UNION CITY, N.J. (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has some new issues to deal with.

Some of the apartments in the buildings Rauf owns are allegedly riddled with bed bugs and have safety hazards.

CBS 2’s Magee Hickey got a peek inside the apartments at the center of a lawsuit.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Levon Putney reports form Union City

Paola Leiva told Hickey she has bedbugs and no child guards on her windows, even though she has three children under 6 and a leaky hole in her bathroom ceiling.

The Union City resident said she pays her landlord, Rauf, the imam at the center of the controversial mosque near ground zero, $900 a month, but the conditions don’t improve.

“The leaks in the bathroom, the worst problem. My husband makes other repairs,” Leiva said.

“He’s a slum landlord. He’s always been a slum landlord. He’s someone who takes money out of a piece of property and never puts money back in,” Mayor Brian Stack said.

On Tuesday the Union City mayor showed Hickey the lawsuit the city filed against Sage Development, a company owned by the imam.

Rauf is accused of ignoring complaints by tenants and orders by the city on issues from moldy bathrooms to fire hazards.

The imam owns an apartment building on Central Avenue and another one around the corner… on 22nd Street. The second building has been padlocked since a fire two years ago.

The mayor has stationed a police car in front of the Central Avenue building since Friday when tenants complained the fire alarms in the hallways were broken.

Tenants said signs for exterminators and building inspections just went up Monday and workers were trying to fix the fire alarms on Tuesday.

But some tenants and the mayor said it’s too little, too late.

Hickey asked Mayor Stack if this lawsuit has anything to do with his position on the planned mosque and community center near ground zero.

“I have no position on the mosque. This is more about what’s happening in Union City. We’ve done this numerous times before. He’s not the first landlord to be put in receivership and he won’t be the last,” Stack said.

The imam officially declined to comment on this lawsuit.

Rauf or his lawyers are expected in court Wednesday afternoon. They’ll answer charges that he failed to make repairs on the two buildings he owns in Union City.

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  1. BS says:

    No 2 MOSQUE……

  2. Samson says:

    Build a red light district and a bunch of liquor stores around this house of devil worship.
    You people who are so compassionate on these terrorists and yet find it so horrible that someone would want to burn a bunch of terrorists handbooks, you are just a bunch of dumb liberal New York zombies who follow what your left leaning ‘All the news we want you to know’ news outlets decide you should be fed. They make terrorists look not so bad afterall and grieving families look like a bunch of old nags to stay away from. They make it seem like ohhh, its not so bad that they support, fund and read the terrorist handbook 5 times a day, its their freedom of ‘religion’
    I am not the stupid one to beleive the lies I am fed !!! Its not a small minority. Their countries are intolerant. Countries of millions and millions of them do not allow freedom of religion there. They terrorize every nation they become a majority in. Do you think that we are immune to the ‘greatness’ they have to offer?
    They commit daily acts of terror against Israel, constant acts of terror in India, constant murder of American Soldiers? Where is your compassion for the lives of American soldiers? Most the the FBI’s most wanted list consists of people of that ‘faith’. Do you still think its a minority? They go to a country, as a minority, stay quiet. Then slowly become a majority and soon enough, there will be major issues more frequently.
    A smart person runs or calls for help when they know there is a fire. Stupid people like you who are compassionate on the wicked don’t care how many people die in the fire, but you won’t do anything to help until it consumes you and its too late.
    What will you do once they become a majority in America and all forms of government, economic and social systems are controlled by them? Do you want to be forced to convert? Do you want to kiss the freedoms you used to know about, goodbye?
    I lived amongst them in the Middle East, i know what they are like, what they want and what they are capable of. Do not be naive and fall for their lies. Trust me, you are not smarter than anyone else.

  3. Dan Te says:

    FACT: Everywhere where there are mu-Slimes, sh-!t happens.

    China — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children and run amok with metal pipes in the streets)

    India — sh-!t happens
    (mu-slimes burned 100s of hindus alive in packed trains and burned villagers alive while they slept)

    Middle East — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children)

    Russia — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill women and children in crowded theaters)

    South East Asia — sh-!t happens
    (mu-slime thugs who kidnap teachers, school children, nurses, priests for ransom, than murder them all)

    Europe — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children)

    USA — 9/11 happened

    Goes to reason, no mu-slimes, no sh-!t.
    All these camel turds understand is violence and lies anyway. I say we oblige them by killing them all and than lie about how sorry we are.

    Islam. It’s a disease. And like any other infestations of boils, pox and pestilence, it should be eradicated. You don’t talk to diseases. You eradicate them like you did polio.

    And some bleeding heart imbecile here will post that it’s just a few individuals that are murderous, just like any other society. But than conveniently forgetting about the Fact that it happens worldwide and by a LOT MORE than just a few individuals. And they also continues to blank out of their empty heads the worldwide mu-slime jubilee celebrations as people burned on 9/11.

    1. shish kebob says:

      Dan Te hit the nail right on the head. No Muslims, No Terror.

