Former Gov Says Suburban, Independent Voters Key To RaceBy Al Jones

NEW YORK (1010 WINS / WCBS 880 / CBS 2) — Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer said he will back Democrat Andrew Cuomo come November, but it sure didn’t sound like much of an endorsement.

“Everybody knows that behind the scenes that he’s the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there,” Spitzer said of Cuomo Thursday.

Al Jones of 1010 WINS reports Spitzer, in his new role as CNN commentator, also said the Cuomo will likely face a stiff challenge from Republican Carl Paladino. The tea party candidate also appeared on the news network Thursday, and accused Cuomo of playing dirty.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell looks at recent polls
LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

“He’s sent out in the past week and a half every surrogate he could from the cesspool of Albany and from the cesspool of city government in Buffalo,” Paladino said.

Spitzer predicted the attorney general will carry the city and his opponent upstate.

“The suburban ring and the independent voters will determine the outcome of this race,” Spitzer said.

In a recent poll, Paladino had pulled within 6 points of Cuomo in what is traditionally a blue state.

Cuomo’s campaign said his record, credibility and honor speak for themselves, then added: “As do Mr. Spitzer’s.”

Spitzer, who resigned in 2008 amid a prostitution scandal, has said he’ll support Cuomo for governor, although they’ve had conflicts.

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  1. George Tatevosyan says:

    Tired of seeing rich loudmouth know-it-alls and corrupt political careerists run for public office in NY? Please vote for Howei Hawkins and Gloria Mattera, a teacher and UPS guy, normal folks you can trust, Visit their website at and see why Hawkins and Mattera are the best choice for 2010.

    1. Knight Templar says:

      Howie Hawkins “normal” puleez, give me a break.

  2. X-Democrat says:

    We are in deep trouble. Thirteen trillions in the hole.
    Democrats keep digging the hole deeper.
    I was a democrat.
    No More.
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

  3. Redzone says:

    CUOMO IS A GONNER. We are all voting him OUT of office!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally

  4. searic says:

    “’Everybody knows that behind the scenes that he’s the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there,’” Spitzer said of Cuomo Thursday.” Well, he should know! Noooooooo Yaaaaakers continue moronically to vote leftist Dems (‘scuse the redundancy) into office and gain the high taxes and failing economy that results. Keep voting true blue, you imbeciles, and–like your similarly genetically-challenged siblings in California and Illinois–you’ll keep getting what you deserve.

  5. steve duvall says:

    I’m so glad I moved out of that state two years ago. I can’t believe voters there woul even consider another corrupt Coumo. If he is elected, you get what you deserve!

  6. Darel says:

    It makes me sick to think that Spitzer is now a paid “Mounth” for Lame Stream Media.

    1. Juan Hunglow says:

      You know, that would have been way more effective if you’d have bothered to spell check “mouth”. Or maybe he really IS a “mounth”.

  7. nono524 says:

    If anyone know it’s Spitzer. It takes one to know one!

  8. psadie says:

    This is one bum supporting another bum. Well the genie is out of the bottle and he is coming for you in November.

  9. DogWithoutSlippers says:

    A vote for Cuomo is a vote for Obama! Always wondered
    why Sr. didn’t run for President. What was in that closet?

  10. Rationalist says:

    I guess if anyone knows “dirty & nasty”, Spitzer would. However, on the serious side, both appear to be only slightly better for New York than the anitchrist.

  11. Kevin says:

    Coming from Spitzer, I’d say that’s a gleeming endorsement

  12. Jedsil says:

    Andrew Cuomo is not only a nasty and ethically challenged politician, he’s also a managerial incompetent. As Clinton’s HUD Secy, he presided over the purchase of tens of millions of dollars in sub-prime mortgages by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Mario had his faults, but he was a highly educated, thoughtful, intelligent man. His son I regret to say is not a chip off the old block. If you believe Andrew Cuomo even wants to clean up Albany, much less is capable of it, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

  13. Obamamammajamma says:

    Poor Andy. “I try to get out, but…they keep puling me back in!

