Poll Shocker: Paladino Closes Within 6 Points Of Democratic FoeBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There has been a dramatic development in the race for New York governor.

A new poll has Republican Carl Paladino within striking distance of Democrat Andrew Cuomo as voters say they want to elect someone who will stop the circus in Albany.

Wednesday was supposed to be Cuomo’s day as he picked up the endorsement of New York City’s notoriously independent mayor, Michael Bloomberg, in the race for governor.

But a new poll changed that because it turned Cuomo’s once comfortable front-runner status on its head.

“I’m in politics. I’m in government, so nothing surprises me,” Cuomo told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

But it was a surprise. Only one week after his upset victory over Rick Lazio in the Republican primary, Paladino is now breathing down Cuomo’s neck.

Only six points separate Cuomo and Paladino in the Quinnipiac University poll. Cuomo now leads 49-43, with a plus or minus error of 3.6.

The poll was certainly a stunner for Team Paladino. At the last minute he bailed out of a press conference to take calls from new donors.

“Suddenly his phone lit up with offers of financial resources. We cancelled his schedule and he’s in Buffalo returning telephone calls and having meetings so that we are able to take advantage of this rainstorm,” Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg said he is backing Cuomo because he can best deal with voter anger over Albany’s complete dysfunction.

“The public is mad, frustrated, but what the public wants is progress,” Bloomberg said.

Why does Cuomo think he’s better able to fix Albany than Paladino.

“My argument then is, Marcia, look at what I have done as attorney general,” Cuomo said. “I’ve been not only articulating the dissatisfaction with Albany, I’ve been acting on it. I’ve been very aggressive in bringing public integrity cases and public corruption cases and bringing cases against sitting legislators.”

But for all his actions as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, Cuomo did have a little problem with telling the truth about his election box support for Mayor Bloomberg.

“Have I voted for the mayor? Yes,” Cuomo said.

Actually, he didn’t. The Cuomo campaign had to issue a clarification, saying he was only registered to vote in New York City in 2005 when he endorsed Democrat Fernando Ferrer.

Political experts say Cuomo can’t afford to make a mistake like that in a close contest.

“When the races tighten up in this way you can’t afford many more ‘whoops’ moments. He’s got to be a lot more careful going forward,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.

The Paladino team used the faux pas to taunt Cuomo about not yet agreeing to debates.

Paladino spokesman Caputo said “Perhaps that’s why Andrew is afraid to debate. He misspeaks so much he fears facing the voters.”

Marcia Kramer

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  1. Matt says:

    I have some news for Mayor B: he is not nearly as popular as he thinks he is and his endorsement of Cuomo arguably hurts Cuomo more than helps.

    It’s easy when you are living on Olympus to forget what the mortals think of you but for the gods, it doesn’t matter since they can’t get voted out of office like pols can.

  2. ster says:

    Sandra Lee?
    The stepford wife?

    Wow, that must suck. If he doesn’t fold that last sheet of toilet paper JUST RIGHT, he probably gets beaten.

  3. Ster says:

    A vote for Cuomo is a vote for the same ol’ same ol’….
    high taxes, deficits, fees, etc…

    Please, for god’s sake folks, let’s try SOMETHING new… for once?

  4. DanB says:

    I don’t like everything about Paladino but I will vote for him. I grew up in Rochester but have lived in New York City for many years. It is very sad what is happening to this state particularly Upstate NY. High taxes and bloated government are forcing people and jobs out of the State.

    We don’t have to be like Texas but we do have to get our oversized government under control. Why do we have a Thruway Authority and a Department of Transportation? Why do we spend more per capita on Medicaid than every other state except one? Why do we have to give government workers pensions that the rest of us can only dream of – and then let them scam them to get even more money at our expense. I could go on and on but we all get the point.

    We need a radical change of direction in this state and we won’t get that from Cuomo. We will possibly get that from Paladino. That is why although I am no Tea Partier I will vote for him.

  5. Manchac7 says:

    Cuomo is too much of a punk to be governor. Is he going to threaten to break legislators legs if they don’t give him what he wants?

