By Irene Cornell

NEW YORK (WBCS 880) — The jury is learning more about the double life of the FBI’s informant, Shahed Hussain in the Bronx synagogue bomb plot.

Hussain posed as a wealthy businessman and a member of Pakistani terrorist group. Under the orders of his FBI handler, Hussain dropped in at a mosque in Newburg looking for outspoken radical Muslims to enlist in a terrorist plot, WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reported.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell with details from the trial on a double life

Hussein insisted under cross-examination that the defendant, James Cromedy, came up with the plot to bomb synagogues in Riverdale and fire missiles at military planes.

The defense attorney in the case argues that the defendants would never have come up with such a plot without the pressure applied by the informant and his promises of big bucks and fancy cars.

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    correct!! tama…..

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    The FBI and NBI, DEA and PDEA, and the IRS and BIR of America and the Philippines should work together because they have the same foundation and work together on similar lines.

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