  14. tressa says:

    If Cuomo refuses to debate Paladino, he is finished…and quite frankly I wish he wouldn’t debate him, because this will definitely cinch the election for Mr. Paladino. He is an elitist, and a brash arrogant person who thinks it is birthright to be governor because Daddy held the position…He is one of the people as head of HUD who were responsible for the destruction of the housing market and the fall of the economy…and people are going to vote this Progressive/liberal in? Give me a break! He needs to be given a ticket out of town…Stay in DC Cuomo, as you would feel more comfortable with the elitists there…they are your kind of people…I hope Carl Paladino creams him in the election and we don’t here from this political hack ever again.

  15. Coolerking says:

    Can the voters ever realize that when you put slime in, only slime comes out?

  16. Len says:

    Way to go Spitzer.. from one ” tootsie Roll” floating in a ceramic bowl to another… keep it up, you should be the one to tell…YAH!

  17. kevin says:

    I wouldn’t vote for Cuomo for dog-catcher. The “Little Prince” thinks the governorship is his birthright. He is the ultimate political insider, and he will bring ruin to this state.

  18. Robbie says:

    We elected a businessman (Repub) in Rome, NY. Mayor Brown has been nothing less than outstanding…I’m voting for Paladino.

  19. ricardo maxwell says:

    Cuomo just another left wing knuckle dragging cretin. Elect him and reap the benefits you poor NY $#@%s!

  20. Clean Up says:

    Thats just what NY needs, more DIRT to see unemployment facts that are alarming.

  21. Mike Madigan says:

    Cuomo and his party are deconstructionists/de-industrializationists. He and his party have been taxing and spending NY into Oblivion for greater than 40 years. Paladino is a constructionist who has built a highly successful multi-million dollar business. In order to build some times you must first get out the wrecking ball. Carl has the wrecking ball out and it’s swinging.

  22. Gman says:

    Paul B that about sums it up as clearly as possible. I agree!

  23. sd says:

    of course hes nasty and dirty he learned from his wacko father

  24. Rodgers says:

    Not only did Cuomo put Freddie Mae/Mac on steroids, but he “lost” a couple billion running HUD. Whose pockets did those billions line? A vote for Cuomo is a vote to finally sink this state for good.

  25. SheetWise says:


    Nobody ever lost a job because Spitzer visited a call girl. Didn’t hurt the ecomomy one iota.

    Really? Nobody hurt from a guy who spent his career prosecuting and imprisoning people who were involved in an activity he was patronizing?

    1. Elliot says:

      Work and turn is more profitable SW. 🙂

  26. Proud Agnostic says:

    I wonder if Andy’s daddy is still changing his diapers for him?

    1. Gerry says:

      No, Sandra Lee, the Food Network TV personality is doing that.

  27. fredography says:

    That rainy November day in 2003 when I crossed the GWB for the last time and drove west until there was no more land before me was one of the best days of my life.

    1. John C. Randolph says:

      You got to the west coast in a day? What were you driving? Is it street legal?

  28. sef says:

    Spitzer’s ability to send mixed messages is getting to be legendary. The law-and-order voters were confused. His wife is confused. What will the gutless Cuomo say about being the dirtiest NY hack alive?

  29. Chris says:

    If this crook gets elected I’m taking my soon to be sprouting engineering firm out of the capital district and out of the state. I need to see some serious changes to convince me to plant roots here. It would be painful to leave the state I grew up in and love, but I worry the corruption is far beyond control.

    I’ll take my business and new jobs elsewhere…thanks

    1. JBnID says:

      Please stay there. People that come from such places are toxic to the rest of the country.

  30. Kent says:

    Cuomo is bad news, but then Spitzer is no prize. It’s telltale that the former Sheriff of Wall Street seems to relish kicking Cuomo while he’s down.