  6. scott whiddon says:

    so….his advisors told him that he couldn’t afford to lie anymore when the race is as tight as it is….wow….so i guess he can start lying again when the race is over…

  7. Josh says:

    Liar , Liar pants on fire. You know he is a politican because he can tell a bold face lie and not even flinch.. If he gets elected more lies , like a psychopath living a lie.

  8. JOEL GOODMAN says:


  9. jerryintampa says:

    I sure love to see Democrats/Socialists/Marxists squirm. The big challenge for them is how to keep the Sheep stupid for another 6 weeks so just maybe they can sneak into office and maintain control of the Sheep. My hope is it blows up in their collective faces.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    The public is mad, frustrated, but what the public wants is progress,” Bloomberg said.

    Bloomy is a liberal progressive nazi,His visions of new york would make hitlers nazi germany seem like heaven……What new york needs is a political enema from Albany all the way down to the new york city dog catcher……….

    Boombergs smoking ban needs to be REPEALED……SECOND HAND SMOKE IS A JOKE AND THEY ALL KNOW IT………..

    About 90% of secondary smoke is composed of water vapor and ordinary air with a minor amount of carbon dioxide. The volume of water vapor of second hand smoke becomes even larger as it qickly disperses into the air,depending upon the humidity factors within a set location indoors or outdoors. Exhaled smoke from a smoker will provide 20% more water vapor to the smoke as it exists the smokers mouth.

    4 % is carbon monoxide.

    6 % is those supposed 4,000 chemicals to be found in tobacco smoke. Unfortunatley for the smoke free advocates these supposed chemicals are more theorized than actually found.What is found is so small to even call them threats to humans is beyond belief.Nanograms,picograms and femptograms……
    (1989 Report of the Surgeon General p. 80).

  11. thegratefuldad says:

    CUOMO like his daddy were both LIARS!!!!!

    so what is the problem

  12. Glenn Koons, LB, Ca. says:

    What I want to know is why NY voters automatically crowned Cuomo King ? He has never created a job. He is simply the son of a famous guy. He now lies about support for Bloomie. A task many liberal Dems seem to be skilled at. The Pub at least has job experiences. Why would anyone in business not vote for Pal.?????? He will not tax and spend them into bankruptcy ala every Dem state leg, guv and or Congressional candidate. Oh and yes, The Messiah in DC.

  13. Maxwell says:

    Cuomo was raised inside a political world, he has no idea what reality is. He doesn’t know anything but politics as usual, so I’m having a tough time believing Cuomo would even know where to begin to change anything.

  14. toodles says:

    Why would any decent American want to vote for an
    outfit that cannot tell the truth?
    Over and over again we are hearing about the LIES of
    the Democrat Party. Do they really think we are fools?

    1. William says:

      Only two types of liberals
      the duped and the dupers –
      hopefully the duped will wake up.

  15. Tomtom29 says:


    …or maybe forever.

  16. CK says:

    Cuomo, go home.

  17. ricardo maxwell says:

    Cuomo is the problem not the solution. He was a major factor in the subprime CRA bullying lenders housing bubble debacle. Read the article by Dennis Sewell of the BBC in the UK Spectator of Oct 2008. http://www.spectator.co.uk/essays/all/2189196/clinton-democrats-are-to-blame-for-the-credit-crunch.thtml

  18. dave says:

    the article says: “Only six points separate Cuomo and Paladino in the Quinnipiac University poll. Cuomo now leads 49-43, with a plus or minus error of 3.6.” round up 3.6 to 4. that means Cuomo could be as high as 53, or as low as 45,
    while Paladino could be as high as 47 or as low as 39. So, with that percent span, it is possible that Paladino could even be up on Cuomo by 1 or 2 points.

  19. Westchester Bob says:

    Article is absurd to call Bloomberg “notoriously independent.” He’s a limousine liberal and longtime Democrat who classifies himself as “independent” or “Republican” when personally beneficial. No conviction…just opportunism.

  20. joe says:

    cuomo is nasty. i tried to get his office to help, they have me writing for a month. i get a phone call saying their not going to help for no reason. a real mean man. don’t vote for him. joe manhattan

  21. Magnolia says:

    Watching the NY senate race from Oklahoma, I can only hope upstate NY voters can out do the NYC liberals & take the conservative agenda to D.C. after 11/02. The rest of America is watching New York.

