I also wish your wish would come true

    3. BC says:

      On behalf of all NYers, you can have Bloomberg. He’s overstayed his welcome here.

    4. EWagner635 says:

      And that makes everything OK, BC?

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