NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Sunbathers at Jones Beach had some extra water to contend with Monday after Hurricane Earl caused the ocean to flood most of the State Park on Long Island. Luckily for those on the beach, however, most of the water was back where it belonged for the Labor Day holiday.

Surveying the damage along the beach, it’s easy to see where Mother nature used heavy surf to carve out a path of destruction. Waves created lakes up to three feet deep in some parts along the beach, and the water cut power to parts of it. There was some water was still standing in areas between the boardwalk and the beach, and a few tennis courts were flooded as well.

“We were down here Saturday morning and the whole place was flooded. I didn’t come yesterday but looking today it looks like a world of difference,” said Jack Reicherter of Wantaugh.

After some beaches and parking lots were closed over the weekend due to flooding, Jones Beach was back up and running.

“All the beachfronts were open for swimming. That’s fields two through six, as well as Zack’s Bay and the West Bath House Swimming Pool. We have some of the activities available: miniature golf, shuffleboard, paddle tennis, swimming, and walking on the boardwalk,” said Sue Giuliani, Jones Beach State Park Director.

And for those early beach bums, it was time for sun and surf.  “The day is perfect. We came here early,  7 o’clock so we can get the right spot and we’ re having fun. We came here with the whole family,” said Maria Alvarez of Stamford.

“Loving it. The weather is not too hot, not too cold, just a little bit of a breeze. Beautiful out here,” said Mike Gertler of Queens.

Giuliani said she expected about 30,000 visitors for Labor Day. Due to some electrical problems caused by flooding, the Park was set to close at 7:30 p.m.