JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP/1010 WINS) — A New Jersey judge has demanded that the imam who wants to build a mosque near Ground Zero produce documents proving he is fixing numerous alleged problems at two apartment buildings he owns in northern New Jersey.

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State Superior Court Judge Thomas Olivieri told a lawyer for Feisal Abdul Rauf to submit the documents by Thursday afternoon.

Olivieri chastised Rauf’s lawyer for being unprepared and failing to produce documents to prove work was being done to fix the apartment problems, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

Attorney Tomas Espinosa told the judge Wednesday that some work is under way at the buildings.

“The legal process will show that my client is an honorable man,” Espinosa said.

Rauf did not attend the hearing and his attorney said the imam made the decision because he has been under stress due to the Ground Zero mosque controversy.

Union City filed suit this week claiming that Rauf ignored safety violations at the two buildings he owns in the community.

The city’s attorney said there are bedbugs, no smoke alarms and no hot water at the apartments.

Both sides will be back in court next Thursday.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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  1. BC says:

    While in the past I have been the tenant of a slumlord, I agree with you that inconsistent heat and hot water and things going broken for long periods of time are not the way to treat your tenants. Those are things that should be addressed on a timely basis.

    More than anything else, something that needs to be fixed is that people need to stop parroting one another and calling this place a mosque. It is not a mosque, it is a cultural center with a prayer area on one of its floors.

    I would be more sympathetic if it weren’t an attempt to keep this building from existing at 51 Park Place. I find this to be nothing but run-of-the-mill mudslinging. This cultural center has the endorsement of the mayor, the President, and people are fighting tooth-and-nail to find something that will stick to keep this building from happening.

    Too bad no one spoke up this loud when term-limits were being decided for the Mayor and the City Council. You might have had a different outcome.

  2. Mari says:

    @BC and kaamu
    Perhaps you wouldn’t be so sympathetic if you were one of the tennents in his buildings.
    Maybe a little arm twisting is needed for ALL slum lords no matter how “Holy” they proclaim to be.
    This man OBVIOUSLY does not practice what he preaches.
    Now that is really pathetic. What a hypocrite

    1. Dude Man says:

      Right on,Mari!!! Tell the truth!

  3. BC says:

    This is just grasping at straws at this point. They’re trying to trip this guy up any way then can to keep him from moving forward. Really pathetic.

  4. kaamu says:

    can we call this FRUSTRATIONS and or ARM TWISTING ?

  5. Joe B says:

    So ontop of it all he’s a slum lord?

    Who would rent from this @sshole?

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