'Preppers' Are Doing Exactly That In Anticipation Of DoomsdayBy Dana Tyler

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Tornadoes, hurricanes, even a terrorist attack … we most certainly live in uncertain times.

But if disaster, or even just temporary disruption, strikes, are you ready for anything?

CBS 2’s Dana Tyler reports on how most hope for the best, but others are preparing for the worst.

It’s a movement sweeping the nation — people getting prepared.

Tahnee Bodden, 35, said she wants to be ready for anything. Her goal is to stock her Manhattan apartment with a year’s worth of food.

“I’ve got peanut butter … beans … soups,” she said. “Things that you can eat easily out of a can.”

Bodden calls herself a “prepper.” She’s part of a growing group of people honing their survival skills, preparing for any kind of disasters. However, she’s not a stereotypical survivalist.

“It’s clear I don’t fit that mold. A lot of people when they think of survivalists will think of mountain men. Prepping or emergency preparedness is basic common sense,” Bodden said.

For Bodden, Hurricane Katrina made a major impact. She started prepping shortly after.

“It was just shocking. No food. No water. You know, waving their arms, pleading for help and it just wasn’t coming,” Bodden said.

Whether it’s a natural disaster like last week’s New York City tornadoes or a terrorist attack, preppers are simply taking matters into their own hands. They want to be ready to survive any calamity.

“What will I do? How will I feed my family if our power is out?” Lisa Bedford said.

Bedford is a blogger known online as the “The Survival Mom.”

“I won’t ever be sitting there wondering when someone is coming to help me with food and water,” Bedford said.

So she packs her car with emergency gear and stocks her pantry … just in case.

Bedford preserves preserve food and purifies her own water. She evens shows other women how to bake in a solar oven.

“This really is about trying to exert control over things we don’t have control over — but we want to get a little bit og control over,” said Columbia University professor Dr. Drew Ramsey.

“It doesn’t have to be something major as power. It could be a track fire on the subway and all of a sudden you can’t get home,” Derek Murawsky said.

For Murawsky, 9/11 changed everything. Now the 29-year-old I-T manager is stockpiling supplies in his Queens home. He’s even grinding his own wheat to make flour.

“It’s definitely something you don’t see every day in the city,” Murawsky said.

Murawsky carries extra gear every day in his work bag. All of his personal information is stored on a flash drive.

And like many preppers he keeps a separate bag that holds the essentials he’d need if he had to evacuate.

“Grab it and go and you’ve got you’ve got everything you need to set up shop someplace else for a couple of days,” Murawsky said.

Ramsey said prepping is positive as long as it doesn’t consume your life.

“Does this interfere with work functions? Does it interfere with your ability to have relationships? Are your fears warranted in reality?” Ramsey said.

New Jersey farmer Linda Grinthal helps people take control and fend for themselves in case of catastrophe.

“People don’t inherently know anymore how to keep themselves alive,” Grinthal said.

Grinthal teaches survival gardening. She said she’s worried about the breakdown of our food supply.

“It’s good to know how to counter that,” she said.

“It seems to me to be a healthy response to anxiety. It’s doing something,” Dr. Ramsey said.

“Better to have and not need than to need and not have,” Bodden added.

And the preppers believe the time to make a plan is now.

September is National Preparedness Month. A good start is to keep a one-week supply of food and water on hand. That’s 14 2-liter-sized bottles for each person in your family. And don’t forget the pets.

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  1. Reality King says:

    Sheesh, I’m not insulting anyone, I’m pointing out that you’ve totally lost the BIG PICTURE if you think having a year’s supply of food in your apt or being able to grind wheat into flour while you’re contending with millions of starving people under at best martial law is a reasonable prepping paradigm. If you plan on staying in the City long-term, your resources willl simply be taken from you one way or another. Either the MZBs will kill you for them or the State will confiscate them in the name of the public good. Nothing wrong with an emergency kit, but if things don’t settle down within a week, your plan needs to be how you’re getting out of dodge.

    1. Poor Man says:

      You’re indeed correct. Martial law would be declared in a heartbeat through executive order. If you live in a city such as LA or PHx, for instance, you’ll also need to concern yourself with gangs and in many cases, they can outgun local police (if the police remain at their post-vis a vis Katrina/New Orleans).
      If it’s within your means, get a place outside the city to which you can get to easily if need be & stockpile (we’re doing that & making it off-the-power grid)…The Poor Man Survival team.