  22. anatolepushkin says:

    Rudy GFiuliani, where are you? We need macho men like you to save New York from terrorists.

  23. JudgeMental says:

    Ask his uncle Fred and aunt Fannie

  24. Len says:

    The fact that New Yorkers could even consider Paladino as a credible candidate tells me that New Yorkers need to seriously examine themselves.

    1. William says:

      Len, what a thoughtful comment backed up by hard facts. Typical liberal – say something like it is a fact that you have not way of intellectually supporting.
      Only two types of liberals, the duped and the dupers.

    2. Anne Olivier says:

      you are riight about that len…and the stupid idiots that link Cuomo to the Mafi a are bigots. Paladino is nuts.

    3. hayrake says:

      The fact that New Yorkers could even consider rangel as a credible candidate tells me that New Yorkers need to seriously examine themselves.

  25. anatolepushkin says:

    Between Macho Paladino and Andy Boy Cuomo, Princess Carolikne Kennedy in drag, the choice of the New Yorkers is obvious: Paladino. If male chauvinist piglets want to burn Christine O’Donnel for being a witch, it’s unfair if they don’t do the same to the overstayikng mayor for being an imp.

  26. boulder3m says:

    What a disappointment Bloomberg had turned out to be. Trying to straddle the fence gets barbed wire in some hurtful spots.

  27. jnsesq says:

    Wait! A Liberal Democrat (Oops! Redundant) LYING?!? Go figure. Only news here is that it is actually reported.

    Folks, do try to remember it was Cuomo the Lesser, as Clinton’s HUD secretary, who effectively engineered the mortgage meltdown with his brilliant social engineering experiment of “Everybody-buy-a-house-and-don’t-worry-about-the-payments.” If you’re upside down in your mortgage or have already lost your home, you might want to return the favor this November.

  28. Paul B. says:

    Another lying politican? We can do better than this. Cuome think he’s entitled to the position, and has jockeyed his Democrat machine career accordingly. We need more businessmen to take the reins of government and break the stranglehold lawyers and career pols have place on the people of this state. Here Cuomo is lying to your face. How can you possibly put up with that? Bloomberg’s endorsement should have us running – in the opposite direction.

    And I hope Connecticut gives that other liar, Blumenthal, the boot as well. This is the year to send a clear message and get government cleaned up.

    BTW – great job, CBS. Auto-refresh the page often, wiping out comments as they are being composed. Brilliant.

  29. hflynn says:

    Cuomo told a lie the moment he was asked a question. He is a Democrat after all.
    This state cannot afford another crooked Dem in office, it is time to wipe the slate clean.

  30. rEFFAREEE123 says:


  31. g.e.Taylor says:

    Hey !

    What happened to Nathan’s comments?
    I wanted to give this to him.


    1. andy warhol says:

      New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s campaign fund took tens of thousands of dollars from law firms representing clients his office investigated or accused of wrongdoing, state records show.

      Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP, a New York law firm led by David Boies, gave Cuomo $35,000 this year, records show.

      boies is a real scary guy and the lawyers are real low lifes. i saw one lawyer give blank postal receipts to the judge saying a letter was sent. cuomo.s office did not care..

  32. Nick says:

    HEY! Why did you censored nathan’s posts? I did not request it. It is EXTREMELY Entertaining. And he has a right to say what he wants to say.

    Besides, it shows what kind of developmentally challenged individual supports Cuomo. Please put back his posts – I have a $30 bet here as to what lunacy it’ll spout next.

    1. Nick says:

      come to think of it. For his lunacies to be removed so quickly and after work hours…. “nathan” works for you, doesn’t he? No wonder your news reporting is whacked.

  33. Mary says:

    “The Cuomo campaign had to issue a clarification, saying he was only registered to vote in New York City in 2005 when he endorsed Democrat Fernando Ferrer.”

    Ostensibly, one cannot VOTE if one is not REGISTERED to vote in either 2005 or 2009.. Cuomo obviously lied. Yes. Lied. He was not able to vote for Cuomo.

    1. Mary says:

      Sorry, Cuomo was not able to vote for BLOOMBERG.