  4. DAR and Very Proud says:

    Freedom of religion is not what is being questioned here, it is the sheer lack of sensitivity and humanity towards americans who were directly affected by 9/11. How dare the Imam and his supporters feel it is acceptable to smear their culture in our faces, especially after their own people killed so many innocents here. Have some respect and be mindful that we tolerate each other here, but do not try to make a statement such as large cultural centers. It is absolutely obnoxious.

    1. DAR and Very Proud says:

      Furthermore, for a group of people who claim to be peaceful. What about their “Honor Killings”? What about the protesters in Afghanistan chanting “Death to America” because of one radical priest’s proposal to burn a Qu’ran? It took so little to exploit the sheer hatred for this country. I am not convinced they are peaceful.

  5. morris wise says:

    There is nothing wrong with importing sharia law, it would improve the quality of life for most American men. Civil rights and jobs for women would be gone ending male servitude and unemployment. Besides a wife, men would have concubines obeying every command. Mosque attendance could be disregarded, the enlightened man need not pray, everything he needed would be provided.

  6. Mohammed says:

    Gonna be a real good day for us Muslims when the mosque opens. I’m going o be there and celebrate while all the bigots are crying outside. Boo hoo

    1. Mohammed says:

      I am another brainless fly infested chimpanzee who is jealous of America’s prosperity and am here to ruin things for those who create. That’s what my terrorist handbook (koran) teaches me.

    2. BS says:

      Imam basically threatened America by saying if the Muslims were NOT able to open their ground zero mosque that America would be attacked again and again.!!!!!
      How exactly is that peaceful? That is basically stating that if they don’t get their way we are going to be at war again!!!
      Americans need to RID this country of Muslims once and for all. Starting with the impeachment of our Muslim president

  7. Anthony says:

    If part of the plane did crash through the roof of this place, how was it ever up for sale to anyone?
    What is there were or are remains there?

    They continue to fine reamins on a number of rooftops in the area of this project’s location.

  8. Carrieanne says:

    Why equate the presence of a strip club or OTB to be the same as this piece of property?
    It is hallowed ground to us, not to him.

    It is the sentiment of the majority that they should please move it elsewhere and not offend us.
    Because he does not regard it as sacred ground means nothing to me.
    I would like him to take emporer bloomberg on his next mid east tour.

  9. Alice says:

    Both he and his developer El-Gamal, are both low lifes.

    El-gamal has an extensive rap sheet for assault & battery & was a witer only 3 years ago….now a multi-million dollar Real eastate broker to the terrorists..

    this imam cannot even properly maintain the residences of 2 buildings.
    pity the people living in these places.

    please build in your country.

  10. KIM says:




  11. American says:

    Marc, Have you ever been in the Middle East? or if you know where is the East?

  12. Roy says:

    This is old news,prevosly reported,he did the same with his properties in Paterson,NJi

  13. Bob says:

    Is the imam ‘American’ enough or not?

    Does anyone really believe that he could he be disloyal to the United States?

    Does anyone think that the ‘Ground Zero’ mosque could really be center for Muslims who are really planning more attacks on the US?

    1. American says:

      he said. “I vote in elections. I pay taxes. I pledge allegiance to the flag. I am a Giants fan.” What you need more to be an american!!!???

    2. mohammed ahole says:

      Bob. The demons who perpetrated the evil attack on the world trade center in 1993 came out of a mosque on foster avenue in Brooklyn led by a blind devil. Did anyone think that could be the center of those planning attacks?
      Of course this place could be the center of attack planning, why couldn’t it be? wake up, learn whats happening in this world and learn from history. Trust me, these are not friendly people. You don’t want them as your neighbors, you wouldn’t want to live with them. Neither should others have to.

    3. Reed MacCarthy says:

      You obviously know little about Islam or the Imam. I wouldn’t put anything past this Imam. And being a Muslim, doing in front of everyone’s face would suit them just fine. We are nothing to them but infidels read the Qur’an, Hadith, Sira, and Sunnah. That should teach you all you need to know about Islam and Mohamed their “prophet” People that would murder, rape and rob in the name a black stone god would do anything. “Kill until ilah is Allah” That is what they teach.

  14. doug mac says:

    If this Imam really wanted peace, he would see the pain he is causing and move this center.
    Obviously it is not that important if he will let it go for 16 million and make a 12 million profit. Everyone has their price.
    And why build an Islamic community center down there, is this even an Islamic community? No,it isn’t.
    But another question for the politico’s, why would you not let a Catholic church be rebuilt by ground zero?

    1. doug mac says:

      I made a mistake the church is not a catholic church, but a Greek Orthodox church,St. Nicholas, which was there before the attacks.

    2. American says:

      talking about everyone price; I’m wonder why Kuwait, Afghanestan, Iraq, Vienam wars happend?

  15. just4tila says:

    OF COURSE he’s gonna deny everything and try to make it all nicey nice! He wants to claim Ground Zero as his PRIZE!

  16. sonai says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!
    Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
    Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

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