      1. Kyle says:

        Where are you out of?

      2. Poor Man says:

        Currently based in the thumb of MI; formerly, we had a small ranch in AZ and we’ve provided free seminars in both through community groups. See our site at: PoorManSurvival.com

  2. Barb says:

    Every person who believes they shouldn’t take a few moments to take care of their own lazy selves is one more person who won’t be in my way if and when disaster strikes. They can go to the government camps, wait in long daily lines, risk gangs dominating the relief workers, or die.

  3. The Armchair Survivalist says:

    I’ve lived through floods, fires, riots, earthquakes, hurricaines and massive snow storms. I’ve seen two types of people in each calamity.

    There are those spent their time insulting those of us that prepared – calling us “kooks”, “right-wing conspirators”, “fear mongers”, and other degrading epitaths.

    These are the type people we’ve all watched on TV after Katrina whining “who’s gonna feed me???”

    Then there’s the other type:

    Me. and you’ll never see me, or others like me, begging for food, clothes or protection from the worthless government after a disaster.

    But you will see people like me, helping the idiots amongst you that were too stupid to even THINK AHEAD!

    But it could never happen to you…….


  4. chris says:

    Here is a great site about growing your own food. Tons of videos on how to grow all kinds of fruit, vegetables and herbs. I go there a daily for gardening tips:

  5. Vic Anthony says:

    All NY, NJ, PA, Del, Preppers, unite, contact VL77SI@GMAIL.COM, to organize use the Email subject PREPARE.
    There are power in numbers, but communication is the key

  6. vic anhony says:

    anyone that states that we are crazy has to be right every day, we have to be right only once – – when the disaster is here the time to prepare is past….

  7. Reality King says:

    Shelter in place for a year in a Manhattan apt? Bug out to Queens? Y’all are delusional.

  8. Matt says:

    “Nice fear industrial complex piece….What’s next, Glenn Beck leaving Fox “News” to join your team? LOL”

    Ask any Katrina refugee if it’s a good idea. Idiot.

  9. Martin says:

    Remember, Noah was the first prepper…

  10. Okie in Muskogee says:

    The book that Tahnee Bodden picks off her bookcase and reads is “Patriots – A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse” by James Wesley, Rawles who is the editor of http://www.SurvivalBlog.com, the Internet’s most popular blog on family preparedness. I highly recommend both the book and the blog.

  11. Pioneerliving.net says:

    Great Story! That’s what Pioneer Living is about! Prepping for the what if.

  12. Boyz Hood says:

    All the preppers I know are planning in great detail.

  13. Bond Girl says:

    Nice fear industrial complex piece….What’s next, Glenn Beck leaving Fox “News” to join your team? LOL

  14. ready or not says:

    The time to prepare is now when disaster strikes it is too late. Statics state that only 5% of the US families are prepared to live on their own for longer than 30 days. A good test to see if you are prepared is to turn the main electrical breaker in the house off and live for 1 weekend without power. Without hot water, and without going to the store. In a disaster the roads will be clogged as evidenced in the twin tornado’s that struck the city. Unless you are told to evacuate the city you will most likely be stuck in your home. possibly for days, and if its in the winter or heat of the summer you need to be ready.
    You are nor weird or crazy to prepare – your smart.
    I would like to contact ms. Bodden and teach a lecture series with her.
    Maybe people will listen.

    1. Bruce says:

      Good plan and quite observant. Our PoorManSurvival site has preached the same message for years.

  15. slowthinker says:

    Also think about this-

    This is what muhammad him self said about Quran and Muslims-
    I find this quotation in a book in bangla the name of this book is “Islam Prasang” compiled by-Md,Khalilar Rahaman, publisd in1984, by Satsang Publishing House. India. It is a conversation between Sri Anukul Thakur (a hindu saint) and Md Khalilur Rahaman a Muslim scholar, which take place between 1925 to1945.(page-188, in hindi transltion))
    “It is mentioned in Hadis, Hazrat Rasul (The Prophat) had once said – The day is not far when such a period would come for the mankind when existence of Islam Would only be in its name. The Koran would reduce
    into a symbol only .All the mosques would turn into mere corridors and their guidance would be destroyed ,their learned people would turn into wretched creatures among the civilized world under sky.Their would be visible hostility against religion among them and there would also be its reaction over them.”

  16. Narendra Dugar says:

    Great hindu yogies forcasted about this time that only 10% of human population will
    remain alive. after that very good time is coming .

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