    2. Len says:

      At least he has the decency to clarify his remarks. The other guy who holds himself up as the savior of New York, neither apologizes or clarifies.

    3. Milo says:

      Mary, He’s a politician. They don’t lie, they misspeak. He’s a liberal and a Dem so he can count on the votes from the same sheep who voted for Obamanation that we have in D.C.

    4. Vince says:

      Hey Len, decency?? He got CAUGHT. And he did not “clarify” anything. He had no choice but to admit he was not even registered or it would have blown up in his face. He LIED! What clarified??

  34. g.e.Taylor says:

    Josh P;

    You should have given Cuomo that excuse before his campaign admitted to the instant fraud.

    [see the above story: “. . . The Cuomo campaign had to issue a clarification, saying he was only registered to vote in New York City in 2005 when he endorsed Democrat Fernando Ferrer. . . .”

  35. barney says:

    DUH… He endorsed the liberal, like all liberals do!

    1. Spock says:

      Barney – True but Bloomberg is a Liberal too!! (he changed from Democrat to Republican to run on Guiliannis coat tails)

  36. peter says:

    What Coumo did at HUD should be on the record. He had a very large hand in the collapse of the housing market. The free ride will end . he can’t avoid the truth.

  37. jack869 says:

    Remember, he’s an elite Northeast Democrat. They don’t lie. They “mis-speak”
    Just like the AG in CT “mis-spoke” over and over about his war record.

    Maybe he just needs a lesson from Bill Clinton

  38. Abe Frohman says:

    Someone should ask Cuomo about his ties to the mob, or the kickbacks he took as the head of HUD in the 1990s.

    Why won’t the NY media question this man? Do you want another Spitzer or Patterson who you discover is a crook once he is in office?

  39. HarlotO'Hara says:

    LOL @ his clarification!!!

  40. Chris says:

    Of course the liberal bias news media refuse to report on this:

    Andrew Cuomo and Fannie and Freddie
    How the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history gave birth to the mortgage crisis, By Wayne Barrett, published: August 05, 2008

    There are as many starting points for the mortgage meltdown as there are fears about how far it has yet to go, but one decisive point of departure is the final years of the Clinton administration, when a kid from Queens without any real banking or real-estate experience was the only man in Washington with the power to regulate the giants of home finance, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), better known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    1. brassia says:

      Thank you for putting it so decisevely right!!!
      And to see Clinton (at this stage finally with his pants up) all over the media offering his take on things????
      Can he just fade into the sunset…like forever!

  41. Doug says:

    So now we call lies, “mistakes”

    1. Will Kane says:

      Isn’t that what the dems have done from Obama on down. I think it is a toss up on whether calling a lie a mistake is the number one item or if it is blaming someone else for their messes?

    2. Progressive Ed says:

      No. He “misspoke”.

    3. charlie says:

      No. Criminals lie. Poliicians simply “misspeak”

      1. Ziggy says:

        Perhaps he just “misremembered”?

    4. joe says:

      Only when a democRAT does it. When a republican does it then it IS a lie.

    5. Joe M says:

      I guess it’s better than saying he “misspoke”, which seems to be the word of the year for Democrats looking to gte out of a jam caused by what they said.

    6. voltair says:

      …..this has been the language of the left for many decades…..and still is.

  42. Ben says:

    The NY Times got rid of Patterson because it wanted Cuomo elected. The brainwashed democrats and liberals always do what the Times tells them. The vicious liberals will get to work attacking, smearing, ridiculing, mocking, demeaning Paladino.

  43. Nick says:

    nathan appears to be stalking Dan Te. So what did he write here that’s racist? Dan te really got you foaming at the mouth, didn’t he, nathan?

  44. Proud Agnostic says:

    Perhaps Andy could have his daddy debate for him.HYMPH!HYMPH!HYMPH!

    1. Scott says:

      Good luck with that; I seem to recall his daddy being a bit shy about debating back in the day.

  45. Maria P says:

    I guess Cuomo’s “landslife” victory was a little premature.

    1. glen whitten says:

      We want people in DC and Allbany to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. Cuomo would never be able to do that and therefore should not be elected.

      1. Pompey says:

        A liberal who lies……what a surprise…..are you sure?

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