    By the way, am I the only one who has ever wondered what Spitzer was doing while Madoff was ripping people off? It’s hard to imagine that questions about Madoff were never referred to the Sheriff of Wall Street. I’ll bet that all the losses that occurred as a result of the late trading activity that Spitzer prosecuted when combined don’t begin to approach $50 Billion.

  31. pdq says:

    New York’s people are crazy if they elect Cuomo the Snake. They will reap what they sow, if they even care about dirty governance. Shame on the human race.

  32. Rich Boone says:

    What’s the world coming to?? Not only this, but you can’t even get a nice girl up to your hotel for the night for a couple thousand bucks anymore.

  33. Cara says:

    Nobody ever lost a job because Spitzer visited a call girl. Didn’t hurt the ecomomy one iota.

    1. Ellen O'Day says:

      But Spitzer was going after people who used prostitutes at the time he was caught.

      Sit down and think carefully about this: he was attacking people for doing what he was doing. C’mon, it’ll come to you. You’ll see the inconsistency there. You’ll get it in time.

  34. Lori says:

    Remember when President Bush stood on top of that pile of rubble, with construction workers and firefighters and police officers, telling the entire world that “Everyone will hear us real soon?!” Well, I can visually see Paladino standing in front of the site of mosque, with hundreds of construction workers who won’t work there, and firefighters and police officers who lost hundreds of their colleagues, and family members who lost their loved ones, telling the whole world that only over his dead body will any bulldozer start clearing that land for a mosque. And that, my fellow Americans, is what NY needs, and what America needs right now.

  35. Bubba says:

    what, wearing his socks?

  36. bobalou says:

    Let us be reminded that Cuomos is pro-abortion like his father. Pro-life voters should dot the right thing and vote for Carl Paladino who incidently honorably served in the Army as a Captain.

    1. JohnB says:

      So? Im democrat and pro-choice. I’m still voting for Paladino. Did you really think you can have a candidate that will be in favor of absolutely everything you believe in?

  37. RobbieK says:

    Anyone who votes for this crook Cuomo who caused the sub-prime mortgage meltdown is not an American!

  38. Ck says:

    If someone manages to lose to Carl “I have no problems spreading racism and horse porn” Paladino, this country is irredeemable.

  39. StandUpForChuck says:

    Absolutely right. “Evil eyes” Cuomo was one of the architects behind the subprime mortgage scheme under Clinton. He, along with Barney Frank and others, are among those directly responsible for the 2008 economic collapse.

    1. Elliot says:

      If New York elects this twerp then New York deserves to be more impoverished then it already is.

  40. Juan64 says:

    Wow! This coming from the King of Dirty and Nasty!

  41. nathan says:

    You dont have to wonder why DanTe. Its because you bring absolutely nothing to the table.

    1. DanTe says:

      Oh goodie. And here I thought your bosses at CBS stopped you from posting because it’s just so embarrassing to see the rambling lunacies.

      So I guess, being a nice fascist libturd that you are, you’re back to censoring any facts that disagrees with your version of reality. Freedom Of Speech only applies if they agree with you, right? Typical two-faced libturds. No wonder you support Cuomo.

      And since it obviously annoys you, here it is again. And being a free country (not a CBS dictatorship), I’ll just keep posting as you delete it (cut and paste, stupid) 🙂

      Why does the libturd media still refuse to ask Cuomo what he was thinking of when he was in charge of HUD? You know, when HUD mandated that FNMA and FHLMC come up with some creative ways for people who can’t afford it to by a house. And once FNMA and FHLMC set up the ponzi scheme, banks were forced to “accommodate” it and sell it to the market. I believe this mortgage scheme thingie is what this current economic mess is all about? Or have you libturds conveniently forgotten that little event too? You really thought banks wanted to lend to deadbeats if they weren’t forced to do so?

      1. Steve Riley says:

        Cuomo?….HVCC?…..was that susposed to make us feel better about how you miss handled HUD….

  42. JOHNNY99 says:

    Eliot Spitzer isn’t dirty of course. He’s clean — ho wore a raincoat.

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