NEW YORK (AP) — A family was suing New York City over accusations that paramedics walked away from an ailing pregnant woman who later died.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages in the 2009 death of Eutisha Rennix.

The allegations stemmed from an incident at an Au Bon Pain coffee shop in Brooklyn where Rennix was a cashier.
Paramedics Jason Green and Melisa Jackson were on a break when employees in the shop told them Rennix was in distress.

Witnesses alleged the pair left without doing anything to help — a claim they denied.

The 25-year-old woman, who was six months pregnant, later died at a hospital.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office has been investigating the death, but no charges have been filed. Green was killed in July in an unrelated shooting.

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  1. ss98 says:

    umm why didn’t they just call 911 if those paramedics weren’t doing anything. And how can you sue the city or the paramedics if they were off duty?

    I just don’t get how people even care about suing anyone when they lose a loved one… that is the very last thing on people’s minds you would think.

    Money won’t bring them back

  2. DanTe says:

    It is not fair to blame those EMS workers.

    1) They were not on duty. And with the libturd lawyers here, they’d have been responsible even if they breathed on her wrong.

    2) What kind of EMS are they? As I heard, they needed special equipment EMS when they came for this lady. They couldn’t do squat on the scene.

    3) If they wanted to help, fine, it’s a good Samaritan thing. If not, they are not forced to. Anyone of YOU want to breath down the trachea of a total stranger that you don’t know what disease is lurking?

    Stop with the good sounding political correctness cr -ap. Think about what YOU would have done – without the hypocritical bravado of yes, you would have lock lips with a total stranger.

  3. mike d says:

    wow karma is a mofo

    1. Jason Green says:

      yes it is dawg the world revolves in the way that karma haunts you like a ghost

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